Wendy, Yazidi in Iraq Needs a Liver Transplant

Ed. Note: 29 September, 2018: We are extremely sad to say that Wendy passed away earlier this year.  


The RINJ Foundation has been reaching out to friends in the medical field and have applied through the SickKids:UHN (Toronto). This little girl who we will call Wendy is very sick. She suffers a blockage disease and her liver has lost function. Infections have set in and there is nothing we can do in this sad refugee camp. The Physicians and her MRP at the Hevi Pediatric Hospital in Duhok have worked miracles keeping Wendy alive–they care for her with love–but are not equipped nor able to do the needed procedure.

Wendy’s family has endured considerable grief, torture and general hardship at the hands of the Islamic State salafi jihadsts and is now in relative safety at a camp near Duhok, Kurdish Region of Iraq.

Wendy is one of many children in desperate need. Each one we help in the specific manner required by their circumstances. Prognosis is a tricky evaluation in cases like this. It is our opinion that a positive shift in quality of life for this child would impact a large portion if not an entire community. Let’s go!

We can transport the patient to anywhere in the world with your help but we need to convince a medical institution to take on this case pro bono. If you think you can can help, please reach out.
Complete images and diagnostics are available under international medical confidentiality rules.

Thanks for your attention and care for Wendy.

If you would like to make a donation for Wendy’s transportation or care follow the links from https://rinj.org/donate/ and add a comment “Wendy”.