Philippines Duterte Impeachment. Here’s Why?

Updated April 26, 2017 – Manila, Philippines -An unpublished Philippines Police Report confirms the findings of The RINJ Foundation that Philippines police are responsible for all of the 10,000 plus extra judicial killings ordered by Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte.

The report, entitled “The State-Sponsored Extrajudicial Killings in the Philippines“, and reported on by Reuters was authored by several dissenting senior members of the Philippines National Police.

The report further confirms that several cabinet members are involved in the execution of the poor, the weak and the ill in the Philippines. Those cabinet members include Duterte’s long time henchmen Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II who has brushed aside accusations that police killings of thousands of Filipinos may be crimes against humanity, stating that drug users were not human.
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Current Philippines National Police General Ronald dela Rosa (and former Director of Police in Davao City under then Mayor Rodrigo Duterte) was surprised when Senator de Lima introduced a Davao City Police officer witness at a Senatorial hearing on dela Rosa`s wrongdoings in the Duterte Extra-Judcial Killing Spree that began many years ago in Davao City. Dela Rosa denied knowing his former Davao police officer who was at one time an alleged fellow Davao Death Squad member: Edgar Matobato.

Numerous allegations leveled at Ronald Dela Rosa by international human rights groups, the European Parliament and The United Nations suggest that dela Rosa is a murderer and worse, the facilitator of crimes against humanity ordered by Rodrigo Duterte in a social-class cleansing of the Philippines aimed at ridding the country of poverty by killing the people of this class. According to the allegations, Dela Rosa is the executioner of a vile slaughter that is destined to outperform Auschwitz`s infamy.

An impeachment process against Rodrigo Duterte was launched in the Philippines 17th Congress by a single Member of the House of Representatives.

But thousands of readers argue that Duterte should resign because impeachment will not work in a corrupt government.

Rodrigo Duterte’s Willingness for State-Sponsored Murder is why he must Resign Immediately

  1. The Republic of the Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte told everyone in the Philippines to kill drug users for a bounty (if they have a gun).
  2. Filipino Police and Barangay captains across the country joined after-hours death squads and slaughtered many thousands earning from the Head of State over 1,386,700.00 Philippine Pesos, about $40 per corpse plus receiving motorbikes, cell phones, guns and ammunition at another estimated 2 million pesos from the Duterte government.
  3. Some of the people these officially sponsored ‘death squads’ kill are drug involved or they are just openly opposed to Duterte’s leadership and crime wave.
  4. Duterte says he will continue his widespread systematic attack directed against certain parts of the Philippines population for as long as he is alive.
  5. Duterte says he is much like Adolf Hitler but will only kill 3 million of his people.

Efforts to get Dela Rosa fired have failed.

Senator Leila De Lima is being held in prison without bail as Duterte`s first political prisoner. Many of Duterte`s outspoken detractors have been murdered.

The Philippines president who said he would kill three million drug users (there aren’t three million drug users in the Philippines) and to his millions of followers said “do it yourself if you have a gun” is on a long tedious road to prison with his more scurrilous henchmen.

This premier impeachment process as you will read below, while unlikely to succeed because of the Duterte Junta’s iron grip of fear on elected representatives, is a precursor element to due diligence in attempting to resolve internally the problems of the country.

This avenue must be exhausted before international interventions are available to the Filipino people who as we have explained in the past are terrorized and somewhat bound into a form of Stockholm syndrome.

Here are two dozen reasons why this monster must be given the ouster.

Most Human Rights Watchers Agree:

