#BawalAngDroga or Pres. Duterte kills you.

Straight Talk from the Street

Republished with permission from RINJ.org

#BawalAngDroga  Huwag gumamit ng droga.
C’mon Mr. Duterte, come freestyle a #BawalAngDroga-Break-Dance. Watch for our video. We show the people how. This is how you stop drug use. You explain to people #BawalAngDroga logic, Sir dude!

#BawalAngDrogaInstead of Shabu how about a big helping of “Nope!”.

Trigger warning. We are going to talk to some soon-to-be ex-drug users so beware of the language and the hard truths. #BawalAngDroga

The frank reality about the Philippines Drug War: it’s become about power and control through fear and murder for the benefit of a handful of very evil men. They perfected this warlord game in Davao City. Stay out of their way. Even though they are government they are extreme criminals capable of grave injustice and clearly, capable of murder. Be afraid.

Under the circumstances, if you are a “Shabu” (methamphetamine hydrochloride) user, you perhaps were working two jobs and trying to stay awake as you drove truck cross country or operated the late-shift dangerous gloppita-gloppita machine.  You took something somebody gave you to stay awake. Stop using that shit. Drugs do not replace sleep. Death is not better than poverty. Stop using: you will hurt for a short while and then every day your life will get better. Call us if you want to talk to good counselors. E-Mail for a number.

Filipinos, you are not drug users, you are mostly financially broke people who work your asses off trying to care for your families and basically will do anything to make a living; or die trying. This ‘Shabu’ thing is a serious money pit first, then a death trap. It sucks up your family’s money then kills you leaving them in your shit. Somebody gave Shabu to you to stay awake–no favour was done for you. One use is enough to get you addicted and you are your dealer’s slave now. Get your dignity back. Stop using.

If you want to be high, run 5 kilometers every day. Try it.

Not everyone agrees with Duterte that you should be killed

Good People, Easily Abused

Filipinos are clever people. Over the centuries, some tribes have accomplished amazing things that will live for an eternity as some of man’s best innovations. Some of the Filipino innovations include turning worthless 45-degree sloping land into valuable terrace or step farms where they expertly grow good rice.

Death Penalty for Marijuana – Are You Kidding?

Including the taxi driver we met today, and his use of Marijuana, and all his friends who say “what’s wrong with that, it takes away my fear” (Filipinos now live in fear), there might be a million illegal drug users in the Philippines out of the 105 million population. That’s about a quarter of what you might expect based on global averages and the hyperbole of the Duterte propaganda.

Filipinos using marijuana cigarettes or eating marijuana must be either far too stoned to figure it out or they are idiots knowing the penalty for smoking a joint is death and still buying weed. Ten-to-one their supplier can make more profit turning in the customers. Give it a rest.


The World Knows That Amphetamines Suck Ass

The more significant problem is the brain corroding Shabu.  Guess what? If you are a Shabu user you are in bad company. It’s the drug-of-choice (‘Captigon’ which is similar)  of the Islamic State murdering droolers living like rats in tunnels in Iraq and Syria. We have seen these scumbags in clinics and hospitals bleeding from their ears, their brains fried by amphetamines. They really do want to die. Do you?

In the Philippines there are many very confounded night shift workers, truck drivers and garbage sorters who got hooked on amphetamine by a cop. They can’t get off that stuff and it’s killing them. Literally. Their self worth is so low they cheer for the death penalty. They hate themselves.

After a period of time using high doses (and the more you take the more you need to feel any effect) of Shabu, your brain’s small veins (and there are many) start to break and bleed.

Your mood swings are radical and you can go right off the deep end with extremely violent behaviour. That can happen to any of the heavy users after long-term abuse.

All the brain’s channels for dopamine are blocked and everything else about your brain is screwed up to the point you are dying. Don’t.

If you are hooked on Shabu, stop taking it. Drink a lot of water, eat oranges and any citrus you can find. Drink clean water and eat and eat and eat every vegetable you can  pick off a vine. Exercise and sleep.  In three days you will start to feel inhuman. In five days you won’t care. In ten days a new you is born.  In weeks things will start to work again.  In ten months your brain will have fully recovered if you are not too far gone. Don’t use alcohol; don’t smoke; just work and sleep. Get the support of your close family. Keep your mouth shut about your Shabu problem or you may find yourself *turned-in for 100 pesos so that some asshole can make 5000 shooting your brains out. If you kick Shabu you deserve the best that life has to offer. Do it for your family.

[ *Ever hear of “snitches deserve stitches”? There is a special place in hell for RATS who report a drug user to Duterte and get that person killed. You would fuck your own mother for a peso. No point our talking to what is truly the poop of society. ]

Death Penalty means Murder in the Streets

Just knowing a drug user in the Philippines can add your name to the more than 1,200 death squad murders per month-42 killings per day. (The media is lying to you. The reality is worse than the ‘story’.)

