#RapeIsNoJoke Duterte, Roque

1) Each time Rodrigo Duterte, leader of 105+ million Filipinos, says that rape is a joking matter, more rapes happen. But his spokesperson, Harry Roque says feminists must, “Laugh.”

2) Lately the Duterte jokes are about tourists raping virgins. (alJazeera Duterte offers ’42 virgins’ to visitors of Philippines)  ‘Sex tourists’ in the thousands are this minute raping Filipino kids. Virgins are children. That is what Duterte is talking about: the child sex trade in the Philippines where it is mostly child virgins who are victims of rape.  Naturally the rapists are Duterte fans to whom Roque says Duterte has endeared himself. For kids though, rape is no joke. You don’t need to be a feminist to be appalled.

3) That Duterte & Roque encourage this crime is no surprise. They profile as that type of criminal. They are exploiting to a globe of pedophiles their country’s kids (virgins). They abuse the people who hold them in a trust in order that they enhance their own personal power and line their own pockets. Raping virgins is the Philippines’ number-one financially performing underground economies. That’s not funny. These men wilfully violate human rights every single day of their lives.


Toronto – 9 February 2018 – Self-confessed murderer and rape-proponent Rodrigo Duterte, President of the Philippines, has his own ‘explainer‘.

Harry Roque, mercilessly cartooned above, is a lawyer and now is the “explainer” of Rodrigo Duterte.

Harry Roque explained yesterday that Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte is a joker. You should laugh, says Roque, when Duterte jokes about rape. It’s funny, says Roque.

Duterte jokes about offering virgins for tourists to rape. Many have done that in the millions. He jokes about raping dead Australians.  (He said he wanted to go first in the gang rape of Jacqueline Hamill.)

Duterte told Filipino AFP troops backed by American troops in Marawi against marauding members of the Islamic Community rebelling against government abuses of Muslims in Mindanao to rape three women each with impunity. That was no joke. RINJ humanitarians have met survivors of Marawi who also say ‘rape is no joke‘.

The International Criminal Court announced this week that it is examining a possible case of Crime Against Humanity, meanwhile Roque wants feminists to laugh.

This week the 2018 ‘Rule of Law Index  reports the Philippines has dropped eighteen levels to 88th place in the world because of rule-of-law failures and human rights violations.  (World Justice Project 2017-2018 Rule of Law Report) That means that the Philippines joins Venezuela as one of the worst places to live because you should verily believe there is no safety for women and children.

Philippines Update 1 February 2021

Females suffer drugging, rape, incest, battery, suicide. The pandemic inside the pandemic.

by Sharon Santiago, Sat, 30 Jan 2021 17:36:03 GMT

Violence toward girls and women. A pandemic within a pandemic. Battered mother attends suffering pre-teen child.
A pandemic within a pandemic: violence against women and girls. Photo Credit: Melissa Hemingway.

“If women and children do not survive this pandemic, the human race faces extinction,” said one of the founders of the RINJ Foundation last night in an online conference on recruiting more expert helpers for the RINJ helpline. This article will … more →


Rape is no joke.

What is there to laugh about when it comes from this Duterte administration? Rape is no joke.

Eight out of ten children aged three to twelve in the Philippines complain about one or more of sexual assault, rape, or sexual harassment. (RINJ Helpline)

Fifty percent of Philippines’ women complain about recent occurrences of these crimes happening to them. (RINJ Helpline)

I think that’s why people love him [Duterte]. People identify with his humor” says Roque. He is so lovable because sometimes he can be so funny,” says Roque.

Rape is no joke.

What is especially interesting about Roque’s joke (that Duterte rape jokes are funny) is that he is no joke either. He is talking about a man accused of, and whom he has heard confess, to being a mass murderer. (OK, yes, Roque is a lawyer defending a criminal.)

Psychopaths are typically misogynists. Their ‘mommy issues‘ are legendary.

That makes Duterte and Roque, not funny. In fact, they are sad. If you ever had the cause to sit down with an antisocial personality disordered person, you being a normal personality, you would feel their deep pain and rage; their enormous quest for power and control. It is sad what these men’s mom’s did to them.

Sometimes these feminists are a bit OA (over acting). That’s funny. Come on! Just laugh,” Harry Roque, Duterte’s drooler explainer said.

