Mosul Liberation Illusion

*1 Million people live in the area of Mosul including Nineveh Governate
Liberation Illusion
is killing civilians @ destroys whole cities. Kobane, Tikrit, Ramadi, now Mosul? – [Updates May 09/16]

The RINJ Foundation a global humanitarian organization with offices and clinics in North America, Africa, Asia, and Europe has issued a terse warning about the risk imposed by the invading Shia Army of Iraq to over a million persons in the Iraqi province of Nineveh and in particular the 750,000 citizens of Mosul, Iraq.

The warning concludes that removing the Islamic State would be a humanitarian act; but that must only be done if each civilian life is cherished and protected. That will take time. The risk of premature invasion is the worst war-time humanitarian disaster to impact a single city and a million or more innocent lives. This so-called ‘liberation’ cannot be rushed.  

Daesh kills an average of 26 citizens a day; how many civilians will be killed by an Iraqi Shiite invasion?

The-RINJ-Foundation-ISIS-Fighter ISIS Fighters

“Don’t come if you are going to kill us! Attending prayer every day; avoiding alcoholic beverages; quitting smoking; eating halal and wearing Sharia-approved-garb is not so tough compared to death. This so-called ‘liberation’ cannot be rushed.”

The RINJ Foundation has released a statement in which it describes a dangerous life in Mosul, Iraq for its dwindling citizenship; a growing black parade of evil crimes done by Salafi-Jihadists who once thought they were following the orders of a pious religious group but realize lately they are pawns of just another Middle-East patriarchal crime syndicate; many jihadists are fooled, manipulated conscripts ready to abandon the cause by melting back into the citizenry–a citizenry that is driven by a confusing array of traditions and sectarian prejudices that provide only bad advice and a false sense of security; and a grave misunderstanding of what is really just another anarchistic crime syndicate driven by men who believe in nothing but their greed for wealth and power.

As many as one million innocent civilians are at risk of imminent death under some invasion scenarios including the city being set upon by enraged Iran-backed Shiite Muslim militants now embraced by Baghdad and steadily usurping control of the Iraqi military”, reads the statement released by the foundation on the weekend. The statement talks about the ‘time-bomb’ scenario of the failing Mosul Dam which if breached could kill hundreds of thousands in the path of its enormous tidal wave; and the Islamic State’s willingness to destroy much of Iraq in the event of it failing to maintain its substantial foothold in this country.

C o n t i n u e d…. Read full statement here.