Largest Global Woman’s Group sees Fierce 2017 Fight for Safety of Woman / Kids

The RINJ Foundation Women are “loaded for bear”, says Sharon Santiago, RINJ’s spokeswoman in the Republic of the Philippines.

“Challenging the globe’s most brutal murdering authoritarians on #GlobalGoals is not something I expected to be doing but in order to continue fighting for the safety of women and children, the numerous misogynistic thug-leaders around the globe must be ‘taken on’ under the ‘Rule of Law’ as a clear enemy and offender to all women and all children,” says Santiago.

One of the powerful mysteries of The RINJ Foundation women, working behind the scenes fighting for the safety of women and children, is the secrecy of the group’s membership. In public, most of the women have learned to use assumed names because in the early days many of the “Rape Is No Joke RINJ Campaign” crusaders were violently attacked and hurt badly.

In one instance even an ally of the foundation a certain Christopher Bennet representing a then-existing Canadian chain-store company called ‘Future Shop’ demanded to meet the “pretty volunteer women” behind the pseudonyms ‘Katie Alsop’, Jhen Alaga’ (if you know Katie you know that intimidating her is dangerous) and others. Future Shop which was paying thousands of dollars to Facebook, advertising on Facebook’s pro-rape pages had been an unwitting advertiser on Facebook’s rape pages and gladly pulled its advertising on rape pages in the face of some considerable public protests but more because they realized they had been duped by the social media windfall giant.

On Facebook, Twitter and Google+ social media the supporters of The RINJ Foundation in aggregate total over 60,000 coupled with RINJ’s unpublished official members in excess of 220,000 and volunteers in excess of 7,000.  The female population of the globe is 3.5 billion so 300,000 seems like a drop in the bucket.

The Misogynists

According to RINJ’s Santiago, “every woman on earth decides she is a member when we are needed by her for the protection of herself, her children and her family.

Women are afraid to openly join a group like RINJ because it is so ‘out there’.  Soon it will not be something to fear.  But it will be a frosty day in hell before the men of the Philippines agree that rape is no joke unless we do more to get rid of their despotic misogynist leaders like Marcos and Duterte.

“Women all over the world are terrified to report their rape in case they are killed. I know this because it has happened to me but RINJ protected me so I am alive to talk about it and go to court.

“A woman, complaining about rape of adults and children is bound to get hurt. Even my mother assured me of that.

Santiago observed with profound eloquence, 

Every murderer and rapist needs to realize that somewhere close to them is a woman who while she may not be our member she daily confides to RINJ her life’s story in order that she can stay sane in her own mind; and to avail for others the safety of women and children, a step forward.”

Women around the world have shared startling news and intelligence that has helped RINJ help the courageous and hard-working people of the security-intelligence community working behind the scenes to prevent terrorists from doing their dirty work.

Says the foundation’s Michele Francis, “Women are sick of the cavalier attitude prevalent among crusading factional men who say they are on a mission but who only rape or murder innocent women and children in order, they say, to punish the men they hate over sectarian issues, greed, or religious bullsh*t!”

RINJ engages armed security soldiers,  mostly women, to protect its workers in areas of armed conflict and displaced person camps (of which most are currently as uncomfortable as being at home in the midst of an armed conflict).

We know that we must take risks at times on behalf of those who rely on us”, says Katie Alsop.  “Our confidence comes from intelligent leadership backed by a muscular security section”.


Misogyny Spreads As Rich Men Vote For The Women-Hating Donald Trumps of this World

Another member of RINJ’s senior executive management team currently in Mosul Iraq, Katie Alsop says that, “in the next five years, misogynist leaders like Robert Mugabe, Rodrigo Duterte and Abu al Baghdadi will be an episode in history.”

When asked about the election of US Misogynist-in-Chief Trump Katie noted that the choice of the electorate was between two misogynists, Trump and Clinton and until she (Katie Alsop) knows any different her hope is on the new First Lady.

In it’s December 2016 paper on misogyny the RINJ women have singled out several notable authoritarian leaders particularly for their marginalizing the status of women and importance of children and their families. The list includes Robert Mugabe and a similar leader who recently entered the global stage as an apparently self-confessed murderer and leader of the Republic of the Philippines.

