Canada/USA attack Sabrina Meng to punish & extort her father

“Ren Zhengfei is a Chinese entrepreneur and engineer. He is Meng Wanzhou’s dad and the founder and CEO of Shenzhen, China based Huawei, the world’s largest manufacturer of telecommunications equipment and second largest manufacturer of smartphones. As of February 2019, he had a net worth of US$1.3 billion,” according to Wikipedia, a presumably neutral observer.

Under the auspices of a criminal organization known as the Five Eyes group, which among other crimes was responsible for the mass murder of at least a dozen Iraqi, Iranian and Yemeni officials, on 3 January 2020, in Baghdad, Iraq, Canada has kidnapped the daughter of Ren Zhengfei at the request of the United States Trump Administration in order to punish and extort Ren Zhengfei and his company.

China is furious and has retaliated against Canada with trade cancelations.

“More than that, including Canadians and Americans, millions of women around the world are furious,” says Marilena DiMatteo, a director of The RINJ Foundation.

This article seeks to set out for readers the Meng Wanzhou case in Vancouver in the global political context. America and Canada’s misogyny is showing. Deliberately FPMag will not be discussing the case of “the two Michaels” since recently learning those matters (to be reported in a future and separate article) are unrelated and arrests were urged by local authorities in the early part of 2018.

by Micheal John and Melissa Hemingway


Alarming facts to America’s discredit are revealed by the US vs Meng Wanzhou extradition case now in play in Vancouver likely until Wednesday afternoon but possibly all week:

  1. China has taken a lead position in 5G, IOT, AI technology led by people like Meng Wanzhou, her colleagues, and her father, hence America is willing to do anything to kill China’s innovation;
  2. America is annoyed at losing its global lead;
  3. The US Administration is misogynistic, incompetent and dishonest; and
  4. The USA looks at Canadians as gullible socialists it is able to manipulate with trade threats. (Read if you wish: Americans Bully & threaten Canada)

Watch video above which shows the USA extradition evidence against Meng Wanzhou, a PowerPoint presentation—a ‘canned presentation’ produced in 2011—later shown to HSBC Bank on 22 August 2013.

The presentation was obviously not prepared by Meng Wanzhou for the 22 August 2013 meeting but done by a department of Huawei as a stock advertising literature item from 2011.  The PowerPoint before the Vancouver Court clearly sets out that:  “As a business partner of Huawei, Skycom works with Huawei in sales and service in Iran. Huawei conducts normal business activities in Iran and provides civilian telecommunications solutions in line with global standards (e.g., ITU/3GPP) and export control requirements of the US and the EU. Huawei works with local suppliers, distributors and carriers in strict compliance with its well-established business conduct guidelines.”

  1. Global technology leader is not the USA.

Any person who has owned a Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, Oneplus, or ZTE smartphone knows that this country with its enormous market and very large, upwardly mobile, highly educated middle class, is ahead of the world in telecom technology.

China’s domestic market is growing daily as massive poverty elimination programmes in China transform lower earning classes to lower middle class.

“It’s a beautiful and heartening thing to see,” says Kathy Poon who is a nurse currently working in Shenzhen, China.

Recently got up close and personal with some new high technology equipment earmarked for implementing a zero-base build of a national telecom system in the Philippines. “Bleeding edge”, is the term used by technical experts.

A closer look at China’s innovations in network management is a look into the future. Very high speeds create rapidly changing dynamic network environments especially in a world of monstrous denial of service (DDOS) attacks springing up randomly all around a national network from thousands of super-fast home fiber hosts all over the world. Yes, they are criminals.

Add to that the influence of the media on internet activity. Billions of people who today tend to stay home during the pandemic redirect their internet interests hence traffic which can shift en masse from trunk to trunk with billions of new unique requests in another second following a news announcement or comment.

What has seen from China is proprietary leading edge innovation.

Another observation came while was talking to computer scientists, programmers and engineers who had previously worked in the United States but months ago had decided to go home to China. At home in China, one woman technician/engineer , Karen Yang, said that, “we have  growing opportunities with greater diversity and at home we do not need to face the racism.”

That tech-expert told FPMag, “today, Whale Cloud says that DITO Telecommunity, that new Chinese telecommunications operation in the Philippines, has selected it [Whale Cloud] to develop a next-generation IT system, setting a solid platform  for the company to expand its market in the Philippines and around Asia, and I will join the team,” she said happily explaining an email she had just received.”

“DITO is a President Duterte-made joint venture,” she explained, “between Philippines Udenna Group and China Telecom, a China state-owned national carrier of considerable renown. DITO plans delivering advanced fixed and mobile services at a national level in the Philippines to replace its two inefficient, slow, kleptocratic, ‘legacy’ system operators with  a fast-track rollout of 5G telecom services. Recently DITO was approved to co-locate repeater equipment and transmitting towers on Philippines Armed Forces (PAF) bases across the country,” she added.

