USA, Britain, France Attack Syria – Putin Angry

In a modest attack on Syria, a coordinated mission done by the USA, France and Britain using air-launched cruise missiles with high-explosive (HE) warheads, Bashar al-Assad lost some sinister chemical weapons assets. We wonder how much of that was from North Korea. Chem-Warfare assets were hit in Homs and greater Damascus.

Vladimir Putin says he is angry at America, Britain, and France for destroying a smidgen of Syria’s chemical weapons labs and stores. He just doesn’t get it. It’s about his lack of empathy and failure to bond with a member of the human race.

Putin is a party to the macabre murder of countless women and children. He is an authoritarian leader who uses his power and the mechanisms of his government including the military and paramilitary to hold power. Don’t take his feigned grief seriously over losing a few tons of chemical warfare apparatus in Syria.

Putin will seek a special session of the UN security Council (UNSC)  in the new week if not sooner.

Mr. Putin has outrageously supported the actions of Bashar al-Assad who repeatedly has used chemical weapons to brutally murder women and children. Mr. Putin deserves no respect for his complaint.

Bashar al-Assad is also protesting and ordering his minions to get people into the streets to protest the attack on Assad’s sinister Hitlerian laboratories. So far that hasn’t panned out. People are afraid of Assad, yes, but they are also afraid to be out in the streets in case Assad’s mood changes and he gasses them too.