Last week our team in Luzon listened to counselors talking about their visit to a home where the adult male was raping both the four-year-old boy and the thirteen-year-old daughter. The accused man was a so-called stepfather. He physically slept with both children despite there being plenty of room for everyone to have seperate living space.  Each child repeatedly witnessed the other being victimized. The four-year-old boy had to wear a diaper. Rape is no joke.

I think that’s why people love him [Duterte]. People identify with his humor” says Roque. He is so lovable because sometimes he can be so funny,” says Roque.

The Philippines has a big dirty problem because its government not only does nothing about the crime epidemics of incest and rape but the current administration breeds rape culture for its own perverse humour.  Duterte and Roque think raping virgins is funny. Rape is no joke.

If you are a Filipino living in the Philippines, you should know that the current administration does not care one centimo for you or your children. They murder you and make jokes about raping you. Beware. Stay safe. Rape is no joke.

Mr. Duterte, BTW, “virgins” are typically children.  A mind bending child exploitation and human trafficing problem exists in the Philippines. Last month a man who has been raping Filipino kids for years and organizing as many as 50 seperate child-exploitation rings in the Philippines was convicted of having nearly 30,000 sexually-explicit photographs of Filipino kids as advertisements for sex with Filipino children. And this is a pittance of the multi-billion USD virgin-raping industry that exploits the children of your constituents.

Duterte! Roque! You two encourage this despicable exploitation of the children of The Republic of The Philippines. You two are traitors. Every single day, the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) agents bust their guts trying to hunt down the pimps of children and lock them up for fifteen years if convicted in a court of law, despite being ‘led’ by your appointee  crony who says that extra judicial killings are not real because, “The criminals, the drug lords, drug pushers, they are not humanity.”

Are you also raping children too? Is that your joke?  Tell us.

The Human Rights Calamity Caused by Incest, Greed, and the High Sin committed When Men Rape their Children and Other Men Make Jokes.

We watch these dramatic actors in Malacanang Palace and sense both a sexual tension and a lust for gore that seems to be particularly acute when the Duterte administration is dealing with diatribes which explore aberrant psychology. The engagement of Duterte/Roque supporters with their heroes’ aberrant assignment of what is right and wrong raises awareness of the interplay between the ego, the id and the superego. Freud explores this notion in his essay ‘Psychopathic Characters on the Stage’ (1905-1906), in which he theorises the rousing appeal of extreme drama to those prone to fanatical conduct. Is that how Roque became so enamoured with Duterte’s rape-lust and passion for drama and gore?

When the counselors told the pedofile they knew what he was doing to the two children and would contact police if he did not stop, the man responded saying there was a new sheriff in town, Rodrigo Duterte, and the counselors should go to hell.

Roque argues his convoluted assertion, that Duterte’s fanatical obsession with rape is funny and additionally that we “feminists” should just laugh at Duterte’s encouragement of the horrendous rape and incest epidemic in the Philippines because he cannot change his philosophical cellmate? Right is no longer good and wrong is the topper? Concomitantly murder would be also be cool, too in Roque’s inbred thinking, we can only presume. Malacanang is responsible for many thousands of dead, poor, Filipinos since Duterte entered the bloodied, raping ‘Palace of Privilege‘. It’s no surprise they are laughing about the rape of constituent children.

The Dogs are Sniffing Each Other’s Butts

There won’t ever be anything to laugh about for as long as these odorous tools, Duterte and Roque, drool all over each other’s choads joking about murder and rape and ruling with terror. They seem like two dogs sniffing through the garbage of a failing state while sniffing each others anuses as they dart excitedly from one bag of human violations to the next.

One should not need to be a feminist to be appalled at you and your fellow mutts, Mr. Duterte.

If you have been raped, go here:

Rape HelpLine


Survivors Must Report The Crime — Courts Must Issue Stiffer Penalties for Rapists

* Make all rapists and most attempted rapists subject to long indeterminate sentences (min. 5 years for ‘attempt rape’);

* Use prison terms ranging from 10 years to 25 years life sentences;

* Use life without parole for forcible rapes of victims under 14;

* Use a range of 7, 10, or 15-to-25 years for rapes of adult victims, while using a 30 to life term when a sexually violent repeat predator specification is proved;

* For 15-year + sentences, impose a new type of mandatory release-review by the sentencing court, available after the minimum term is served, parallel to the Parole Board’s reviews. If either rejects release the term is extended by another year. On failing a review at that time, an application can be made each three years;

* Current repeat violent offender penalties can increase the definite term to 20 years;

The message is, don’t rape.

Melissa (Not Laughing) Hemingway