“I will choose this company to work for because it competed against the American companies and it won. Also the chance of even more new infrastructure engineering work is possible,” added the young Chinese computer genius.

DITO commented to in an email response on the new IT contract. “As a new player in the Philippines, we strive to be a game changer and give what the Filipinos deserve – faster connections, wider coverage, and better customer service,” said Albert Jiang, IT Director for DITO.

“With Whale Cloud as our strategic partner,” continued Jiang, “we believe their digital solutions, delivery track record and industry know-how will allow us to faster achieve success in the 5G and IoT [Internet of things] era,” added Mr. Jiang

When asked to comment on that response, Karen Yang said, “I don’t really know that company but I do know China Telecom and have many fellow graduate friends working there and they are very happy working on very advanced programmes. This is the way ahead, no more about American bribes and ‘BS’ but more about getting work done for our neighbours and friends based on what we have learned from doing social development and poverty elimination by bringing people into the 21st Century. Even my grandad has a Huawei Mate 30 Pro,” she laughed, “which I cannot yet afford after the cost of getting away from America and back home.”

"Nations like Canada must not encourage nor conduct attacks on women in order to punish or extort male family members of that woman." The RINJ Foundation “Nations like Canada must not encourage nor conduct attacks on women in order to punish or extort male family members of that woman,”
says The RINJ Foundation
Photo Credit: Xinhua Video Capture.
Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

2 America is Annoyed that China has succeeded

“Instead of being supportive and seeking collaborative opportunities like Apple has done with China, the American government has taken a backwoods arcane racist tack in recent years. All that comes from Washington DC these days about the Chinese competitor is racist slurs,” says Kathy poon who as well as being a nurse is a computer programmer who helped write some of the code used in encrypted messaging applications.

“For lack of a better argument, one might suggest this conduct is simply indicative of America being a sore loser in the technology arena, ” she added.

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An attack on Women “Nations like Canada must not encourage nor conduct attacks on women in order to punish or extort male family members of that woman,”
“America’s unwarranted attack on this woman, Sabrina Meng Wanzhou, is a violent rebuke of all women in the boardroom,”
say RINJ feminists.
Photo Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

3. The US Administration is misogynistic, incompetent and dishonest

“Instead of  working hard to compete with its competitor, America tries to kill China,” notes Simon Baldock, a security analyst in Israel.

Today China has conflicts with America, Australia, Britain, Canada, India, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam but none are as bad as the daily naval conflicts in the South China Sea, except maybe the December 2018 Kidnap of Meng Wanzhou at the Vancouver Airport in what her lawyers complain was an illegal arrest.

All the while American warships with a few allied ships in tow like butt-sniffing dogs in a pack, continue to antagonize Chinese assets in the South China Sea regions and China has been reacting by chasing vessels out of its waters.

Last year US Defense Secretary Mark Esper made it clear that the USA had been installing nuclear tipped strategic missiles in the South China Sea region and was prepared to use them.

“This is the backdrop for the double extortion that is the Meng Wanzhou case. The US Administration extorted HSBC to become a witness against a Huawei senior executive; and extorted Canadian Prime Minister to begin an extradition procedure to the USA against Meng Wanzhou, based on extorted evidence,” notes Baldock.

“Let’s be clear about this, we are not talking about conventional weapons.” U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper
Photo Credit: Video Capture. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Read if you wish: Let’s be clear about this. We are not talking about conventional weapons.

Another broken commitment from the United States should be no surprise to
anyone. As FPMag reported in late July, the United States has broken the
1987 Intermediate Nuclear Forces Treaty it had entered with the Soviet Union
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29 September, 2020 Left: 'Sabrina' Meng Wanzhou 29 September, 2020
Left: ‘Sabrina’ Meng Wanzhou during
break in Court Proceedings
Photo Credit: Court supplied. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

The truth of the Meng Wanzhou case is in the reading of the evidence which indicates a full disclosure in the 22 August 2013 meeting with HSBC. Hence HSBC is telling lies under pressure from the USA, and the Trump Administration is a collective liar.

Meng Wanzhou Powerpoint “As a business partner of Huawei, Skycom works with Huawei in sales and service in Iran.
Huawei conducts normal business activities in Iran and provides civilian telecommunications solutions in line with global standards (e.g., ITU/3GPP) and export control requirements of the US and the EU. Huawei works with local suppliers, distributors and carriers in strict compliance with its well-established business conduct guidelines.”

