'Pussy Hat'? My ass!

What did you think the “Women’s March on Washington” is about?

Pussy Hat, My Ass

“Human Rights Includes Women’s Rights!”

It is not about rejoicing or complaining about a Presidential Election. You Hollywood-Americans with your two misogynistic presidential candidates have set the cause of global gender equality backwards a century or more.

“Pussy hat! My ass”, says RINJ.

Hillary Clinton and many of her supporters have demonized rape survivors and exploited child sex slaves for money in a complex web of deceit. Politicians are often sociopaths & kleptocrats but Clinton, we have discovered, is one of the most despicable misogynists & enablers of misogyny.

Watch for our investigative report.

Donald Trump, like Clinton’s husband, is typical of a dying generation of ‘skirt-chasers’ whom women of the ages have come to describe as “horny dickheads seeking any member of the human race with two boobs and a ‘happy fun spot'”.

Consider the irony that Trump won because Trump was the better candidate. You nominated two misogynists and elected one, America, as your president. (Maybe the classiness in the White House left over from the Obamas will rub off and a transformed Trump will become a good man and a great president. When you MARCH also PRAY for that.)

You picked your candidates, America. Two misogynists. You the voters of America are as much a threat to the safety of women & children as any nation. March and pray for a better you!

Pussy Hat My Ass

See you at the MARCH, sans pussy hat but packin’ verbs.