Comparing Donald Trump To Rodrigo Duterte

Comment: Updated June 4, 2017
Oozing classiness, decorum and wisdom
, President Barrack Obama would deliver a speech on humanitarianism calmly enough to still a tempest.

No matter how many cups of caffeine-laced coffee and inspirational speeches of an extreme cleric who actually makes sense hit your brain you could be calmed by the US President Obama and regain your faith in humanity.

The Office of the President of the United States (POTUS) has since morphed into Yuk Yuks.

Trump’s paranoid, combative, antagonistic approach to governance resembles that of a narcissistic despot. In fact, CNN, The Washington Post and other notable media have begun comparing Trump to despotic Rodrigo Duterte, authoritarian leader of the Philippines, as “Trump of the East”. These observers see something in both feared men that is familiar.

We will prove in this paper written by Micheal, Rosa and Katie, that in the least it is fair to say that both Trump and Duterte represent a clear and present danger to all of society.

Moreover it is also fair to say that the media and the public at large are weak and vulnerable to manipulative traits and charisma of certain extreme personality disorders.

In one case an undeveloped nation elected a murdering APD and in the other case a developed nation was manipulated into nominating two anti-social liars for presidential candidates, each with extreme moral issues, and then elected the most dangerous to society of the two. More to that will follow.

The things that USA President Donald Trump and Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte visibly share in common is that both are misogynists & Islamophobes. Trump & Duterte are violent toward women and are both sensational recruiters for al Qaeda & The Islamic State (ISIS).

People who hate Trump see that and compare him to the worst despot they can think of: Duterte. The two men are somewhat attracted to each other. That happens between men who have similar types of personality disorders. Many people who supported Trump are hiding under their beds in embarrassment and shame.

If Trump cannot turn this around he must resign for good reasons, health reasons, and let the Vice President pull the office of POTUS together.

Which despot would you matchup to be pals with Trump? Duterte?Which renown despot would you pick to compare to Trump?
Which one did Trump pick to be his friend? Which ones did Duterte chose? What do these choices say about the person choosing?

Around the world, Islamic extremists including al-Nursra, al-Quaeda, and the failing Islamic State (all serious enemies to all women) are exploiting every anti-Muslim slip-of-the-tongue coming from the White House. The same is true about Malacanang. Duterte last Friday told Martial Law troops to rape Muslim women. There has been no better recruitment boost for ISIS, ever.

There is no such thing as a rape joke. When somebody important talks in a way that promotes rape of anyone, there will be rapes as a result of that communication. That is no joke. That is a crime against humanity and it is enforceable.

Extremists use Duterte’s obscenities and Trump gaffs to bolster recruitment efforts which are now escalating at a colossal rate. Even a few RINJ Foundation member nurses have been approached to join the Islamic State’s health care regime as the Q’ran-exhaulted birthing experts, the Shariah MidWife.

Across the United States, many people are ready to throw in the towel on Trump. Talk of impeachment grows.

On May 23rd it came to light that a Vietnamese state-sponsored hacker tore into the Philippines and took a copy of the telephone meeting notes (Trump-Duterte conversation) which it then published on a hacker site. VietNam is furious with Duterte for his abdication to China, selling out on his South China Seas neighboring states. You have not heard the end of this.
China has moved in on Philippines island real estate and militarized it for China’s own use.

Duterte has slaughtered some ten thousand civilians using death squads. These victims are not as he says, drug users. They are Duterte’s political enemies and children like these who were killed because that’s how the Death Squads work: if a target is not available they kill a family member and try again another day.
Murdering civilians may seem OK to a psychopath but to the world it is not only murder but in context a crime against humanity.How can anyone carry out a so-called drug war, murdering these children, and not realizing that systemically something is wrong? You would have to be a psychopath or sociopath to miss this evidence of extreme wrongdoing.

Feminine-Perspective MagazineDead children killed by Duterte Death squads. He and his killers of children cannot be forgiven.