  1. The Rodrigo Duterte Philippines-reign-of-terror, first from Davao City as Mayor and now from Manila as President, and throughout this confessed criminal’s life, violates the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and has been significantly detrimental to the lives of children and their families in the Philippines and to others who are impacted by the mass murder of children and their families in the Philippines. (Duterte says “children are collateral damage”.)
  2. Duterte’s economy of murder has seen him and his henchmen including heads of Police Departments hire many gunmen to serve on “Death Squads” and murder unarmed impoverished civilians, often killing poor women and children when they were unable to easily find their primary targets (many targets are given refuge by the now more attentive Catholic Church).
  3. Duterte has intense contempt for the poor and is systematically killing poor people in the slum areas of the country.
  4. The distribution of prosperity in the Philippines has significantly enriched 3% of the country, filtered down in a declining scale to 12% of the population, only slightly impacted 18%; but has not reached in any manner whatsoever some 67% of the population. This has bred an extraordinary example of “haves” versus “have-nots”.
    The disparity and disdain between the two groups is chilling. 33% Of the population is in favour of killing the poorest Filipinos (a population subset of roughly 29 million people).
    Most of the desperately poor are farmers living in the provinces where they work day and night for a meager earning that fetches someone better educated up the line 100 times what the farmer earns. These men and women do not compare in any way with the image of people in the city slums upon which 72% of the population including Duterte and his thugs base their opinion of the “have-nots”.
    Manila ghettos, you will never see because you would never go there. The streets are cart-tracks, muddy and wet. The spaces occupied by each family are closet size. Millions live like this.
    But don’t devalue these people. Each space is kept immaculately clean. Walk down a street if you can without being mugged and robbed or frightened by giant Manila rats, and you will see men and women constantly cleaning themselves and their space as best they can.
    Yes there are bad people, maybe hungry for food or desperate for money or just the usual percentile of criminals but the most of the people are hardworking, yet suspicious and disdainful of gawkers.
    Ladies and kids tend to hanging pots where they are growing garlic, peppers, onions and tomatoes in pots to sell at market and they will cheerily offer you their produce with a price as you walk by.
    Some folks offer barbeque isaw, kikiam and other indigenous meals on a stick. (RINJ has walked and visited every major slum and squatter district in Metro Manila assessing lifestyles and attitudes.) They are not bad people.
    They are dirt poor people. It’s hard to work your way out of the slums but many do it by working themselves skinny driving pedicabs (bicycles with bench seat sidecars) or going to school and getting a job in the business districts.
    These are the people Duterte is killing.
  5. Most institutions and all facets of all governments in the Philippines are inherently corrupt and dysfunctional insomuch as the standardized methods and procedures encourage plunder, graft and embezzlement; and concurrently the cognitive mindset of all the Filipino people is to get themselves into a position of some power and control wherein they can share in the public purse with self-assigned entitlement and impunity (“Everyone else does this.”).
  6. Filipinos also believe that supporting their despotic President’s various appliances and apparatus of government which Duterte uses to carry out his personal goals, will earn them good favour. Many claim they have been rewarded handsomely, including numerous outspoken members of the Duterte “death squads” whose “day job” is being a police person or a relative of important people.
  7. Most foreign aid funding does not reach the Philippines population and emergency relief has a very high administrative cost plus provides a “taste of wealth” to numerous levels of local government.
  8. More than 10 million families (50 million Filipinos) are classing themselves as poor and 28% of the population meet the UN’s extreme poverty class definition at the bottom end. By visiting provinces and interviewing families, RINJ humanitarian workers have determined that an alarming percentage of the population live below subsistence levels and are fighting early death due to malnutrition.
  9. Rodrigo Duterte is a terrorist leader heading up a group of corrupt government heads; others in the public trust including military, paramilitary and law enforcement whom the public has REASONABLE EXPECTATION of trustworthiness; hired killers; and criminals of various types, to rule The Republic of The Philippines in a state of terror.
  10. Because the Duterte Junta includes all corrupt police forces which have been responsible for manning death squads, gathering, receiving and communicating hit lists, murder, plunder, graft and bribery including the procurement of legitimate and false criminal accusations which are then sold to the alleged perpetrator(s) for value or consideration in exchange for exoneration; the people of the Philippines have abandoned any faith in law enforcement and in the first two months of 2017 have purchased both legally and illegally more firearms than what were sold in all of 2016.
  11. For several years Philippines Senator Leila de Lima has been investigating and making adversarial announcements against the extralegal killings initiated by Rodrigo Duterte. Duterte, in the same time, taunted de Lima describing how he had performed several murders himself with the innuendo de Lima might be next.
    By February 2017, de Lima’s accusations had reached a crescendo as did Duterte’s murderering of opponents.
    Hence Duterte had de Lima charged with the crime of receiving drug money as campaign funding for her May 2016 election. de Lima has been imprisoned without bail on a plethora of absurd-sounding criminal charges.
    The Senator’s fair trial would be impossible in the Philippines because of Duterte’s public insistence that de Lima is guilty by presidential decree and because of the tarnishing of her personal reputation by Duterte’s misogynistic henchmen.
    A burden has been placed on de Lima, forcing her to prove her innocence instead of the burden falling to the state to prove beyond a doubt that she committed a crime.
    Duterte has published details of de Lima’s personal, private life and caused the publication of nude images of de Lima. A fair trial is not possible. de Lima should be acquitted forthwith but she is held in prison without bail.
  12. Duterte is a misogynist whose hatred for women came to light in the 1998 messy divorce case filed against him by his then wife who complained about years of abuse.
