Death Penalty for Rape = Rapists will Kill Victim. Death Penalty Vulgar in Any Case.

Unequivocally the death penalty is a cruel and inhumane punishment, no matter the crime.

  1. Capital punishment is a vulgar violation of human rights;
  2. breaks international laws;
  3. violates international declarations like the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; and
  4. is the tool of controlling political opponents for 80% of the countries that still retain the death penalty.

In all nations where the death penalty is still retained the death penalty law is imposed on the population for wrongful purpose of authoritarian rule. 100%.  Note: The United States is rapidly restraining this barbarism.

Preventing crime should the be the focus of Governments intent on protecting children and their families.

But most of the retentionist nations are killing unwanted children, poor people and persons with poor mental health. Capital punishment is state-sponsored murder.

In the Philippines the death penalty will be applied to nine-year-olds if current proposed legislation is passed.

End malicious and hateful ideologies fuelling state-sponsored violence.

For their persecution; for their wrongful imprisonment of females; for their rape & molestation of women & children; evil men belong in prison. Join us in defiance of extremist men & their malicious & hateful cravings (Read also: Red Lines on #GlobalValues) that fuel their violence & abuse around the globe. Let love win over hate.

The RINJ Foundation is opposed to capital punishment on practical grounds.

  • All research says capital punishment does not deter criminals.
  • The world trend is for restrained use of capital punishment as humans become more sophisticated in fighting crime.
  • Rape is all about power and control and the deviant personalities of rapists drive them to controlling their prey at all costs.
  • A rapist will not give any power and control to the victim but will instead kill their victim.
  • In the Philippines, rape survivors have been attacked and killed or attacked repeatedly while threatened not to go to police or not to go to Court and testify. That coercion will escalate to murder if the death penalty is on the table for accused rapists.
  • In the Philippines, politicians are being intimidated and coerced by the bloody Rodrigo Duterte Regime to support the unconstitutional death penalty and age of criminal responsibility reduction to 9 years of age

The Global Rule Of Law is Opposed To State-Sponsored Murder of any Type

The women of The RINJ Foundation have always favoured long-term incarceration for criminal offenders who rape.

Judges who impose short sentences are the problem, not the measure of ‘punishment’ available. (Punitive sentencing is less effective than rehabilitative sentencing.)  In prison these criminals can be studied to learn about prevention of this sickness.

Since the early 1990s the death penalty was overwhelmingly practised in only poor and authoritarian states, which often employed the death penalty as a tool of political oppression. That for example is happening in the Philippines under a widely acclaimed despot and authoritarian who has been ordering the state-sponsored killing of thousands of slum-dwellers in cities; murdering people who speak out against this conduct; and killing the poor people living in outer provinces.

Philippines’ police and Barangay Captains as part of an authoritarian and repressive government have also murdered witnesses to their own crimes and killed ‘whistleblowers’ who would otherwise bear witness to their crimes.

The RINJ Foundation is opposed to capital punishment on moral grounds.

Thou shall not kill. Do as you will but harm nothing.

RINJ seeks universal penalty increases for rape & attempt rape.

Preamble: Current penalties seem ineffective in preventing recidivism. (i.e.: Very few men rape but those that do rape often.)

The RINJ Foundation urges Courts to follow these sentencing guidelines on conviction of a rapist:
(From “Defining Rape“)

* Make all rapists and most attempted rapists subject to long indeterminate sentences (min. 5 years for ‘attempt rape’);

* Use prison terms ranging from 10 years to 30 years to life;

* Use life without parole for forcible rapes of victims under 14;

* Use a range of 7, 10, or 15-to-25 years for rapes of adult victims, while using a 30 to life term when a sexually violent repeat predator specification is proved;

* For 15-year + sentences, impose a mandatory release-review by the sentencing court, available after the minimum term is served, parallel to the Parole Board’s reviews. If either entity rejects release the term is extended by another year. On failing a review at that time, an application can be made each three years;

* For repeat violent offender penalties, increase the definite term to 20 years.

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