Trump: “I just wanted to congratulate you because I am hearing of the unbelievable job on the drug problem,” he said. “Many countries have the problem, we have a problem, but what a great job you are doing and I just wanted to call and tell you that.”

Duterte: “Thank you, Mr. President. This is the scourge of the nation now, and I have to do something to preserve the Filipino nation.”

Trump: “I understand that and fully understand that, and I think we had a previous President who did not understand that, but I understand that.”


Trump is not the only US Republican dancing with the devil.
Republican Senator Cory Gardner wooing Duterte at Malacanag after ao,000 murders and Martial Law declaration and order to rape Muslim Women

This lapse in judgement on the part of Donald Trump and his confreres is unforgivable coming from a US President and majority ruling party. Duterte was thereafter inspired to declare Martial Law in Mindanao impacting 20 to 25 million people for no good reason.

Remember that Trump joined Daniel Ortego and Bashar al Assad in shunning the world on the Paris Accord for pollution control and responsibility for preventing climate change. These are three people who are renowned for lacking good conscience. Trump admires and vehemently supports Duterte’s murders and other human rights violations. Trump encourages Duterte’s crimes against humanity.

Duterte told Martial Law troops to go ahead and rape the women and he would cover for them and give them impunity. This is partly on Trump. The concomitant frenzy of Islamic Jihadist recruitment is also partly on Trump who needs to get his personality disorder under control or get out of the White House before more harm is done. He in his present state is dangerous to human development and maybe even to human survival. He is the president of the United States, an office that has been relied on for global leadership for many decades.

Faith and hope for the future of America
and Trump’s presidency is waning. Gun violence is up. Teen suicide numbers are suddenly crashing through new occurrence-trend heights.

In the Philippines, within weeks of Duterte taking office the terrorist attacks began, the first one allegedly done by Abu Sayaff in Davao city. Drama. The latest attack at the Resorts World Manila Casino appears to be very fishy and some have suggested it was a “Martial Law trick gone very bad“.

On the other side of the world Trump picks a friend: a murdering despot. If Trump thinks he is a strongman he is a wimp compared to this disturbed murderer.

أن الوضع في الفيليبين حرج للغاية.الرائس دوترت يعطي حجة لقيام حرب ضد داعش في مدينة ماروي. قتل دوترت مع القوات المسلحة اكثر من ١٤١ شخس و يستغل دوترت من الوضع في قتل النساء والأطفال و يأمر القوات المسلحة باغتصاب النساء المسلمات . والاكثر إثارة للقلق هو أن دوترت قبل من الرئيس الأمريكي ترامب دعمة في ارتكاب جرائمه ضد مسلمي الفيليبين . إن سياسة دوترت و ترامب لها عواقب تكمن في تحويل منطقة الفيليبين لأرض جهاد خاضع لتنظيم داعش و القاعدة. ‘شكرا’ للرائيسين ترامب و دوترت في جعل هذه المنطقة جنة للمجاهدين. – Katie Alsop

ISIS is the enemy of all women. So are Narcissistic SociopathsISIS is the enemy of all women. Misogyny rating of the Philippines is 8 with the worst being 10. It’s a fit in that regard but ISIS prefers ungoverned real estate that has a high wealth yield. That is not necessarily the Philippines. Gold, silver and chromite are in abundance in Mindanao but mining practices are arcane and corrupted. There’s no easy open door. ISIS is not going to try and take on the Chinese Triad.

In the Philippines are a few groups of money-hungry criminals that exploit the concept of Islamic Extremism to draw support from oppressed and poverty-stricken Muslims. Upon interview, they do not seem very knowledgeable of Shariah law and do not speak Arabic. They are not Islamic State fundamentalist. You may love hockey but that doesn’t make you an NHL hockey pro. ISIS has been encouraging Indonesian and Malaysian jihadists to come to Philippines but even they are disgusted at the halal levels here. ISIS is not in the Philippines. The country suffers malignant poverty and corruption.

