RINJ 'Don't-Buy-a-Kid' Campaign is 4th Annual

“Don’t Buy A Kid” is a campaign mantra the world needs to abide in order to “End Child Sex Trade”, says a global NGO based in Canada. Don’t buy a kid.

@RapeIsNoJoke 2016 – 4th Annual Campaign #DontBuyAKid

Don't buy a kid. End child sex trade. @rapeisnojoke 2016 - 4th Annual Campaign #DontBuyAKid Don’t buy a kid. End child sex trade.

The RINJ Foundation has published a statement in its Facebook Support Group calling for a global effort to End Child Sex Trade.

The 4th Annual “Don’t Buy A Kid”  campaign is the heading of the release.

The RINJ Foundation has been working with international law enforcement to challenge the child sex trade in the Philippines and Cambodia. This is the “heart” of the world’s Child Sex Trade. This “heart” must be stopped,” notes the Foundation’s post on Facebook.

Don't Buy A Kid - End Child Sex Trade

The statement goes on to explain the Child Sex Trade in the simplist of terms.

“It [often] starts out when people around the world buy and watch child porn on the internet, then want to get with a child physically.

“Boys and girls.

“The providers of the internet child porn buy kidnapped kids and keep them on a ranch in far away places like Cebu City in the Philippines or cities in Laos or Cambodia or Malaysia and Indonesia, but the Philippines is the worst. That’s where we have started with a hard effort to destroy these businesses and protect children and their families.

“Can you imagine being a parent and your kid is kidnapped and ends up in one of these places and you never know where? It happens thousands of times a week — almost a million times a year.

Quoting the RINJ Foundation’s Executive Director, the post sets out some goals.

“We need to make this child sex slave business so difficult to conduct–and get all of society to join law enforcement and make this business next to impossible–that criminals will leave it or spend their lives in prison. Governments need to give this maximum effort and start protecting children and their families.”

Don’t Buy A Kid. End Child Sex Trade

RINJ notes that “ISIS is in the business of kidnapping and selling kids.”

World Poverty Leaves Children Extremely Vulnerable - Manila, Feb 2016 - The RINJ Foundation - Don't Buy A Kid Campaign


World Poverty Leaves Children Extremely Vulnerable – Manila, Feb 2016 – The RINJ Foundation

If the kidnappers can’t sell the kidnapped children back to their family for a large ransom they are corralled and sold to criminal sex-trade criminals who take them to a child sex trade farm. The way these businesses have made money for years is simple because of the internet. Once a “customer” is hooked on the child online porn ‘experience’, the porn people then host customers in the country broadcasting the porn (where law enforcement is lax) for a lot of money. The monies from human slavery is estimated at 32 billion says The Guardian, but the proceeds from child sex trade, child pornography and child prostitution are together unknown.

The RINJ Foundation’s statement notes about who the  perpetrators of these crimes may be, “Don’t go looking for demons with horns coming out of their heads, these “customers” are ordinary people, many in high places like actors, lawyers, politicians, and your neighbour…”

The RINJ Foundation says it is looking for volunteer to invigorate its 4th Annual “Don’t Buy A Kid” campaign.  “We need people who are nurses, doctors, lawyers, investigators, administrators, or just keen ordinary people with an interest and some spare time.”

Volunteers can apply to: https://rinj.org/Volunteer/
Donations can be made at: https://rinj.org/donate/

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