Focus on Douma Brings Horror of Syria To The World

ISIS has not been removed from Syria as Trump implies. It certainly is also significant as a terrorist threat in Iraq. Above all it is in possession of weapons of mass destruction.

ISIS is Not Gone

Douma Chemical Attack

The April 7, 2018 chemical attack on Douma near Damascus has assured the world of several things.

  1. Islamic Terrorists Continue to control large portions of the Syrian Population;
  2. All sides in the complicated Syrian civil dispute target civilians;
  3. Numerous actors are using chemical weapons; and
  4. Emergency Health Care for Syrian Civilians ranges from deplorable to non-existent.

New Sets of Douma Chem-Warfare Samples to be Evaluated

Medical workers near Damascus have already supplied western experts with samples from cadavers, samples which are most telling. Clearly,  the symptoms and the surviving patient responses to treatment are telling.

Samples from medical cadavers are instructive

Russian Forces Announce Discovery of Crude Chemical Weapons Manufacturing Lab in Douma

Ownership of the attacks in Douma on April 7 is not known unequivocally. But in two cases that day, Syrian Russian-origin HIP helicopters were seen dropping canisters and the cannisters have been identified as chemical weapons munitions.

Russia’s discovery of a chemical weapons lab which its spokespersons say was in Douma is not so startling. We have seen this repeatedly across Iraq and Syria and it is no small feat discovering and destroying these focal points of pure evil. (See: Practical Guide for Medical Management of Chemical Warfare Casualties )

The lab alleged to be in Douma is crude but the supplies are substantial, enough to create a significant threat to the public.

It should be noted that RINJ Foundation volunteers on both the medical and the security sides of the house are becoming more and more familiar with these sites and have looked at the Russian photographs. The consensus is that these images are legitimate and that the materials are stolen from the Syrian government as far back as 2014 but more probably 2015 and come from Palmyra, an ancient Semitic city in present-day Homs Governorate that ISIS and the Assad Regime have fought over and repeatedly exchanged control. Islamic terorist Chemical Lab
This is a very fortuitous find as the chemicals here are extremely dangerous and haphazardly stored as is typical with Daesh and al-Qaeda and their related terrorist groups and cells.

Hopefully the Russian military unit was able to remove the WMD items for destruction without any harm coming to its people or to civilians in the area.

Meanwhile the April 14 attack against Syria’s chemical warfare assets by missiles from the USA, Britain and France was clearly in violation of the UN Charter but its outcome was to destroy chemical weapons without harming civilians. This cannot happen again. A military solution in Syria is maniacal.

There needs to be a diplomatically reached political solution.

And Bashar al-Assad must be arrested and tried at the Hague. He cannot be at large until he responds as an accused before the ICC to charges of mass murder and crimes against humanity.