To suggest that Islamists are invading the Philippines is an outright lie. Catholicism owns most of the Philippines. The indigenous Muslims of the Philippines are many and they are angry and tired of being mistreated. Mindanao has no infrastructure provided by the Philippines federal government to which these people pay their taxes. They have reason to be angry and the most militant among them are bringing even more pain with their criminality. The Muslims of the Philippines are wonderfully peaceful and productive people like all Filipinos. The Philippines suffers its own incompetent and corrupt governance and horrible levels of poverty and ineptitude. Duterte is a ghastly liar.

Mr. Trump has a problem. It is an understandable problem and a repairable one. Mr. Trump does not have the right temperament nor the stability to be POTUS.

If Trump cannot turn this around he must resign for good reasons, health reasons, and let the Vice President pull the office of Potus together before the next election, or call an election.

President Trump is maybe a good man with a personality disorder and an insatiable need for adulation. He has an ability to inflame supporters and enrage opponents with insane obscenities like “Mexicans are Rapists”, “ban Muslims”, “why should I be presidential”, and so on. Personality issues. OK, big deal. That is so prevalent in modern society it is almost the new ‘normal’. It doesn’t necessarily make one a bad person.

You don’t choose to have a personality disorder, it happens for a number of reasons–things that are done to you, not that you did. Most personality disorders can be managed very successfully and for a number of subtle reasons can be advantageous in leadership positions and poker games.

President Trump might be a good president. That’s clear. But he must realize he is only one man and hand the various departments to the various good people he has installed in cabinet and let them do their jobs.

Trump has the potential for gender equality — he had a mother (he just has to get over hating women) . Trump must begin upholding all aspects of the US Constitution and learn or mimic compassion; tolerance; and a calm and thoughtful approach to governance. Above all he must shed the misogyny and stop interfering in the jobs of competent people like the head of the FBI and the Secretary of Defence.

Trump is in conflict with himself, nobody else. We have watched Trump closely and compassionately and wish him better health.

Meanwhile the world is comparing Trump to Philippines’ authoritarian President Rodrigo Duterte. He presents like a despot.

We must include the words of our youngest RINJ executive who in her second language, English, brilliantly stated the visceral: “I hate men who act like they hate women cuz it means that they hate their mother and people hate that. ” (Rosa)

Think about that simplicity. Do you really want a president who hates half the population? Trump needs therapy while in office. It is the people’s right to demand that. If not, then the representatives of the people must do what they must do. Quickly. The instability is leading us all toward WWIII.

Trump delivered a good speech in Saudi ArabiaWith President Donald Trump in the White House, the global sense toward the global leader has been radically different to the previous POTUS.

One actually cringes with embarrassment when Trump speaks, and fears that this reverent Oval Office is run by an alleged buffoon who will gaff again. Trump tweets utter balderdash and has 45%of polled Americans saying they want him impeached. His way has not worked. Take a woman’s advise, Donald Trump, and be a man who loves all constituents.

But Trumps’ speech to leaders of countries in the Gulf Cooperation Council on May 21 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia was brilliant.

Trump being Vote-For-Trump Trump is ugly. Being the central figure in a tough, long-lasting election campaign is a nightmare. It’s a mind-bashing, body-draining, ego-torture nightmare. It can change an inexperienced person. Politics can be hell. Trump has not weathered this well. His rants are scaring the world. We understand, however, the pressure he is under.

Every moment of enormous campaign stress is a moment that is hard to get out of–Trump has not left that behind. He must move beyond this dark place he has entered or he will lose his presidency before he starts.

POTUS Trump must try and win this personal battle.
There are signs that he will soon do that. He must now get out of that PD mode to restore the dignity of the office of POTUS.

POTUS Turning Around?

