We have a solution for Yemen, says RINJ CEO

The United States says  the death of children in the Dahyan market in northern Sa’ada, Yemen, was part of an operation sanctioned by the UN Security Council.

by Behar Abbasi, Feminine Perspective Guest and RSAC Nurse, Syria/Iraq

Reading statements of the Saudi investigation team and the US spin doctors, one might think nothing has ever gone wrong in Yemen despite the blatant slaughter of over 9,000 civilians, mostly women and children. The Saudis like to bomb food supplies when it cannot see a human target.

Saudi says that the August 9 massacre was just another day, part of normal operations.

We are not stupid. It is not normal nor acceptable to use huge precision guided bombs to slaughter school buses filled with kids in a public market.

Ignoring that and thinking positive, read the peace plan below.

The CEO of The RINJ Foundation has proposed to her excellency Amina J. Mohammed, UN Deputy Secretary-General a solution to the Yemen crisis. ( read: UN-Letter-Re-August9-Yemen-School-Bus-Attack-from-ceo-RINJ). It’s an easy way out for these men but it’s a form of extortion.

Apparently the RINJ  war-crime investigation and security unit which we never talk about has lots of information and the Saudi Coalition knows that to be true. “Do the right thing to protect children and their families and silence is golden”, I asked and only got a nod for an answer.

Security people now leaving Syria for Saudi intend to apprehend the actual people who dropped these bombs on a public market, killing some five dozen civilians and leaving many more in near morbid condition.

Some victims will not survive the days ahead. Many mothers have told us they will kill themselves out of grief. Some have not found identifiable pieces of their children to bury. Broken fathers weep like babies. It makes your heart pound from your chest said one women at the funeral as she wept barely in control of herself.

The Civil Society proposal of RINJ suggests:

  • the arrest of those persons who carried out the attack. (They have admitted to seeing the crowded market);
  • the parties to the conflict will cease fire while the UN does its investigation of Aug. 9 Dahyan events (not that an investigation is needed, we were there);
  • the parties will begin to implement UN-Humanitarian-Response-Plan-January-to-December-2018-01-20_YEMEN_Final,
  • the parties will make reparations to the families of the dead civilians killed in the terror attack on the Dahyan market, August 9th;
  • RINJ says it further intends to ask Michelle Bachelet, a pediatrician, former president of Chile and soon to become United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights to bring an assessment team to Yemen and assist in arranging for remedial action for the families of the slain children.

Conciliation on the part of all parties.“Convincing the parties to create a pattern of behaviour that does not involve the slaughter of civilians is to bring the region fourteen hundred years forward to roughly last year,” says Dr. Nemef who has worked in the region for the best part of five years. Image by Rosa Yamamoto, Feminine Perspective.


But the UN Security Council
(UNSC) is the United States which has controlled the UNSC since its early beginnings. The USA and Saudi tales of Yemen are astounding lies.

USA provided bomb and target data for Yemen school bus attack. OpEd

by Melissa Hemingway on August 15, 2018 at 9:58 am

US officials are reading from a scripted response list and the US/Saudi/UAE Coalition has begun to blame each other. It was an American,  part of the snitch crew who told us that the USA…

These men are responsible for the slaughter of dozens of children in Yemen.Names of pilots and conspirators who bombed a Dahyan market in northern Sa’ada and within the market a school bus in Sa’ada’s Majz district killing most of the children have yet to be released by officials despite FP‘s  repeated requests for that information.  Women close to the airmen who are alarmed at what these men have done, shared the details they knew. Read:  Convention-on-the-Rights-of-a-Child  Photo credit: Art by Feminine-Perspective images are public domain in the Wiki-Commons.

If you have additional information regarding the names and intent of persons actually conducting this bombing attack, please share with us.

August-9-2018 MK82 Bomb Yemen Ahmed Abdul KareemFirst Published August 15, 2018 at 9:58 am – Sa’ana boy holds up fin from US Mk82 (seems to be Lockheed-Martin) gravity fin-guided bomb dropped on a school bus by Saudi Arabia on August 9. Photo Credit: Ahmed Abdul Kareem.

Source: United NationsHuman rights violations must stop. Humanitarian crisis must be stopped before millions die of malnutrition or starvation… before another innocent woman or child is murdered by arms manufacturers propping up illegitimate government men.  Image Source: United Nations. 

CNN is now reporting on the 18th what Feminine Perspective reported last August 15.

Read: USA provided bomb and target data for Yemen school bus attack.

by Melissa Hemingway on August 15, 2018 at 9:58 am

Read also: UN-Humanitarian-Response-Plan-January-to-December-2018

Secretary General Guterres called on all parties to respect their obligations under international humanitarian law, in particular the fundamental rules of distinction, proportionality and precautions in attack.

The UN has been urging for a negotiated political settlement through inclusive intra-Yemeni dialogue as the only way to end the conflict.

Civil society is demanding that  hostilities end based on the UN plan: UN-Humanitarian-Response-Plan-January-to-December-2018.

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