RINJ Chooses Two Women Heroes to Watch in 2017

In its confrontation of misogyny in the Philippines the women of The RINJ Foundation have named two rare Filipino politicians as “heroes of 2016” in the foundation’s renowned Hall of Honour.

  • Philippines Senator Leila Norma Eulalia Josefa Magistrado de Lima (Leila de Lima), and
  • Philippines’ recently-elected Vice President, Maria Leonor “Leni” Santo Tomas Robredo (Leni Robredo).

The two “Women Heroes of 2016” are rare Filipino politicians who have survived six months of attacks from the new authoritarian leader of the Philippines.
Rodrigo Duterte, self-confessed murderer of at least three Filipinos, who also ordered live on CNN-Philippines (an outspoken media-supporter of Duterte) the killing of over 6,700 Filipinos, mostly by organized vigilante gangs (alleged by insiders to be off-duty cops), NPA members and other friends of the ‘President’ Duterte pictured here in this December 2016 Associated Foreign Press photo by Chhin Sothy.

Summary Executions Worse Than ISIS

In a pre-Christmas message delivered to RINJ workers and volunteers who live under the authoritarian government of religious fanatic and despot Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi at RSAC-Mosul in northern Iraq, the RINJ CEO noted that the extra-judicial killings of the Philippines were no different than those of many notable African leaders like Robert Mugabe and worse than those religious zealots  like King Salman of Saudi Arabia, Ali Khamenei of Iran, and al-Baghdadi of the Islamic State whose Sharia law requires a court and judge to rule on every crime.

“Unlike the Islamic State killers, the state-sponsored murderers in the Philippines summarily execute people on a President-assigned list. The vigilantes in the provinces of the Philippines under the protection of the President kill anyone they don’t like, as in the case of outspoken Writer/Publisher Larry Que killed in the Philippines. Larry Que was slaughtered on 19 December a few days ago in cold blood by vigilantes who if they are typical Duterte Death Squad Members will be paid by the state the equivalent of $40 to kill”, said the RINJ women’s director who also expressed condolences to friends and family members of the murdered writer.

I want these people on this list killed. – Duterte

Extra-legal killings by Duterte double those of ISIS in occupied Iraq.

In a side bar, the RINJ CEO noted to the Mosul workers that the average number of killings in Mosul, Iraq by the Islamic State estimated over two years to be at 27 civilians per day, are fewer than the 35 killings per day admitted by Philippines Police General Ronald Dela Rosa, which on the basis of regional accounts from the provinces and because of Dela Rosa’s previous lies in defence of Duterte RSAC-Philippines believes is likely double at 70 deaths per day.

Dela Rosa, also nominated by the RINJ woman as one of 2016s worst misogynists was handpicked by then presumptive President Rodrigo Duterte as the new PNP Chief on May 19, 2016. On July 1, 2016, the Duterte henchman dela Rosa was officially sworn in as the 21st chief of the Philippine National Police while being promoted to Director-General, the highest-ranked PNP officer.

Noted writer Randy David in the Philippines Inquirer:

“We don’t know if Philippine National Police Director General Ronald dela Rosa realizes it, but no other event since the Duterte administration came to power has dealt a greater blow to the credibility of the police in the war on drugs than the treacherous killing last Sunday (Oct. 9, 2016) of anticrime crusader Zenaida Luz in Oriental Mindoro.

Ms. Luz’s killers drove by her house on a motorcycle wearing a bonnet and a mask. It was close to midnight. She was shot in cold blood while standing in front of her house, waiting for someone who had contacted her asking for help. It was clearly a ruse.

Responding to a distress call from village officials, a police patrol team caught up with the fleeing masked killers, who traded shots with them. Cornered and wounded, the gunmen desperately shouted “Tropa, tropa!” to signal that they were friendly troops. To their horror and shock, the police recognized the gunmen as indeed from their ranks. The assailants turned out to be Senior Insp. Magdaleno Pimentel Jr. and Insp. Markson Almeranez—out of their uniforms, moonlighting as vigilante killers.

