Duterte Goes After Poor Kids – Death Penalty for 9-Year-Olds

This week the world woke up to news that the Philippines will soon be putting nine-year-olds to jail and some will get the death penalty.
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The first-ever National Baseline Study on Violence Against Children details high prevalence of physical, psychological, sexual and online violence committed on Filipino children. The study was conducted in 2015 nationwide, among almost 4,000 child respondents from across all sectors and socio-economic backgrounds aged 13-24.  Read more from UNICEF

New Law for Filipino Kids

Authoritarian Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte now has the majority support of Congress to enact three important pieces of legislation.

  • Re-Write the Philippines Constitution to create a “Federalist Government” with Duterte at the head;
  • Lower the minimum age of criminal responsibility from 15 to 9; and
  • Bring back the death penalty.

Prison is a recruitment farm. Children that young are not capable of determining the difference between right and wrong especially when their environment is riddled with adult influence of a criminal nature.

For years Manila has been the site of hundreds of thousands of homeless, abandoned, unwanted children. The problem is so bad that whenever there is a visiting dignitary or event the Manila and National Police drive around with trucks to load the kids and cart them off to places unknown.

Many vanish into child sex slavery.

Walk through Manila and you will meet hungry children begging. Usually they ask for money but if you offer food it goes right to their mouths. They are starving.

These children sleep, defecate and feed off the streets. Some of the things they do will get them the death penalty. Most don’t have ID or any kind of public records. They will be arrested as nine-year-olds and killed by their state after their poor parents have failed to provide for them owing to national poverty rates that are incalculable.

Some street kids are the children of single moms who are rape survivors and because of the unemployment and poverty in the country are forced into prostitution.

These kids are compelled to sit and wait while their mother turns tricks.

Other kids will be killed because their so-called parents have abandoned them already and the State will have a crack at them and murder them at the gallows.

Street kids commit crimes to live. The RINJ Foundation adduces that in the case of a child stealing money or food to stay alive, no crime has been committed.

Duterte wants them arrested and charged, then put to death for certain crimes or held in prison for others.

Duterte has earned his notoriety by having thousands of the Philippines poor, sick and weak murdered. Usually they are hapless amphetamine users–men and women who must work extremely long hours to make 30 dollars a week to support their family and kids.

If she stole this pop. (She didn’t we gave it to her.) She goes here: 

Rodrigo Duterte has such extraordinary disdain for the poor among his constituents that he kills them.

The RINJ Foundation in its fight for the safety of women and children has urged the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court to indict Duterte for systematically killing off large groups of Filipino citizens. Duterte has been urged to resign for the good of the Philippines before he destroys the country.

The United Nations with sanctions and the International Criminal Court with an indictment must act to  stop this despicable conduct of Philippines’ government adults terrorized and bullied by a murdering Duterte and his military junta to the point of making laws that are abusive to  children. The country is ruled by a coldblooded raging narcissistic misogynistic psychopath who repeatedly violated  international law that makes him indictable.