Demanding Yemen Ceasefire, Survivor Compensation

Humanitarian worker helps an injured child escape the bombed rubble.  45 Children killed plus dozens injured from Saudi Air Strike in Yemen Market – Not all remains are found. Many hospitals still have children in critical condition with ability to survive in question. Whole blood is needed from locals. Photo Credit: 9 August Screen Capture from local Saana TV

by Melissa Hemingway Feminine-Perspective Staff

Special News Release (08/13/2018) Toronto, ON – RINJ Women directors of safety and security meeting in Tokyo on Sunday have issued an extraordinary ultimatum to the killers of dozens of children in the Saada province of Yemen. The particular war crime, a crime against humanity as defined by the Rome Statute and the Geneva Convention took place beginning Thursday, August 9, 2018.

The Civil Society Women’s organization is registered in Canada as The RINJ Foundation, and is a non profit fighting for the safety of women and children around the world.

The meeting was an emergency response
to the violence against civilian women and children escalating in Yemen; to officially put the International Criminal Court on notice; and to address the inability of the UN and International Criminal Court to enforce the rule of law that protects civilians in war time plus the apparent impunity of UNSC and UN member leaders with the most guns to commit crimes against humanity..

The meeting included a quorum of the Board of Directors.

Details of the particular event that prompted the meeting can be found here.

The full text of the missive is as follows: 

“By now the Saudi/UAE Trump-backed invasion of Yemen has killed over 9,000 civilians, more than 60% being women and children. It has starved and endangered the lives of millions more  ordinary people.

“These three nations have stepped beyond what Civil Society will tolerate in humanitarian atrocities. The cruelty of Thursday’s massacre of a bus-load of unsuspecting and unwarned children has no possible mitigation.

“Dropping large bombs on a market has nothing to do with the alleged goal of reinstating Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi as the Saudi Arabian preference to run Yemen’s government. It is an horrific war crime. It is an unspeakable crime against humanity .

“As those remains of the children which could be found amidst the devastation of a school bus are buried today; and triggered by the manslaughter of these children, The RINJ Foundation Women are demanding the out-of-control men who author this violence immediately agree to a cease-fire while the UN conducts its investigation as it says it will do; and while the parties to this slaughter negotiate a compensation settlement with the full extended families of the children they murdered, however long that may take.

“The pilots and all co-conspirators must be captured and arrested by any state’s agents on the charge of murder and a crime against humanity.

“All available steps will be taken to facilitate those arrests and eventual prosecutions which as of today remain as events contiguous to the time and place of the commission of the crime. In other words the crime is seen to be ongoing and the perpetrators must be apprehended to prevent the further commission of new counts of the same crime against humanity.

“The leaders of these three countries must in the meantime hide their faces away from Earth’s mothers and children in unfettered shame. Every woman on the planet is asked to support unequivocally all of the foregoing by any lawful means.”

The RINJ Foundation

Hospitalized Survivors –  45 Children plus dozens injured from Saudi Air Strike in Yemen Market – Photo Credit: 9 August Screen Capture from local Saana TV