What bombs do to people. Red Lines Crossed in Mosul, Iraq

Update, March 5, 2017 — From Inside Mosul The RINJ Foundation first warned the United Nations and the United States, leader of the Inherent Resolve Coalition, that without allowing the exit of the Iraqi civilians in Mosul, no invasion should go forward. This was based on the activities observed first hand and reported to the Coalition and to The United Nations. ( Read: Warning…)

All the Red Lines were crossed in Nineveh Province of Iraq which has now become a man-made disaster greater than or equal to Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

If  Barack Obama is a Muslim, then Pigs Do Fly

When the numbers are all in, they will likely show Obama has probably caused the deaths of more Muslims than any man in history. It was never planned hat way, it had to be done to protect American lives.

Former US President Barack Obama did not pull out of Iraq in 2011.

What did happen is the long anticipated change in war-fighting from man-on-the ground to remotely controlled robotics.

Troops were replaced with air-breathing and space-borne robots of war.

Feminine-Perspective MagazineFor decades the American defence industry spent many billions of dollars in research into remote controlled unmanned air-breathing bombers, fighters and surveillance units and at the same time developed sophisticated war-fighting capability from space.

Feminine-Perspective Magazine

The goal of the Pentagon and the American Defence Industrial base was to exploit the Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence and Robotics interface (C4IR) to save American lives and yet maintain global military superiority with a much smaller force.

C4IR is conceivably a 100-to-1 “Force Multiplier”.  That could mean you can send 100 soldiers home for each device put into the fight. That’s 100 lives taken from harm’s way per device. The problem is that these devices kill anonymously leaving women and children civilians most at risk to slaughter with impunity. That is what is happening in Mosul, Iraq, now and for a couple of years

Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Feminine-Perspective Magazine

The Islamic State has copied the American strategy using crude commercially available devices to some significant effect. But the Islamic State is still not killing as many civilians as does the American-led Coalition.

Feminine-Perspective Magazine Feminine-Perspective Magazine

  • The problem with this technology is that women and children, innocent civilians, are the most threatened  because  War Crimes are committed anonymously and with impunity.
  • There were ten times more air strikes in the ‘covert war on terror’ during President Barack Obama’s presidency than under his predecessor, George W. Bush.
  • Mr Obama leaves the White House having authorised ten times more drone strikes than George W Bush and having been at war for longer than any President in US history.
  • US dropped 79 per cent of all 30,743 coalition bombs in 2016, more than half in Iraq.
  • Many large cities in Iraq are reduced to rubble, uninhabitable, as if they were nuclear bombed.

The Americans and the British seem to have the right ideas about the Islamic Snakes (IS). Capture and jail the atypical quasi-humans or in the event of armed resistance, kill or be killed. The rule of law must prevail.

The Coalition nations need to realize that as they kill more innocent Muslim civilians outside of their own country, albeit to protect the people in their own country by preventing the bad-apples with violent ideology from spreading, they increase the wrath against their population. You must stop slaughtering civilians.

Mosul is going to blowback so hard you will wish you never heard the name.

Our spring 2016 warning concluded that removing the Islamic State would be a humanitarian act; but that must only be done if each civilian life is cherished and protected. The risk of premature invasion is the worst war-time humanitarian disaster to impact a single city and a million or more innocent lives. This so-called ‘liberation’ cannot be rushed.

But Baghdad told civilians to stay in Mosul and both the Islamic state and the Iraqi government boxed civilians in while both sides lobbed artillery into the city.  When the dust settled you will find that there are now far more than 100,000 killed or missing.

Daesh kills an average of 26 citizens a day; how many civilians will be killed by an Iraqi Shiite invasion? Over 100,000. You are being lied to.

The number of Iraqi “liberators” killed exceeds 32,000.

Today, hospitals are urgently needed in Northern Iraq. Patients we have triaged have no surgical next best step and die post stabilization.

At least 2,000 nurses and doctors are needed in new facilities and in camps. We cannot do it. We have no money left. We have the volunteers but no more funds. And we must leave Mosul or die.

The Islamic Snakes are a criminal gang of abhorrent two-dimensional males ‘that’ (not who) brutally murder large numbers of people.

The IS (Islamic Snakes) are a danger to anyone anywhere.


The Rule Of Law

The rule of law says governments must protect children and their families.

Donald Trump is 100% Correct about his Immigration Blockade

As the Islamic State is moved into a subterfuge mode, its war-trained fighters are hell-bent on retaliation.

Not the Islamic state; radical, war-fighting salafi jihadist Muslims.

The Islamic State is a complete fraud. These people are a criminal gang who have exploited a religion. They don’t even do a good job of mimicking a Muslim. Money. Money. Money. That’s what they are about. Money and power.

Among the Islamic State fighters are independent operators who were drawn to the organization as the ultimate “Islamic” entity.  They thought it was the real deal.

They have fractured away.  They are angry at Israel,  the United States and Europe once again.

Just like the million Muslims slaughtered in Bosnia Herzegovina in the 1990s pissed off Muslims enough that al Quaeda easily found ‘martyrs’, these fractured elements formerly with ISIS are going to hit America and its coalition hard. But first they will hit Israel with the help of Iran.  We believe a deal has been struck. (A fly on the wall in Mosul can learn plenty.)

Good intel, President Trump. You are aiming at providing safety for North Americans. Look out.  Your enemy is coming.

Focused on killing Islamic Snakes by launching Hellfire missiles up their asses America has a strong commitment to protecting its own children and their families. They are slaughtering radical fundamentalist Muslims who will never reach American shores. But you can’t kill all Muslims. And by now, every Muslim family in the world has lost a family member in an American-led war.