A nominee for RINJ’s 2016 Women Heroes, anti-crime, anti-Duterte activist Zenaida Luz was a  high school teacher in Marinduque. She moved back to Oriental Mindoro, where she joined the Citizens Crime Watch (CCW), an anticrime civic organization, and headed its Mindoro, Marinduque, Romblon and Palawan (Mimaropa) chapter. Luz, 51, was gunned down on Oct. 9 in front of her rented apartment that also served as CCW’s office in Barangay Maligaya in Gloria town, Oriental Mindoro. Her attackers were two pairs of motorcycle-riding gunmen later to be exposed as senior police officers moonlighting as Duterte death squad members.

Dela Rosa, besides earning the contempt of thousands of women whose family members he has ordered to be killed by both police and some of the twenty-four vigilante groups comprised of off-duty or retired cops, won the contempt and unabated rage of some Catholic Church clergy.

“Duterte and his unglorified henchmen have tossed the 5th commandment out the window,” said one clergyman. Bishop Broderick Pabillo described Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Director General Ronald dela Rosa as a ‘hypocrit’ for publicly asking God’s forgiveness on behalf of the policemen who have killed thousands of Filipinos including bystander women and children. But according to Dela Rosa, only 1000, of 6,700 admitted killings were drug related and the remainder are probably criminals taking advantage of President Duterte’s edict to all Filipinos to kill drug users (and he will protect the murderers).

When The RINJ Foundation was asked “why not nominate the outspoken Catholic Church heroes”, RINJ’s Sharon Santiago responded quickly saying the strength of the Catholic’s church’s “comfort to terrified Filipinos is equal the strength of a wet tea bag” and while  loyal to the Church, “Filipinos have been abandoned by the Pontiff in their time of desperate need”.

Hall Of Honour The Filipino Hero-Women are Elected To Join, Dates Back To RINJ Group’s Beginning

The RINJ ‘Hall of Honour’ includes such notables as Dothan, Alabama (USA) Circuit Court Judge Kevin Moulton who sentenced 25-year-old Mark Anthony Beecham, to 624 years in prison for a plethora of sexual-violence crimes.

Also included in the ‘Hall of Honour’ is the Rockville, Maryland, Judge Marielsa A. Bernard who sentenced 45-year-old (in 20012) Fernando Asturizago to 128 years in prison. Fernando Asturizago repeatedly raped an 11-year-old girl. He is a suspect in the wrongful disappearance of the rape-survivor’s mother, Alison Thresher, when Ms. Thresher indicated she would contact police about the ongoing rape of her daughter.

RINJ apparently does not bother with the bit-players but hunkers down and brings down monsters. Asturizago is labeled by the foundation women as a monster for not only raping the child over many months but also for allegedly denying the survivor, by his alleged crime of murder, the good counsel and comfort of her mother. The RINJ Foundation women had written to the court about the case and some of its submission and assessment of the offender can be found here.

Woman Heroes Stand up to Despot Duterte

In its in-depth explanation of why it named the “2016 Women Heroes”, The RINJ Foundation said it is “especially concerned about human trafficking in the Philippines because according to some estimates, approximately 80% of trafficking involves child sexual exploitation, and 19% involves labor exploitation. Child sexual exploitation, a prolific crime in the Philippines, is a form of rape and should be prosecuted accordingly. Strong government leaders focused on this important issue is what’s needed to end the child sex trade. The 2016 Hall of Honour – Women Heroes are two such women. ”

Senator Leila de Lima, constant critic of Duterte and continually  persecuted in vicious attacks by Rodrigo Duterte and his Junta males.

Philippines VP ‘Leni’ Robredo (“Even the men of Duterte’s Junta seem to like Robredo who they say is soft spoken and beautiful. Above all she is intelligent and potentially the best leader the Philippines could ask for.” from


Among the most notable misogynists of 2016 the RINJ Foundation named among other notables, both US Presidential contenders, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Famous Misogynists in 2016

  • Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi – leader of an outlawed Islamist Cult
  • Ferdinand Marcos – Deceased Former Filipino Dictator recently buried a hero by fellow despot and Misogynist Duterte
  • Donald Trump – US President Elect and Mosogynist-in-Chief plus accused rapist.
  • Pat Robertson – Evangelist
  • Recep Tayyip Erdogan – Turkish President
  • Vladimir Putin – Russian Authoritarian Leader
  • Rodrigo Duterte – Filipino Despot
  • Robert Mugabe – Dictator Zimbabwe
  • Hillary Clinton – Keeper of the Blue Dress
  • Kim Jong Un – North Korean Dictator