Base of Truth in America is gone. The King is dead.

Choose between the Global View or the American view. That is Sustainable Human development versus Violence.

Every citizen of Earth needs to say to its leaders, if you are not contributing to human development you are not with me. Choose between the global view or the American hard-power view. Sustainable Human development versus ruthless violence.

Art: Rosa (Feminine Perspective Magazine) Photo Credit: Melissa Hemingway (Mindanao, Philippines), Behar Abbasi (Mosul. Iraq)

Analysis by Micheal John | Editor – Contact  [email protected]

The Global Realignment Nobody Dares Talk About

  • The globalism versus nationalism debate is an obfuscation of the fact that governments are in a wrong paradigm of selfish power and control when they should be focused on the needs of their constituents and getting along with other nations, especially neighbours.
  • Should it happen that governments “reject the ideology of globalism and embrace the doctrine of patriotism” as US President Donald Trump advanced in his 25 September speech to the UN General Assembly, leaders might simultaneously reciprocate to the zealous adoration they expect from that patriotism. Not only focus on the needs of their constituents, leaders should strengthen fair democratic process without cheating the electorate or allowing other nation’s gangs of social media hackers to deny voters total view. Trump’s words in the new context of election meddling allegations makes his UN speech seem completely disingenuous if not outright fraudulent.
  • The rate of change on Earth itself is accelerating faster than any ordinary person can fathom or cope.
  • America’s signature on a global agreement is worthless. (Paris Accord breach, JCPOA default and pending catastrophic war in the Middle East, INF Treaty bail and  a total realignment in Europe, etceteras.)
  • The United States is no longer trusted.  It’s Executive Branch of government has provided impunity to various US government offices and institutions for telling its lies and credibility is zero. This will take many years to fix.
  • The world needs a new King. The old benevolent King died.
  • Now, Russia and China are on the move, forming new alliances with smaller nations–or subtly invading? Unless a country is part of a collaborative trade and security alliance that in aggregate has a population of more than 350 million, it will have some difficulty competing for lucrative trade with those that comprise such groups. None of this is altogether bad if human development is advantaged.
  • Some new alliances are already putting citizens first. Look at China and the Philippines.
  • The fruitful alliances newly formed between successful trading/security group partnerships will likely be the most transparent, fair and congenial.
  • The highest value of human life, gender equality, fairness and the opportunity for each and every citizen and their communities to benefit from their own achievements, are the hallmarks of new alliances currently forming. And there is proof of that.
  • Until America reaches its metamorphosis point, it is cast out.


At some point did the world tire of ‘Power = BodyCounts’?

Every good boy deserves favour, wrote award-winning song writer Justin Hayward years ago. Today the good boys in America are the ones who tell the story the way Trump tells his story. Those boys who want to win favour with the US President tell every story the way Trump decrees.

American media outlets, despite genuine effort, are not hiring many people who have available to them an inventory of global knowledge and experience to form the whole basis of truth enough to challenge what it is being told from the Washington DC bully pulpit. There are exceptions like CNN and VOA each with more than a smattering of non-American journos with wider if not total view.

(How did American media not notice the climbing body count of America’s killings  in Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Libya or the disgraceful human tragedy it caused in Yemen?)

Because of this inbred paradigm of falsehoods, Americans do not see the precipice it was headed toward. From the outside, America looks not only destructive, but now self destructive.


  1. MAGA? America is not great. It is a pariah?
  2. America was never great, just violent?
  3. America is very good at killing large numbers of sentient beings.
  4. Paradigm shift: Ability to destroy is not greatness.
  5. America is no longer a world leader. (The King is Dead.)
  6. The world is leaderless. That will not change for a while hence violent chaos is upon humankind unless Antonio Guterres has yet unrevealed talent for grabbing the reins and serving as an interim King.

Who Will be the next World Leader

The US  was a collective hero for making a leviathan contribution to ending the Nazi scourge in WWII and the world was delighted and grateful when America entered the war and helped end the bloody nightmare. That laurel has worn off. America’s conditioned reflex is to do what made it feel great and it collectively thinks killing is the way ahead as is evidenced by its weekly mass shootings and its feeding of surrogates with manipulative inducements for violence and weapons of considerable destruction.

American violence is now running amok.

Any news article or speech that is delivered by people who believe they are greater than any living being on earth, (and that basically describes the American male), is not credible any longer.

Often facts are delivered in non-executive branch speeches and written words by people who are echoing a narrative they have been fed circuitously to such a degree that conformism of data through various sources legitimizes an invisible circuit of lies. They all lead to more violent acts like sending troops to the Mexican border; gassing migrant children; fueling more bombers of children from Yemen’s skies; and building newer more lethal nuclear weapons which the USA is doing today.

American media live in a paradigm that defines what people believe as the base of truth but in fact is a basis of propaganda lies that began when Millennials were in kindergarten, or more likely, long before.

What is the lie?

What White Trash Rabble Rouser (WTRRT) Donald Trump and his same-minded followers call “Fake News” seems to be an evaluation of media content such as analysis, opinion or hard news, against a paradigm of fake reality. It demonizes non white, non Christians–that’s most of the world.

Fake reality is for example when Donald Trump delivers as the President of The United States his self-decreed facts on climate, energy, and various other environmental issues.

This white trash con man who bought a presidency sanctioned the murder of an American columnist because the killer  is making WTRRT rich.

The lie and the false paradigm is: there are no sins in what we do. — total American impunity?

What is Greatness? What is the truth?

It comes down to human development.

Every citizen of Earth needs to say to its leaders, if you are not contributing of human development you are not with me. That is probably what is happening in France, where the bravery of its great people has led to many revolutionary social changes, for the betterment of France and a beacon to the world. Listen.