    During the trial Duterte was compelled by the Court to undergo psychological examination. The psychiatrist’s report to the court describes in strong measure a violent psychopath completely devoid of empathy who truly hates women.
    The world has noted Duterte’s infamous catcalling female journalists, rape jokes, and his sexist remarks about Vice President Leni Robredo’s legs and thighs.
  13. Vice President Leni Robredo won her Vice Presidency against Ferdinand Marcos Jr. by a narrow margin. The kleptocratic Marcos family which bilked the Philippines for hundreds of billions has returned to political prominence after Duterte had the exiled dictator buried in the Manila Cemetery of Heroes, a ringing endorsement of the mass murders and rapes that took place under dictator Ferdinand Marcos martial law.
    Duterte said he was compelled to do this full-honours military funeral ceremony because of a promise he made to the multi-billionaire members of the Marcos family for helping him win the 2016 election to become president. Duterte is now assisting Ferdinand Marcos in the courts to overturn VP Robredo’s election win however, Duterte says that if that fails he will convert the Philippines government to a federalist system and make Ferdinand Marcos Jr. the Prime Minister.
  14. Vice President Leni Robredo has prepared a video statement addressed to the United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs. Robredo said the Philippines’ drug problem is a complex issue that cannot be solved “with bullets alone… It must be regarded as it truly is, a complex public health issue, linked ultimately with poverty and social inequality”, she added. Watch the video.
  15. Robredo is correct about the social inequality aspects of the problem. Because of Duterte’s encouragement for murder and other lawlessness in the Philippines, 2017 has seen the incipient stages of the break down of civil law and order and the increase of violence, the failure of society in other words.
  16. Many of the crimes committed as a person in authority and in the public’s trust by Rodrigo Duterte from the late 1970s to the time prior to becoming President, including the random murder of over 1000 civilians in Davao City, are major, indictable crimes in the Philippines under Philippine Statutes as well as being arguably crimes against humanity in international law.
  17. Plunder and corruption by Mr. Duterte resulted in his accumulating substantial wealth in the billions from the time of the kleptocracy rule of Ferdinand Marcos. Those alleged plunderings includes substantiated claims of creating a fictitious work force on a list of thousands of fake persons for which Duterte claimed many millions of dollars in salaries, regularly, to pocket and to pay for unlawful activities.
  18. Several crimes committed by Rodrigo Duterte prior to 2016 make him impeachable despite currently alleged impunity afforded his Presidential status.
  19. On the evidence of Chinese excursions into sovereign territory of the Philippines at Benham Rise, a region of ocean within Philippines territorial waters rich in natural resources, and other regions of the South China Seas, Duterte has pushed aside concerned observers saying that any worries are exaggerations.
    Benham Rise is a seismically active undersea region and extinct volcanic ridge located in the Philippine Sea approximately 250 km east of the northern coastline of Dinapigue, Isabela.
    Meanwhile China insists that the Philippines cannot claim Benham Rise nor its mineral wealth for itself. China has occupied the region with stationary “research” vessels for months in a manner consistent with the Law of the Seas Conventions which basically say “use it or lose it”. The Philippines does not have ships capable of maintaining that sovereignty.
    The UN designates the Benham Rise as a sovereign Philippines Region and the international courts have awarded a significant South China Sea decision against China in favour of the Philippines.
    In Duterte’s dealings with China, certain considerations have come his way personally and in the cause of maintaining his power base in the Philippines at the expense of Philippines Sovereignty. Some people see that as treason.
    Further investigations are underway but nothing has arisen to refute the challenge against Duterte. In fact, China has built significant military bases in some areas in dispute where the Philippines gain the right to give China the ouster.
    Whatever Duterte’s secret deals with China they have eroded Philippines sovereignty and assailed the status of Japan and other nations impacted by China’s military foray into the waters of the South East Asian nations.
  20. The current President (Duterte) of the Republic of the Philippines has allegedly committed heinous crimes against humanity and is indictable under several international statutes based on the alleged summary executions without due process. of more than ten thousand Filipinos.
  21. The Duterte Junta currently seizing absolute power in the Philippines by murdering or imprisoning detractors as well as by threatening and killing journalists and other ‘watch dogs’ is corrupt; guilty of murder; guilty of plunder, bribery, extortion, and; other crimes.
  22. Duterte has proposed three significant changes to the Philippines Charter, Constitution and future.
    * Current Philippines President Duterte wants to reduce the age of criminal responsibility to include children from the age of nine years of age and up. That would mean that children from 9 and up will be hanged in the Philippines because …
    * Rodrigo Duterte wants the death penalty imposed for anyone who smokes a joint or in some way uses drugs plus he wants the death penalty imposed for other non-violent crimes. He does not support the death penalty for murderers of which class of criminal he has claimed to be a member. So far the issue of capital punishment for rapists has been excluded, probably because of the preponderance of rapists among Duterte’s Junta membership. The death penalty in the Philippines serves no useful purpose other than to prove that the nation is sliding backwards in an extraordinary social-crisis war of the “haves” versus “the have-nots” led by Duterte whose contempt for the poor; hate for women; and disdain for children is horrid beyond description.
    * Duterte also seeks to discard the Philippines Constituion and create a federalist form of government with him as President and Ferdinand Marcos Jr. as Prime Minister
  23. Every effort to impeach; criminally prosecute; indict; and bring to Justice Rodrigo Dutere and his Junta must be completed before the end of Duterte’s first year in office.
  24. Subsequently, in the event that all reasonable efforts fail to convict Mr. Duterte and his henchmen because Mr. Duterte and his Junta controls the Courts plus the Filipinos’ various representative and Legislative bodies and because he has hijacked the country in a reign of terror and death, relief for the Filipino people must be sought in International Criminal Courts.