3. The US Administration is a misogynistic, incompetent and dishonest bully.

From the outset of the extradition case against Meng Wanzhou who is accused of misleading HSBC Bank in a PowerPoint presentation that was used by Sabrina Meng at a meeting with HSBC on 22 August 2013. The misinformation alleged is the relationship between Huawei and Skycom, a computer parts sales company.

The second part of the case is based on coerced witnesses from HSBC which has multi-million dollar fines hovering over it for dealing with Iran. If HSBC goes along with the plot to assail Ms. Wanzhou, HSBC walks away from something like $90 million or more in penalties and possible prison sentences for some executives.

In August of 2013, Skycom was in the process of selling used Hewlett Packard (HP) personal computers to Iran which most EU experts on the Iran-sanctions suggest were not covered by the American sanctions against Iran.

This week in the BC Court where these proceedings continue, Canadian lawyers for Ms. Wanzhou have adduced on Monday that the US government has misled the Canadian Courts from the outset and produced a portion of the subject PowerPoint presentation in two parts which clearly set out the relationship between Skycom and Huawei.

“The evidence in the fraud case may not be relevant to the extradition case,” suggests Baldock who had knowledge and studied the matter since before Wanzhou was arrested.

“In its filings for the extradition, the US omitted parts of the PowerPoint presentation that set out the relationship between Skycom and Huawei,” said Baldock. “It’s ridiculous,” he added.

“As an alternative argument I presume, an evidentiary affidavit from John Bellinger, the former chief counsel to President George W. Bush adduces that,  ‘America has never imposed civil or criminal penalties on a bank for breaking sanctions after being misled by a customer,'” notes Baldock.

“That could weaken the extortion threats against HSBC which then might be inclined to come clean, maybe not,” he added.

“The suggestion that the USA is misleading an extradition hearing may have some weight,” he continued.

“Women’s Rights Group has been all over the Meng Wanzhou kidnapping since the hour it happened,” notes security expert.

Women around the world are furious condemning, “America’s unwarranted attack on this woman, Sabrina Meng Wanzhou, is a violent rebuke of all women in the boardroom.”

In a series of statements issued that week, the RINJ Foundation said, “Ordered by the USA, Canada has arrested the CFO of Huawei Technologies… She is the daughter of the company founder who is non other than a US political target who has close ties to the China government.”

The feminists also claim that, “Meng Wanzhou was kidnapped”.

From an article published by The RINJ Foundation:  Photo Credit: Huawei Technologies: Art:Feminine Perspective Magazine

The RINJ Foundation, a global women’s Civil Society group has vehemently protested the “illegal detention of a Chinese business woman who is the daughter of a US political target, Ren Zhengfei, in China.”

According to Huawei Technologies website, Sabrina Meng Wanzhou is the chief financial officer and board member of Huawei Technologies, a company her father founded in the 1980s. That company is the global leader in 5G infrastructure, says Baldock.

According to Baldock, “The two major 5G infrastructure development leaders, Qualcomm (USA) and Huawei (China), are currently strategic elements for the implementation of 5G technology around the world. Huawei has a sizeable lead and the Donald Trump administration is trying to cripple the Chinese innovation by any means.”

“The Five Eyes group, is a very racist anglophone intelligence alliance comprising Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and led by the United States with an iron hand. A member must tow the USA-line if that member wants lucrative military contracts like the multi billion dollar business Canada gets from the USA selling its armaments to Saudi Arabia,” says Baldock.

“The Americans are telling  Five Eyes meetings in Canada that Huawei is a ‘bad guy‘ secretly working for the Chinese government. Concomitantly the whole of China is a new enemy to replace the financially troubled Russia which has nearly died under heavy economic sanctions. With China as a new enemy, ‘they are not Anglo White, don’t look like us, and its easy to convince the Anglo populations that they are bad’. Literally I have been told this by insiders,” said Baldock.

“Keeping the pressure high and crippling Huawei will allow American innovators to try and catch up in their pursuit of 5G, IOT, AI technology so that they may compete in Europe and other places where Huawei has the upper hand in long term customer relationships.”

“They claim,” adds Baldock, “that Huawei Technologies will allow China to obtain passwords and personal information, but according to browser data from several sources, the main breaches of privacy are conducted by actors in the United States. The USA is projecting its own conduct toward China.”

According to the South China Morning Post on Thursday, 6 December 2018:

  • Analyst sees detention of executive as calculated act by Washington to improve its hand in [China-USA trade] negotiations
  • The analyst says there could be more such cases during the 90-day trade war truce
  • Donald Trump himself says that the release of Meng Wanzhou could be used as a bartering chip in trade talks.

Read if you wish: Canada disgraced itself in Meng Wanzhou Case

Nations like Canada must not encourage nor conduct attacks on women in order to punish or extort male family members of that woman. Claiming “America made me do this” is no excuse. FPMag advances a counter view … Continue reading →

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