Trumps’ speech to leaders of countries in the Gulf Cooperation Council on May 21 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia was brilliant.

Hopefully change is in the wind and the US President moves forward in the spirit of that speech. Hopefully you read this speech.

That was unmistakable brilliance on the part of White House staff. That is what is needed to manage a personality disordered President of The United States.

President Trump’s gaffs thus far have been awful for him and for you. He needs to completely toss out his randomness in angry ideology and go back to conservative basics.

  1. A strong and secure nation.
  2. Free enterprise for all Americans.
  3. Allow American citizens to benefit from their own
  4. Ensure the safety and good health care of American children and their families.

If Trump returns to his antipathy against the media; against women; against Muslims; not just him but America will be fried in its own voluminous spilling of hatred.

Americans need to shed their arrogance about being a nuclear weapons power. The American nuclear weapons program is an ancient pile of junk that will hurt America more than anyone else. There isn’t one engineer on the job today who was around for the testing and implementation of those geriatric weapons. Nobody knows if they still work, but, for sure they are way behind the technology curve of which North Korea and Israel are now the latest pioneers.

That means they may not get their job done and they may in fact be detonated over America by a technologically savvy foe.

The point is that America needs to face reality and take accountability for its human rights violations; its numerous mass murders; share in the Global Values being assembled by and for the United Nations’ intellectuals and deep thinkers; and stop being a pariah bully.

America had come to really suck ass! That may have changed on May 21, thanks to your President’s staff, but on June 1 it went to hell again.

Let’s add inteligence to the Media’s Intellectually Bankrupt Comparison of Trump to Duterte

Trump is a MisogynistWhere are the women?


It is quite clear that Donald Trump has some measure of empathy. President Trump has a few problems sharing his feelings and always says and does the things he thinks will feed his narcissism; make him seem cool in other words.

Remarks like “hahaha women let me drag them around by their pussies” coupled with the stories about Trump with Jeffrey Epstein raping children has made the man Trump look like a “fucking moron” says one RINJ woman and a few million Trump antagonists.

Epstein is a man who has been convicted of having sex with underage females who were old enough to to be the hottest, shapeliest, bustiest models in America–the country with a youth fixation that elects old farts to be President. Epstein is a registered sex offender. All the evidence is contrary to him being a pedophile. A real pedophile is a sick person who would be repulsed by a female with breasts and hips.

That is an allegation that Trump and disgraced-liar President Clinton share. America with its religious extremism doing female genital mutilation in sneaky cleaver ways and espousing a better-than-thou set of sexual morals is a pit of male-prison-rape and campus rape: the worst rape record in the world.

America at the same time is throwing more of its civilians in jail than any nation on earth. Calling Trump and Epstein pedophiles is about as stupid an oxymoron as ever existed. Some of these nubile young girls were old enough (16) to make their own decisions and had post pubescent bodies many models strive for. Wash that away for four years. Like Bill Cosby, the misdeeds of one’s past will eventually resurface seeking accountability.

Feminine-Perspective MagazineDUTERTE

A medical professional must not diagnose a patient she has never seen.

A 1998 Court ordered a psychiatric evaluation of Duterte done by Dr Natividad Dayan, once a president of the International Council of Psychologists.

RINJ obtained a copy. Duterte is described therein as a Psychopath (Anti Social Personality Disorder) with Malignant Narcissistic traits and extremely violent tendencies especially toward women. This is a complex diagnosis meaning that the patient is afflicted with compound disorders. Invariably that is true with what we in the medical profession know as a strong measure of APD (Anti-Social-Personality Disorder). These patients would frustrate even Solomon, revered in Judaism and Christianity for his legendary tolerance and understanding (also renowned for his endless patience, wisdom, his prolific writings, and his building accomplishments). Psychopaths ALWAYS try to manipulate diagnosticians and therefore extensive test taking is needed.

Invariably these patients display and if tested prove to be afflicted with other personality disorders or traits. Duterte is an extremely narcissistic sociopath.