Naturally America makes war as far away from America as possible using other people, surrogates, to do the ground fighting while they drop bombs. Those bombs kill indiscriminately and the number of civilian casualties is far greater than the number of “enemy” killed.

Meanwhile the American public approves the mass killing of Muslims in Iraq as it has done since 1989 when Saddam Hussein first invaded Kuwait on August 2 of that year and America, with much of the world’s other respected nations, retaliated.

In 2003 the resolve to kill “them” in Iraq was inspired to a crescendo by the lie that Iraq was a owner or merchant of Weapons of Mass Destruction and that Iraq was a party to the attacks on the tall buildings in New York City in 2001. America killed over 500,000 Iraqis.

The United States conducted an illegal invasion of Iraq in 2003 with impunity entering with nearly 80,000 troops and maintaining a significant ground force in the country until 2011.  The USA became accustomed to killing civilians in this region.

In that time estimates zero in at about half a million Iraqi civilians slaughtered but others say that number is closer to a million.

Ironically the United States was killing Sunni Muslims in cahoots with the Iranian backed Shia Muslims. None of it makes sense. It is just killing for sake of war fighting and spending the American taxpayers money on weapons while perfecting methods of war-fighting.

Russia is bombing in Syria and doesn’t even pretend to respect civilians. They are bombing the life out of Syria.


America Protects It’s Civilians

But America kills too many civilians of other nations. Again, Trump is correct. He does need to create an-at home focus and do some isolating. Self defence is appropriate. However you cut the pie, the USA just killed more than ten percent of a huge city in Iraq.

At some point the killing needs to stop abruptly.

Speaking as people who because of circumstance found themselves in the midst of a war zone and decided to stay and help ordinary folks, we are lulled into believing our observations are meaningful. We have listened to Islamic State members blather for almost three years. These ISIS rats are leaving their ship and scattering to the wind, each with a mission of bloodiness.

Remember this?
“This is a humanitarian plea to all people on earth to urge, encourage the Coalition invading Mosul with surrogate militias to create a safe-passage corridor by which Moslawis can leave to safety!”

Read back. All of this is a prelude to a war in which the precursor features an over-armed nation growing accustomed to slaughtering civilians to drive its Defense-Industrial base and to kill off a religious group (Islam) that contests its own religion (Christianity).

No other purpose is served.

Both sides are equally murderous and equally scurrilous in their conduct.

The ongoing slaughter in Mosul which is taking civilian lives without a thought is worse than the threat that is being challenged.

The Civilians Slaughtered Were Nice, Ordinary People

The kind of people we care about are nice, balanced, cool-in-their-ordinariness people, people who just want to live their lives sans drama. Often they are people who are pregnant, have babies and make nice family dinners even if all they have is rice.

Women and their kids are a boring topic for the people in charge of the Middle East. They don’t care. They are killing our people in the thousands.

We warned about that by screaming from the rooftops,

“Don’t invade without evacuating Mosul first”.

The Warning: Get Civilians Out Of Mosul

April, 2016 The warning concludes that removing the Islamic State would be a humanitarian act; but that must only be done if each civilian life is cherished and protected. That will take time. The risk of premature invasion is the worst war-time humanitarian disaster to impact a single city and a million or more innocent lives. This so-called ‘liberation’ cannot be rushed.

May 23, 2016 —  As a global humanitarian foundation based in Canada, The RINJ Foundation today urges all parties to the 2016 Civil War in Iraq  to “Let The People Of Mosul Leave and Stop Besieging Civilians as A Tactic of War“.

October 16, 2016 –  Let The People Leave Mosul! Moslawis are not safe here. Message from Health Care People Inside Mosul: Get Moslawis Out Of Here Safely! Millions of leaflets telling people to stay home are only useful to burn. The vast majority of people have no food here. Daesh are moving into living rooms of Moslawis at gun-point. Escape from Mosul is needed by a safe-passage corridor to clean camps with fresh water, shelter, food and health care.

Warning Ignored

Well, it happened. The Islamic Snakes are still here and the worst man-made massacre of humanity for this century continues.

The slaughter of Mosul began when the planes started bombing.

The British were like needle threaders. They don’t kill civilians. Remarkable.

The French and Jordanians are angry and do a lot of killing.

The Canadians were stupid over Mosul. They bombed an ice cream factory and had the worst intelligence.  Big let down. This is not their thing. They are peacekeepers. But they slaughtered 43 civilians that day.

The Iraqis indiscriminately bombed anything that had a heart beat. One day they attacked a large crowd of civilians being marched through a winding path of back alleys not far from one of the biggest hospitals in Mosul. Crazy. The blood lust of the Middle East is something to behold.

Medical professionals have to deal with the civilians the Iraqis don’t kill.

There are hundreds of thousands of sad stories in Mosul.

Here are two cases of survivors your bombs and artillery shells did not kill.

Two cases of saved survivors.

Case 1 –  Age 19. Patient progress Pre-Op  to 14 days Post-Op
Mosul survivors on their way to recovery. Mosul survivors on their way to recovery. Mosul survivors on their way to recovery. Mosul survivors on their way to recovery. Mosul survivors on their way to recovery. Mosul survivors on their way to recovery.

Case 2 Age 11. Patient progress Pre-Op  to 14 days Post-Op Mosul survivors on their way to recovery.

Mosul survivors on their way to recovery.

Mosul survivors on their way to recovery.

Mosul survivors on their way to recovery.

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