Additionally, RINJ humanitarians observe Judiciary breakdown while supporting GBV Survivors.

  1. RINJ has noted that under the current regime, bringing rape survivors to police departments risks their being raped again by police, or accused of being a drug user, their complaint dismissed and their being remanded to a bogus drug treatment program.
  2. Dealing with the rape of a small child is a nightmare in the Philippines. The process illustrates why many women might be inclined to go along with specific extra-judicial killings. Imagine the rage of a mother returning from two years of hard work as a domestic in another country, sending all her earnings back home to the men, to find out the men of the village have been raping her little daughter. This is a COMMON OCCURRENCE in the provinces of the Philippines. Men rape women and children with absolute impunity. The justice system led by two Duterte henchmen Philippine Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II and National Police Director General Ronald Dela Rosa is injust, incompetent, corrupt, misogynistic, and kleptocratic at the top, a collective criminal of itself. These two men should be tried and upon conviction imprisoned for life.
  3. Women who need specialized rape clinical help should feel safe to seek care from RINJ RSAC clinics where total medical care is provided free of charge as well as legal help if prosecution is desired (*90% of survivors do not want to go through the process of a rape trial which typically takes from 5 to 15 years in the Philippines).
  4. RINJ will do full legal documentation and forensic evidence preparation to be submitted to a prosecutor or judge directly, bypassing dangerously corrupt law enforcement as per Philippines Criminal Code (C. 2014) and the various rules of procedure.
  5. RINJ has attracted interest from persons of unlawfully violent conduct and exists in the Philippines in gated facilities with armed guards who protect all persons in attendance.
  6. RINJ claims full and unfettered freedom in the exercise of its lawful humanitarian functions.

RINJ Responds to Duterte With an Anti Drug Campaign

The RINJ Foundation says that, “after listening to the response of Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte to RINJ’s criticisms of Duterte’s systematic extralegal killings of drug users in the Philippines, a campaign has been launched to encourage supported self-help drug withdrawal. RINJ says it is going to demonstrate the correct way to reduce illegal drug use: Educate people and help them withdraw. This is not to say there is an abnormal drug problem but users are poor people who need help.”

#BawalAngDroga or Pres. Duterte kills you.

