RINJ Foundation Warns of Increased Abortion Abuse in America

RINJ Foundtion Fighting for the Safety of Women and Children

United States President Trump is Forcing the Abuse of the Medical Abortion Procedures as a form of Birth Control

Toronto, CanadaThe RINJ Foundation Women, who have often fought for the rights of unborn children, are furious at the US Government which the group says has just vigorously attacked the entire realm of Universal Reproductive Rights.

How can any man be this stupid“, asks Sharon Santiago, Manager of  RINJ Operations in South East Asia. “Surely Mr. Trump would know a woman or a medical practitioner he could use as a sounding board before passing laws promoting the use of abortion as radical birth control.”

In a statement released from its web site (Read USA Bombs Wombs Too) and in speaking engagements around the world, The RINJ Foundation explains that not just in the United States but around the world, by pulling funding from NGOS that provide free contraceptives and family planning counseling globally, the United States is encouraging, and even forcing an increase in abortions done solely for the purpose of birth control.

“Reproductive human rights belong to families who
must have the unfettered ability to choose freely and responsibly if and
when to have children.”
The RINJ Foundation

Discussing Global Values and Reproductive Rights
In many of its publications, The RINJ Foundation Women urge all women around the world to use a form of contraception until such time as partners have reached an informed and responsible decision to have children.

Pointing to expanding wars, poverty, starvation, and over 70 million displaced people around the world,

the RINJ women:

  1. oppose any kind of legislation that interferes with medical decisions regarding pregnancy;
  2. advances the inalienable family partners’ reproductive rights under responsible medical and child-safety conditions must be protected by their governments;
  3. vigorously oppose and instructs medical practitioners on avoiding the use of induced abortion as a method of birth control, preferring proper contraception instead; and
  4. fight for the safety of children and their families.

There is a growing disgust with America that is spreading like wildfire,” notes Santiago. “This has an enormous impact on women and children in South East Asia where women have been abandoned except for a few NGOs which now have lost their funding. Fortunately even President Rodrigo Duterte, The Philippines’ self proclaimed Misogynist-in-chief” understands the problem and is supporting free IUDs for women and in general he supports reproductive rights and family planning .

“Christian and Muslim religious fundamentalism and political quarrels between power-greedy men who never changed a diaper in their lives, is blocking human development all across the world,” she added.

Contraception and Reproductive Rights


With readily available contraception, the debate over abortion is simplified. “Abusing induced abortion and turning it into a method of birth control murders a child and changes the health outlook of the mother. Modern medicine and medical equipment can care for a baby outside the womb at a very early age. That ability improves continually. Don’t assume anything. Ask your medical practitioner. Only they should be helping you with decisions about your pregnancy, not legislators. If that is untrue in your country it is time to vote for change” says the RINJ women.

Once conception has taken place in a healthy woman as a result of consensual sex; and once a fertilized egg has validly attached to the uterus wall, you have a baby inside you. Talk to your baby. Love and care for your baby and have many joyous days in your lives together.

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