Behaviour plus further evaluation testing can determine the difference between a sociopath and a psychopath once initial extensive testing has indicated a positive for a measure of psychopathy.

These types of patients are very hard to deal with during interview evaluations and most practitioners rely on many hours of psychological testing.

A sociopath can be said to have a weak conscience whereas a psychopath has none. Some practitioners apply different wording to describe a particular case. (It is doubtful that any two are exactly the same.) When there has been credible witness or physical evidence of violent criminal conduct fitting a certain remorseless violent pattern you have a psychopath in your office. They have invariably hurt or killed people without any remorse and in fact are unable to understand even why you would find that conduct deplorable and may even brag about their violence. No matter how you phrase it, and no matter who you are, your life will be harmed in some measure by having a sociopath or psychopath in your circle.

This is all about the measure of the disorder and the measure of hurtfulness to others. Psychopaths usually are either serial killers or mass murderers and should never be allowed in a position of authority. Sadly they have the perverse skills to manipulate beyond a normal persons ability to detect. They get elected to political office easily. Duterte’s self-defacing charm and faked over-the-top mimicked sympathy are among the best most students of deviant human behaviour will ever see in public office. Hitler was pretty good. Then there’s Duterte.

Sometimes institutions that kill or murder like military assassins have use for this type of personality disordered person. In every case they are a danger to society.

Such patients are completely two-dimensional (no conscience nor empathy) and see other persons as either usable or disposable. The-RINJ-Foundation-PD-dsm4-5

Duterte’s violent conduct all his life verifies the findings of Dr Natividad Dayan. For Duterte, ruining or killing people is ‘delicious‘.

Duterte is a dangerous offender whose fear-mongering, bribery, kleptomania, manipulation, extreme violence, extraordinary charm and cold-heartedness has kept him out of prison. But his actions in the past could have earned him the death penalty if the Philippines’ judicial system was not so inept and people here were not so terrified of this psychopath.

Comparison of Trump and Duterte

  1. Trump’s White House predecessors have slaughtered at least a million innocent civilians. Trump needs to break this chain of human rights violations and stop allowing this past to liberate his ample past proclivity to immoral and even alleged criminal misconduct.
    Duterte has slaughtered or caused the murder of over ten thousand people.
  2. Trump is inherently a good man with bad habits? It is safe to say that Mr. Trump’s personality appears to lack empathy. For example, the extreme misogyny evident in Trump’s life suggests he is not a nice man and is rotten to the core.
  3. We know that already of Duterte from Dr Natividad Dayan’s report. Duterte told the most corrupt and incompetent army in the world, while in charge of most of the country under Martial Law; and he told many other armies including those of the ASEAN nations, with the same breath, to rape women.
  4. Trump can be reformed. Duterte told the most corrupt and incompetent army in the world, while in charge of most of the country as well as telling many other armies including those of the ASEAN nations, with the same breath, to rape women.
  5. Trump has been a moron who says he can drag women around by their pussies. We will see to it that he regrets that. Duterte told the most corrupt and incompetent army in the world, while in charge of most of the country under Martial Law; and he told many other armies including those of the ASEAN nations, with the same breath; to rape women.

There is similarity in the people. Trump got off to a bad start and is fixing things. Duterte is a psychopath on a psychotic rampage in pursuit of power and worse.

If a sociopath is someone who, because he is antisocial with no conscience, lies, manipulates and controls people any way he so desires, what is a narcissistic sociopath? The traits and behaviors of a sociopath are chilling enough on their own. Almost unbelievably, a narcissistic sociopath intensifies sociopathy and takes it to another level.

People are toys to the sociopath; to the sociopathic narcissist, they are trash. Sociopathy combined with narcissism can be extremely dangerous. Beware the narcissistic sociopath. — Harry Croft, MD

Trump worships money & success.
Duterte worships death.