Two of Duterte’s key Cabinet members instrumental in Duterte’s murder of the weak, the poor and the ill.

The top 12 alleged criminals charged in the International Criminal Court at the end of April 2017 are as follows.

Top Criminals Named In Mass Murder ICC Case
Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte
Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre
Philippine Police Director General Ronald Dela Rosa
House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez
Former Interior Secretary Ismael Sueno
Police Superintendent Edilberto Leonardo
Senior Police Officer 4 Sanson “Sonny” Buenaventura
Police Superintendent Royina Garma
National Bureau of Investigation Director Dante Gierran
Solicitor General Jose Calida
Sen. Richard Gordon
Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano

Grass-Roots Anti-Drug Campaign #BawalAngDroga

In a hard-talking public multi-lingual statement issued from its web site and aimed at drug users, RINJ says that there are many users of cheap drugs like the “Shabu” methamphetamine hydrochloride. Shabu is very popular among the poor, and so also is the local marijuana used by a cross section of the million overall drug users of the 105 million population Republic of the Philippines. Serious human rights abuses against the weak, the poor and the sick in the Philippines have drawn global attention.

“The Philippines does not have a serious “drug problem”. Hard drug use in the Philippines is much lower than global averages according to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC). Two of the most used illegal drugs in the country are methamphetamine hydrochloride (shabu) and marijuana”, says the statement.

Cocaine and other party drugs like ecstasy, hallucinogens such as LSD, and mood-altering narcotic and opioid pharmaceuticals are used by lawyers, judges, politicians and other professionals who can afford those higher priced illegal items, according to the statement.

RINJ is coming down hard on users of Shabu. “This ‘Shabu’ thing is a serious money pit first, then a death trap. It sucks up your family’s money then kills you leaving them in your [mess].”

Philippines President Duterte himself is a self-confessed fentanyl (opioid) addict. (Opioids are a class of drugs that include the illegal drug heroin as well as powerful pain relievers available legally by prescription, such as oxycodone (OxyContin®), hydrocodone (Vicodin®), codeine, morphine, fentanyl, and many others.)

In a telephone interview with ‘Our News‘ from the Philippines the RINJ Project Manager, Sharon Santiago said that RINJ has a crew working on a new video to get the message out to Filipinas that drug abuse is killing or maiming babies and small children.

“The gunfire in the streets from the unskilled death squads shooting up drug users and enemies of the Malacañang (Duterte’s Presidential Palace in Manila) is slaughtering mom’s and children right left and center. Kids as young as four have been gunned down by the president’s death squads as a message of some kind when they can’t find their assigned target”, says the medical care practitioner.

“It is not just drug users but others who are unpopular like American ex-military men such as Danny Blaylock, a retired United States Naval officer, who was walking home in Barangay Casibong at 10:35 a.m. on Feb 5 when he was attacked and killed with a .45 by one of two motorcycle riding men,” adds Santiago.

“In Oriental Mindoro two police friends of Dela Rosa, the head of police in the Philippines who used to be Duterte’s head of police in Davao City killed Zenaida Luz, the Citizens Crime Watch regional chairperson.”

The RINJ Statement offers very specific advice on how to stop using “Shabu”, the drug cited most often by the leader of the Philippines Death squads, Rodrigo Duterte.

Santiago says that The RINJ Foundation’s network of women in the Philippines should be very helpful in reducing drug dependencies. “Because the government is murdering these impoverished people, there is no help for them from the State. We have talked to people in the hospitals and they support Duterte’s goal of killing these people and would turn them in. We are disgusted at say Baguio General hospital where we interviewed staff who stood beside a drug treatment building and said yes, those patients should be killed. As our statement says, it is some kind of Stockholm syndrome,” the humanitarian worker added.

The RINJ ant-drug statement describes in very specific detail the psychological manipulation of the Philippine public:

Your government wants you to hate yourselves. You should, says Manila. You must strive to please your leaders. Many of you are so bad you need to be gunned down in the streets. Abusive mothers and fathers always create a “bad kid” and hold siblings responsible. It breeds fear and blame. It creates the Stockholm syndrome. You are in it.


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Picture stories of the dead and broken-hearted. Over ten thousand souls, many just babies, gunned down in cold blood by the Government of The Philippines.

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