People not government can defeat SARS2

For what do we wait?

Americans’ lax behaviour toward mitigation of 2009 Swine Flu may be mimicked in their COVID-19 laziness. The outcome is the same: the worst on Earth. That’s not all Donald Trump’s fault. Trump merely added to an existing sense of selfishness and entitlement. Maybe Trump came on the scene as someone representing personality flaws a section of the US population saw as familiar to themselves? The US may need to adjust its strategies from ‘do-nothing’ to “The Magalong Method”.

This article seeks to explain some of the winning strategies for denying SARS-CoV-2 additional hosts. If it cannot infect anyone, it’s gone from humans. And if the bats still have it, they can keep it.

by Micheal John

People like Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines; Angela Merkel of Germany; Lee Hsien Loong of Singapore; Moon Jae-in of South Korea; and Xi Jinping of China, and that’s just a few who have adopted stern controls over their populations to compel good mitigation behaviours, have had good outcomes. They saved a tremendous number of lives, thus far. But a pandemic win is deterred by the laggards.

“A total human solidarity effort is needed or we all go down,” is the thought behind the World Health Organization’s messaging from Dr. Tedros, of late.

Biostatisticians who contributed to this article say that, “In the case of China, we see the population itself as the world’s best crisis management system. Apart from properly wearing high-quality masks, life is normal because normal behaviours include excellent hygiene, social distancing and mask wearing habits for SARS2-denial. They learned that from SARS1 and the American Swine Flu.”

“The leadership of Xi Jinping has exploited the strong availability of scientific talent by incentivizing many aspects of system design, integration and logistics concepts.”

“The Beijing methodology combined the best and the brightest scientists backed by strict laws and law enforcement. The scientists focused on the disease, its treatment and created a regime for Contact Tracing/Treatment/Isolation/Observation (CTTIO).

That regime and its protocols in the months since January 2020 has been fine tuned to become an institution of itself and the best and most successful system in the world.”

“Life is back to normal in China,” says Sara Qin, a Wuhan nurse at the outbreak but now working in Shenzhen.

“In the case of South Korea and even Taiwan and Singapore, CTTIO  has been the premier weapon against COVID-19.”

“In the case of the Philippines, it was Baguio City’s now famous mayor Benjamin Magalong, who effected a workable CTTIO, and to the credit of the Philippines’ President Duterte, the mayor’s talent was identified and he has been sent by President Duterte to a number of cities including Cebu City, Philippines, to teach others his methodology.”

Notable is a recent article published by the WHO following its experts visiting Baguio City, their subsequent inspection, and a report that gave the Magalong system high accolades.

Author of the Magalong Method Benjamin “Benjie” Banez Magalong (born December 15, 1960) is a Filipino politician and former police officer serving as the mayor of Baguio City since 2019. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine
Photo Credit: U.S. Embassy in the Philippines

“The  Magalong Method”

“There are a few features that stand out about Mayor Benjamin Magalong’s methodology for Baguio City in the Philippines,” says nurse Karinna Angeles, who is very keen on this system.

“Every store and restaurant that opens its doors must post a security guard at the door with the following items,” reports nurse Karinna.

  1. “A sign setting out the face mask and face shield requirement plus the number of persons allowed at one time.
  2. “Shoe sterilization mat;
  3. “Hand sanitizer station;
  4. “Hand-held non-contact thermometer;
  5. “Contact forms  for the patron to enter temperature, date, time, address and smartphone number.”

“Item 5 builds a list of patrons, later used at will by a contact tracing team. The list is consulted in the event that any person who has tested positive at any time in the future. Wherever the patient shopped, the persons on the list who were at the store at the same time as the infected person, are all contacted and tested,” Karinna explains in her report.

“Unfortunately the tests cost a lot of money, like six weeks salary for a doctor, which nobody among the non-entitled population in the provinces has under their mattress either. But apart from that, the system is brilliant. And the ‘Magalong Method’ gets the tests done one way or another and installs the positive COVID-19-patients in a comfortable facility at no cost, that we know about,” says Angeles.

The Magalong Method requires a face mask as mandatory. Add one full face shield, too. Mandatory.

“Having noted that people had a ridiculously wide range of poor-fitting masks and sloppy methods of wearing them, Mayor Magalong added a face shield to the requirements,” she explains. “It is a good thing,” she adds. “And he also sets limits on how many people can be indoors together.”

