Women slam predatory Trump, hard. Call USA women to VOTE.

In a well-written article, statement, or rant, an endorsement of Kamala Harris for sure, depending on the reader’s orientation, a half dozen of the RINJ Foundation‘s senior feminists co-wrote an article that blasts Donald Trump to hell and back and calls on the group’s American members to rise-up and throw the bum out.

by Melissa Hemingway

Donald Trump Trump can go to hell, Moscow or jail, not back to White House  Women’s group issues a call to action. File photo/art. Various public domain photographs of Hitler, Duterte, Omar al Bashir, Anders Behring. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine


And Twitter.

“Abusing the willing is no rape. Boycott Twitter, the mainliner vein of tyranny,” say the women.

“Trump the reality show maestro, he abuses the willing and immoral Twitter platform to spread his bile. (The RINJ Foundation has frozen its Twitter account in protest.)

“Through his charismatic and mesmerizing speeches, or using shock talk and lies on Twitter, language so characteristic of alluring psychopaths like Adolf Hitler, Mr. Donald John Trump has beckoned to the trailer parks and backwoods caves in America to bring out groups of men and even women who hate homosexuals, hate Muslims, hate Black Americans, hate Hispanics, hate Asians, hate other non-whites, and hate trans-sexuals.”

Are American males the burping, leering, farting, lecherous sexual predators that Trump admits to being?

“That’s why Trump will win. For the American male sheepling sycophants it is another TV drama wherein murder, deceit, rape, intrigue and chaos is pure entertainment. The American male morons raised by a TV screen babysitter, they don’t realize it is now REAL. Idiots,” says the global women’s group.

Watching arm-in-arm protestors in Portland Oregon, men and women, moms and dads, kids and grandpa, doing an amazing job of bidding for change, and getting change, it doesn’t seem that way. Then comes the Trump MAGA warriors with their pickup trucks trying to run over the worried people of hard-working functional communities. It is not hard to see who the RINJ women are talking about.

The RINJ Women statement, which encourages their American women members to ‘Rise-Up and throw Trump out’, is a well spent 6 minute read.

“We don’t talk much. Our women’s shelters are secretly located and the women who visit after contacting our global helpline demand anonymity and security. That’s why we have a low profile, besides that, the men who we prosecute for rape around the world, swear they will kill us…

“But today it is imperative that 397,087 American RINJ members stand up straight and tall to tell their 100 million sisters to get going, to rise up and stop this. You need to vote and do that by taking preparation action, like registration, today, or you will lose the chance.”

Watch the authors‘ video message slamming Trump.


But the real work is the focus of the women. They say that work is, “the safety of women and children in a very hostile world”.

Who (besides Donald Trump) cannot support that?



Trump caged children whom the ACLU says have been raped. Trump caged migrant children whom the ACLU claims have been raped. Courtesy of The RINJ Foundation

“Women are sick of it—sick of Trump’s misogyny and brutality.”

“Rise up. Good luck. Stay safe and elect anybody but Trump and his scumbags.

“If you need help, ask Kamala Harris. She’ll help,” says the RINJ Women’s statement.


Kamala Harris and the California Governor Kamala Harris “Spent time surveying a burn site with Gavin Newsom
 in an area that has been devastated by the recent wildfires in California. I’m incredibly grateful for the courage of our brave firefighters and those who have come near and far to help those fleeing the destruction.” Photo Credit: Facebook  Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine