#FreeAhedTamimi – Transparency Vetoed by Unjust Court says Gaby Lasky

Free Ahed Tamimi

The RINJ Foundation Women have urged the Israeli government to intervene and free Ahed Tamimi.

The appearance of malfeasance in the case against Palestinian teen Ahed Tamimi increased when the military court ordered this week that the proceedings be held in-camera.

Gaby Lasky, the teen’s lawyer says she was not consulted on the decision to close the proceedings but says that is a  decision reserved for minors. She says she has instructions from the accused Ahed Tamimi to have an open hearing of the matters. RINJ lawyers agree. The Court therefore violated the rights of Ahed Tamimi *again and refused transparency.

(*Not allowing bail, not affording a fair and immediate trial, and keeping a minor in an adult jail, were despicable violations of the child’s rights.) 

Something in Israel stinks, badly.

Transparency in Justice is a must. But in Israel, where military courts allegedly abuse Palestinian residents of the West Bank, there is no appearance of Justice hence the process is unjust.

Israel is losing friends fast because of the Ahed Tamimi case which highlights the Israeli violations of the Geneva Convention in the Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories.

Both sides of the disputes between Palestinians and Israelis have legitimate complaints. This Ahed Tamimi case is one of them

Perhaps Israel became blinded to its own conduct because of past paranoia and persecution.  Sadly, Israel now has become the unlawful, unjust abuser.