As an example, as Karinna Angeles reports,7-11 Convenience Stores have a limit of five persons in the stores at any given time. This is much more comfortable because of the narrow aisles. If the store has five shoppers, I wait outside until a person leaves.”

Each country that does not have a method that is on par with Xi Jinping’s elaborate Contact Tracing/Treatment/Isolation/Observation (CTTIO) or the simple but effective “Magalong Method”, are headed for very serious trouble.

Here is a worst case scenario that is being realized in America, the worst screw-up on the planet—one that endangers everyone.

“America is no longer pitiable, it is a [collective] jackass,” says an American soldier who asked to remain anonymous, in South Korea. “I am cascading out so after that you can tell anyone,” he joked.

He has a point. On its current track, a projected one million CoV deaths by April 2021, nearly half the world’s deaths by that time, may be unstoppable.

The graph below shows a computer model that has been tracking precisely for three months. Click to enlarge and read the details.

“America, pull up your socks!”

One million deaths by end of March 2021 in the United States Unless USA population adheres to mitigation behaviours.

Update 2020-10-08 Graphic Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto FPMag Data Source: Civil Society Partners for COVID-19 Solidarity

This model updated today with new actual data maintains the same track consistently since mid July. Read if you wish: America had 204,691 excess deaths by the end of July 2020

Based on WHO predictions, this could be modest.

According to Fred Harris, the team lead for the Civil Society Partners for COVID-19 Solidarity, “This Prediction is based on the 60% ‘Herd Immunity Model’ as if no change in behaviours is expected. Calculations include some expectations of a “second wave” something like March 2020 but built upon an escalated base level of infections.”

“Data in the graph represents actual excess deaths to 8 October 2020,” adds Harris. ” One million deaths by the end of March 2021 in the United States is what is expected. Unless USA population adheres to mitigation behaviours this is the likely outcome. Behaviour changes [like the “Magalong Method“] can alter the course at any point. That’s the good news, ” he added.

“Since May of 2020, this model; has been precisely accurate. A similar model predicts a little more than two million COVID-19 deaths world-wide, meaning the USA will grow from roughly one quarter of the world’s COVID-19 deaths  (9 October 2020: (222,899 USA) / (933,153 World)) to nearly half.”

  • The following numbers are the USA reported data which are underreported.
  • By 9 October 2020, 25.7% of the USA has been infected including reported + estimated unreported mild and asymptomatic (84,294,821).
  • The WHO with its recent estimates has said that these numbers are a bit low, but taking into consideration the success of hard working doctors and nurses in the United States within a fairly good health care system for the wealthier Americans, the USA is lower than world average  Infection Fatality Rate (IFR) and non-attended infection cases of the disease. In other words, fewer Americans are untested and untreated than in Africa and Asia (especially India) for examples. That means that the unknown cases are fewer than world averages.
9 October 2020CasesDeathsRecovered
U.S. States7,719,306222,134 | 2.9%4,983,380
+Guam3,83758 | 1.5%321
+Puerto Rico51,768705 | 1.4%9,584
+US Virgin Islands1,32720 | 1.5%864
+Northern Mariana Islands612 | 3.3%19


If Africa and Asia follow this pattern, the outcome will be incipient genocide.

In a conversation with the COVID-19 Solidarity Team in Singapore, team, some meeting notes were taken.

  1. “What is happening in America is going to spread around the world through about a quarter million US military and US military-support people. As travel increases… it gets worse.
  2. “Returning America to political leadership normalcy and enhancing, joining and expanding Europe and China’s examples for global solidarity, is a hopeful way ahead over the next few years of this crisis.
  3. “The future of the human race is under serious threat as reinfections will soon start to occur when antibodies from spring 2020 infections wear away and those persons become vulnerable, more vulnerable than ever, perhaps.
  4. Trusted experts like Robert Redfield of the CDC; Dr. Tedros and Dr. Ryan of WHO;  as well as Dr. Anthony Stephen Fauci (head of the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases since 1984) are all saying the same thing in somewhat couched terms to avoid panic. It’s time to act.
  5. Civil Society is saying, not panic but 50/50 confidence/fear.  It should be 80/20 but now, SARS2 has became a matter of survival of the species.
  6. SARS-CoV-2; antivaxxers; poverty; other diseases; broken infrastructures and climate change are together, beyond any doubt, able to quash the human race.

Civil Society is also saying that the patriarchal leadership of the world has failed. Populations need to pay more attention to what they do with their vote.

And very person needs to put on a mask. And vote.