Trump presidency a panacea of validation for misogyny.

This article in the series “Don’t let go…” argues that Trumpism and  its trajectory through society over five years has induced subtle, compounding violences that have quashed the global safety of women & children because of induced severe and dangerous changes in social norms and values.

According to seasoned journos, for the news business Trump is fun food. But his stereotyping of female journalists is causing a new height in violence toward female reporters reports Clare Duffy of CNN Business.

According to feminists who watch social trends, “for women-haters, Trump represents a panacea of validation for their misogyny“.

by Melissa Hemingway with files from Micheal John and guest Michele Francis in Venezuela

How "Trump Men" see women. and how it really is. How “Trump Men” see women. and how it really is. History has proven that women are better leaders and certainly better humanitarians.
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The world Health Organization now reports that sexual violence has become a “serious health problem“.

In the Netherlands, sexual violence is on the upswing impacting as much as 40% of the female population.

Hundreds of people marched silently in Mexico’s capital on Sunday to urge justice for women who suffer violence in one of the most dangerous countries to be female, victims who include students murdered by rejected suitors, girls raped before they reach puberty and single mothers who disappear without a trace,”  ABC-News reports.

“Trump’s stereotypes legitimize an increase in gender-based violence against a diminished gender of the human race,” says feminist Katie Alsop of The RINJ Foundation.

“Misogyny’s end game is species extermination,” she added.

Misogyny's end game is species extermination

Photo Credit: Source Supplied “Misogyny’s end game is species extermination,” says RINJ Women, a Civil Society global feminist group.

The rise of Donald Trump in United States politics relied on violence. Though its meaning and utility are fluid and contested, Trumpism offers a useful lens for viewing a new phase of U.S. popular politics. Defined in terms of populism, strongman politics, and identitarianism, Trumpism employed emotional evocations of violence-fear, threats, hatred, and division-which at times erupted into physical displays of aggression.

“Trumpism can be understood through the lens of meta-violence, evidenced by extreme emotions, social antagonisms, and international tensions,” says a study released by the European Association of American Studies.

Feminine Perspective:
When a psychopath is in charge of humans.

Trump has set a wider power imbalance and pushed like a toxic-drug dealer some ancient stereotypes about men and women that go back to the dark ages.

Trumpism is a social malady, probably a manifestation of “meta-psychopathy”.

Trumpism  is  a subtle trajectory of violence that has permeated through societies and validated inherent misogyny that existed but was being suppressed through better education thus not openly manifest.

Hence Trumpism is open manifestation of hatred, division, violence and aggression against the vulnerable of society, primarily its women and children.

“To Trump supporters, women are evaluated on their boobs and hoo-haw until they get old and then its their ability to cook a trout, stuffed turkey, baked goods and cookies. Maybe sandwiches too. That’s not funny,” say women sources close to the items. (That’s satirical.)


DOn't let go of your humanity. Feminine Perspective Magazine FPMag-series  Don’t let go of your humanity


In Yemen during August 2018 Feminine-Perspective observers attended the funeral of 51 civilians and saw the American Mk82 500 pound bomb fragments. RINJ nurses attended the injured and reported on their condition in the early hours after the 9 August  2018 attack.

Sources within the anti-Yemen Coalition’s integrated target acquisition, tracking and prosecution have shared what they can safely. This did happen and most people we talk to in the Middle East, say that particularly because of the inflamed relationship between Iran and  Donald Trump, the attack on 9 August 2018 was deliberate. Over 9,000 civilians have already been killed in Yemen in exactly this manner.

Before witnessing America hold babies and children of migrant mothers as leverage to drive away migrants fleeing from persecution in Central America, this would seem unthinkable: Saudi and Yemeni women both tell us that this was a deliberate attack against Houthi civilians in an attempt to demoralize civilians and install a Mohammed bin Salman choice as Yemen’s leader. Read the backgrounder.

Feminine-Perspective has learned from a source within the structure of C4ISR providers that the target was selected by the USA and the strike was carried out by Saudi Arabia in unison with the SA/UAE joint operational elements. That may or may not be confirmed but this has been the normal flow of events for at least four years. The source is credible.

The worry is that bombing school buses full of children has become acceptable to the White House and the Pentagon as a tactic of war.


The Concept of Meta-Violence Proposed by Samira Saramo

“The notion of “meta-violence” evokes a multifaceted violence that looms over a moment, a space, or a phenomenon.

“However, meta-violence has not been integrated sufficiently into the vocabulary and theory of violence studies, as pursued by social scientists and humanists, among them cultural studies scholars, political scientists, geographers, and historians.

“The concept may well serve the study of political, social, and cultural movements, such as Trumpism. Meta-violence, is closely bound to emotion. It harkens to a Freudian uncanny feeling of fear, threat, and danger, and the unsettling convergence of dark pasts and presents.

“Meta-violence in its omnipresence is also closely related to the concept of “slow violence” proposed by researchers Rob Nixon and Sarah de Leeuw.

“In 2011, analyzing the long-term impact of environmental calamity, Nixon emphasized the urgent need to “complicate conventional assumptions about violence as a highly visible act that is newsworthy because it is event focused, time bound, and body bound.”

“Meta-violence, like slow violence, can be hard to put your finger on.

“Nixon argued, “we need to account for how the temporal dispersion of slow violence affects the way we perceive and respond to a variety of social afflictions.”

“We need to look carefully at the workings of Trumpism and trace its trajectory through society and the environment to identify its subtle, compounding violences.

“de Leeuw has taken Nixon’s framework further, analyzing slow, discrete violence on the lived experiences of people in the context of neo-colonialism. Such an approach reminds us of the intimate and overarching impacts of socio-cultural division, structural violence, and inequities, befitting a study of Trumpism.” —  Samira Saramo

Trumpism leading to  the slaughter of women and children is changing the profile of the Human Species.

Today Syria and Russia are bombing schools, school buses, ambulances, hospitals and medical clinics in Idlib Syria and the West cannot say anything about that because it conducts war in the same manner.

This is what Donald Trump’s sociopathy and accompanying lack of empathy has brought to the entire world.

The ratio of women to men on Earth is dropping in favour of men. In some countries, as many as 90 million men will never be able to marry because there are too few women.

The slaughter of innocent children in a School bus on August 9 in Yemen UN-Letter-Re-August9-Yemen-School-Bus-Attack-from-ceo-RINJ

DOn't let go of your humanity. Feminine Perspective Magazine FPMag-series  Don’t let go of your humanity