Do you have spare food? Filipinos are Starving.

Help the Philippines

Fix Poverty and…
Reduce war, murder, drugs, rape & GBV.

The RINJ Foundation is soliciting help from corporations at the supply, distribution or retail levels that have containers of food products available to donate to hungry, poor people in the Philippines.

This is a desperate plea for help.

When ready, starting at Cagayan (top of Luzon Island), our volunteers will visit small and large communities, offering health care patient-visits with volunteer nurse practitioners, (treating cuts, bruises, escalating trauma and chronic illness, identify drug dependents and issue self-help withdrawal information, and providing basic pharmacological solutions to issues like colds, infections, asthma, STDs, women’s issues etc.)

We seek large quantities of various seeds, wheat flour, processed cheese, dried fruits, dried beans, dried vegetables, cornflakes, oatmeal, feminine hygiene products, pharmaceuticals, water purification bottles, clothes, baby disposables, vitamin supplements, blankets, mosquito netting, soap and more.

Why do we travel the Philippines this way?

  • Identify areas of extreme poverty requiring intervention, interimly helping those we can.
  • Help feed people who only have 1 meal a day.
  • Evaluate nutrition issues.
  • Share public information favouring rehabilitation of alcohol and drug dependents.
  • Introduce our services for women and children.

Rodrigo Duterte and his Cabinet

  1. lead an entirely corrupt infrastructure;
  2. illegitimately control the Philippines using terror, threat of death, coercion, imprisonment, extrajudicial killings, and bypassing democratic processes including the manipulation of over 42,000 municipal governments;
  3. terminated municipal elections in October 2016 and plan to appoint over 340,000 municipal election officials in 2017-2018;
  4. sending persons claiming to represent the cabinet to offer positions of Barangay Captains and Barangay Committee Chairpersons for a fee;
  5. are murdering on average 42 persons from the poor classes each day;
  6. operate government infrastructures that are stealing from the public coffers;
  7. operate a justice system in which murder is available for a cheap price and not-guilty pleas can be bought; and
  8. control digital communications in the country including the inability to read international news and opinions and killing journalists who do not have a favourable view of Duterte’s extra-legal killings.

Download Duterte’s Cabinet as Compiled by The Inquirer

The behaviour of desperate people is bad. Plenty of war, murder, drug-abuse, rape, gender based violence of many kinds, can be attributed to the desperation and poverty caused by corrupt governance. Corrupt men hijacking the rights of others can draw your ire, but poverty is the culprit that ruins your life.

In one of the countries where RINJ is fighting for the safety of women and children, in the Philippines, poverty has presented as more than a contributing factor.

To explain what poverty is like in the Philippines it is important to explain that every single element of government is corrupt.

Everyone in authority steals such that any boost in national prosperity never reaches the ordinary Filipino. Never.

Many officials who do not have access to the public coffers try to extort money from those over whom they have power and control.

The distribution of prosperity in the Philippines has significantly enriched 3% of the country, filtered down in a declining scale to 12% of the population, only slightly impacted 18%; but has not reached in any manner whatsoever some 67% of the population. This has bred an extraordinary example of “haves” versus “have-nots”. The disparity and disdain between the two groups is chilling. 33% Of the population is in favour of killing the poorest Filipinos (a population subset of roughly 29 million people).

Most of the desperately poor are farmers living in the provinces where they work day and night for a meager earning that fetches someone up the line 100 times what the farmer earns.

  • Millions live like this.
  • But don’t devalue these people. Help them.



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