Dollar Slides as Canada Fronts US War on China

Canadian and American defence bosses meet as tensions continue to grow between Canada and China. The latter apparently has detained two Canadian men while doing their business in China. Canadian Ambassador to China, John McCallum has been able to visit Former diplomat Michael Kovrig and will soon meet businessman Michael Spavor. More arrests are expected to follow.

Tourism Minister Melanie Joly has cancelled her trip to China in protest.

by Melissa Hemingway Feminine Perspective Magazine, Senior Staff Writer

  1. The USA-Mexico-Canada trade agreement may prevent a Canada-China trade agreement according to a section of the USMCA that prevents a “non-market” country in the context of the WTO.
  2. Canada’s arrest and detention of a Chinese woman, a rising star in the global communications sector, has infuriated Chinese in Canada and in Beijing. As more people in Asia learn about this case, the anger grows and trust in Canada sinks.
  3. The murder of 13 year old Marrisa Shen which police have said was just a random killing of a Chinese person has many Chinese in Canada deeply concerned. How safe is Canada for Chinese?

Stresds on Canada's relationship with China has many factors. Dollar Slides as Canada Fronts US War on China
Is this a war on women and girls or is it a war on China? Asks a Vancouver local. The parents of Marrisa Shen will soon be back in court in the controversial trial of the Syrian Muslim man who murdered this 13-year old in Burnaby B.C. Photo: RCMP Flyer

Feminine-Perspective Magazine A Syrian Muslim man has been accused of killing a 13 year old Chinese-Canadian School Girl in Burnaby, Marrisa Shen. The matter continues before the BC Court. Photo-Credit: RCMP.

Conservative MP Michael Chong, has accused the Liberal government of selling out Canada’s sovereignty to the USA. “We now have to ask for Washington’s permission to enter into trade negotiations with certain countries that the U.S will designate as non-market countries,” he told the Commons in October.

The Chinese population in Vancouver is publicly demanding that  Sabrina Meng be released. Listening to radio talk shows in Vancouver is instructive.

One radio host told the Vancouver Sun’s Denise Ryan  that “The Chinese community is very concerned. Most of the community stands on China’s side, not on Canada’s side. Callers believe she is being treated inhumanely … she was treated like a serious criminal when she is only a suspect, and she is a woman.”

Meanwhile a series of business trips have been cancelled say various business and industry associations plus a quick survey of airline contacts suggests that Canadians are not leaving home for China as planned.

Market reports show the Canadian dollar dropping continuously and confidence waning as confusion sours the hope of Canadian universities and industry as they lose their dreams for 5GAI infrastructure development.

Meanwhile Canada’s Foreign Minister and Defence Minister rushed to Washington early today to pow wow with US officials about the Meng case and the two Canadians China has detained. We have yet to learn what the Trump officials have asked the Canadian Cabinet Ministers to do next.

Recent Chronology of Events in the Sabrina Meng Political  Kidnapping by Canada for the USA

From the Sublime to the Ridiculous



  • China behaves badly in the area of espionage but not as badly as most countries of the
    FVEY group although sometimes it is hard to apportion blame because the USA often uses ‘stooge nations’ to act where plausible deniability is desired.
  • China has been mistreated by most of the world. The Chinese like Russians trust nobody but their own citizens. Eighty million Chinese died in WWII so that Canada and other nations would not fly a red meatball flag. Nobody said “Thanks.”.
  • China has climbed out of poverty, overpopulation and serious environmental problems to become the world’s foremost innovator, as it once was thousands of years ago.
  • On 17 July near Truro, Nova Scotia, a group of high-level intelligence officials from Britain, Australia, New Zealand, America and Canada met to continue discussions that began in Ottawa, Ontario. On the agenda was Australia’s strong concerns about Huawei excelling in the 5G and integrated AI infrastructure for communications. The activities of Huawei Technologies as reported by Reuters in 2013 were also discussed.
  • The Five Eyes group of countries has been organized for over 70 years and is a quasi-racist group originating in the immediate post WWII period to monitor soviet activities and aimed at protecting the anglosphere from non anglophones. Particularly focussed on Russia, the Ukraine, the DPRK, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and more, the group has paranoid feelings today about consumer technology  they would prefer to control by wresting it from the hands of the Chinese innovators.
  • Signals intelligence (sigint), national assessment, and defence intelligence are the key focus areas of FVEY. But they did not stop the punishing hack of many large American companies like Facebook, MySpace and even Canada’s National Research Council. These spooks are threat scenario dreamers and are not going to be much good at controlling 5G infrastructure as these five countries appear to be attempting. Globalization of this technology is how it works. Inherent double validation techniques have been invented and need to be universally applied. Access to the global infrastructure in an ideal working system could be from the weakest point. Assuming a racist stance for identifying threats by 5% of the world population against the other 95% is counter to innovation and in two words, malignant paranoia.
  • Key members are fully cooperating professional men from groups like ASD (Australia); CIA (United States); CSE (Canada); CSIS (Canada); FBI (United States); GCHQ (United Kingdom); GCSB (New Zealand); MI5 (United Kingdom); MI6 (United Kingdom); and NSA (United States). The group has in 2018 embraced informally and at arms length the intelligence gatherers of France, Germany and Japan.
  • At least twice each year, the Canadian Chief of Defence Intelligence meets with the other Five Eyes heads of defence intelligence to address strategic issues of mutual concern. A network of intelligence liaison officers deployed among all partners facilitates consultation. Canadian Forces Intelligence Liaison Officers (CFILOs) are located in Washington, London and Canberra (cross-accredited to New Zealand). All Five Eyes defence intelligence partners are connected by a dedicated and secure top secret communications link once nicknamed Stoneghost. Some of these infrastructure elements have been overhauled in recent years including ‘Spartan,’ the top secret computer network linking Canadian military intelligence offices; as well as ‘Mandrake,’ the classified Canadian intra-government network. Source: Canada-and-the-Five-Eyes-Intelligence-Community.
  • On 17 July 2018 in Nova Scotia the Five Eyes group discussed the arrest of Sabrina Meng and mapped out an aggressive anti-China campaign, fearing China’s civilian industry growth in communications innovations.
  • On 22 August a New York court issued a warrant for Sabrina Meng’s detention.
  • On 29 November the CIA learned that Sabrina Meng would travel to Canada and pass through Vancouver en-route to Mexico.
  • On 30 November, a Canadian judge approved the RCMP’s request that it be allowed to carry out the US request for Ms. Meng’s arrest.
  • On 1 December Sabrina Meng was arrested by the RCMP at Vancouver Airport.
  • On 11 December, Sabrina Meng was released by the British Columbia Supreme Court to Vancouver an extreme form of house arrest on bail.
  • On 6 February 2019 Ms Meng is due back in court.

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