“I will Kill You” – Duterte

‘Killing your drug-using-ass in the Philippines is not such a big deal’, says the nation’s president. He gets it done.

The current President Rodrigo Duterte with a murder record reaching nearly a thousand deaths as a Mayor of Davao City and over 10,000 in the first 9 months of his Philippines presidency  has created a “drug problem” in the minds of the Filipino people. You are all drug users and subject to instant death by death squad.

The Psychological Impact Of Constant Fear

Corruption helped create the “drug problem” illusion. Your government is such a greedy, slobbering, collective fat pig at the trough of your money that ‘they’ do not want you paying attention to them, they want you always focused on another, illusion-enemy.

We need a bigger army because of the drug problem. Our budget is too small because of the drug problem. My department needs more money because there’s a drug problem. We need more police because of the drug problem. More money, more power and more abuse of the Filipino population

Your government wants you to hate yourselves. You should, says Manila. You must strive to please your leaders. Many of you are so bad you need to be gunned down in the streets. Abusive mothers and fathers always create a “bad kid” and hold siblings responsible. It breeds fear and blame. It creates the Stockholm syndrome. You are in it.

Your evil siblings are the “drug users”. The problems are not caused by your government, it’s THEM. THE DRUG USERS.  Your president told you that if you have a gun you should kill them yourselves. (Don’t you dare!)  “You are terrible and one of them if you don’t, but I will reward you if you kill them.”

The rich government officials must live in safety away from you on top of hills behind electric fences and armed guards because of you “bad people”.

The ordinary Filipino believes that but the real problem is your corrupt governments, not you.

Poverty and Corruption are Prevalent

But the real problem for Filipinos is poverty. Stop being poor or Duterte will have you killed. Don’t be a pedalcab operator looking poor as dirt in Manila. You look like shit. Duterte will kill you.

Many Filipinos are very hungry. USING SHABU IS NOT GOING TO FIX THAT.  For your family’s sake, stop that.

Do you want to help your country and make fools of these scumbags murdering you in the streets? Don’t touch an illegal drug.

Roughly 10 million families, some 50% of the population live far below  the globe’s worst poverty thresholds and a scary percentage of those are at or below subsistence levels. And these are amazing people with  great ideas who work their asses off growing crops and digging ditches; building roads and cleaning rivers. They work in the mines; they build the Terrace Farms you tourists love to look at. They would do well if their corrupt governments at every level were not robbing them blind.

Government Corruption In the Philippines

Filipinos are abused by every level of government. They would not be so poor if the government was not so corrupt.

All Filipinos would be better off if the hundreds of millions of foreign aid dollars received by the Philippines reached the poor.

Every level of government in the Philippines is as corrupt as a rattlesnake is dangerous.

Judges are charging $1000 to $3,000 to dismiss minor drug charges. These charges will soon fetch the the death penalty for people as young as nine-years-old. Judges and cops on the take can charge more.

Most police officers are corrupt. Many of them don’t believe that is true but when the newcomer cops go on a ‘drug-buy’ it’s usually an enforcement against a competing drug dealer of a middle-management police officer who runs one of the many local drug rings.

Selling drugs in the Philippines is a marginal business that genuine organized crime would not touch with a ten-foot-pole.  Crime syndicates like the profits from illegal gambling and child sex trade in the Philippines. Folks are poor and only the politicians, lawyers, car dealers and health insurance salesmen in Quezon City, Metro Manila, Davao and Cebu Cities have the money to buy money-making “blow” (Cocaine).

For cops making a salary, dealing cheap-ass “shabu” and “weed” drugs on the side makes sense. Lawyers, prosecutors and Judges each jump in for a piece of the action and the only problem for the cop-dealers is collecting money from the broke, stoned, addicted users who were stupid enough to get started on the highly addictive ‘Shabu’ shit!

For a few thousand pesos you can hire a cop to wipe out your neighbours’ entire family if their dog barks too much at night. You will see the funeral home come for the bodies the next day.  (In the Philippines dogs and roosters can be heard throughout the hours of darkness at various decibel levels.)

If you are poor, you will hear those sounds constantly because the poorest work all night long recycling garbage or driving trucks. Many of those people who must perform a dual role as parent and worker at two jobs take medicinal solutions like Amphetamine or caffeine to stay awake.

What Drug Problem?

The Philippines does not have a serious “drug problem”. Hard drug use in the Philippines is much lower than global averages, according to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC). Two of the most used and valuable illegal drugs in the country are methamphetamine hydrochloride (shabu) and marijuana but the list of substances abused in the Philippines  includes:

  • Alcohol
  • Cocaine
  • Ecstasy
  • Hallucinogens: LSD
  • Heroin
  • Inhalants
  • Marijuana
  • Methamphetamine (Shabu)
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Tobacco

Hey Filipinos! Don’t use illegal drugs. Let’s inspire everyone to stop this dangerous practice. #BawalAngDroga


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