US Withdrawal from Syria is a Good Thing, say friendlies in Syria.

The kerfuffle over Trump pulling troops from Syria is utter nonsense.

  • US troop presence in Syria is a panacea for American arms dealers. Opponents of US withdrawal are not all sincere in their stories.
  • Some of the Kurds in Rojava are enemies (PKK terrorists) or suspected enemies (YPG) of Turkey. If they bear arms against Turkish forces in Syria, Ankara will be proven right all along.
  • Kurds that bear arms against the Turks are clearly enemies.
  • The vast majority of people living along the Syrian/Turkish border are peaceful and have good relations with Turkey as they should.
  • Over a million people came from these areas as refugees into Turkey. That started around 2012 but in a big way, with 150,000 from Kobane, in 2014.
  • It’s time for the Syrian Kurds to come home. Allow them to come home. Three million will follow. It must start at some time.
  • The United States has been backing terrorists in Syria either deliberately or as an unintended consequence of pumping $billions worth of arms into the region.
  • The US is not really leaving.

“The innocent women and children and their families in Syria must now come first in all decisions. Turkey is trying to resettle four million refugees and create a safe zone for doing that. Setting hatred, racism and misogyny aside for a new beginning is the best way ahead.” says a local doctor in Idlib.


    These are the people who matter the most. Women and children. File photo.

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America has more assets in Syria than what the news media and the public have been told about. One needs to be here and traveling the country to understand that. There is no point in exposing anyone to harm. US people know what they must do and they are getting it done. The US folks in the NW need to get out of the way. Identification friend or foe is the issue and Americans and Turks must not be suffering friendly fire, hence they are leaving. That’s not everybody.

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by Behar Abbasi and Micheal John

The Syrian situation for Turkey is complicated. It must protect its borders and solve the care issues of 4 million Syrian and Iraqi refugees. Who else is really helping?

US with uncanny foresight hits massive meeting of four Terrorist groups from Idlib in Aleppo Province of Syria. Most operations in Syria are airborne. US with uncanny foresight hits massive meeting of four Terrorist groups from Idlib in Aleppo Province of Syria. File photo

If Syrian Kurds bear arms against Turkish forces entering Rojava regions, that is their bad judgment and wrongful behaviour.  It also would be proof that Ankara’s assessment of the situation was correct all along about who is and who isn’t a terrorist group.

Turkey must and hopefully will assist the resettlement of Syrian refugees.  It has and will hopefully continue to stand against the wrongful conduct of the Assad regime.

Time for Iran to Leave Syria As Well

The next thing that is needed is for Iran to depart Syria. If Iran does not leave Syria, it risks annihilation in a large-scale confrontation.

Daesh (ISIS) is a concept, alive and well.

Maybe one must live with these lunatics for a couple of years to understand that ISIS or whatever one likes to call Daesh, is a concept, not a thing. Its members and practitioners change constantly.

Iraq is full of disgruntled citizens who came and went from the Islamic State. Many are seeking a path for going back. Iraq is a bigger problem for Daesh than is Syria for now. The squabbles between many different Islamic anarchist groups adduces much competition to money making operations. It’s chaotic.

In Syria, Daesh is not invisible. Daesh is not small. Daesh is not vanquished but it certainly is subdued from its former being.

The Coalition tactics of throttling ISIS money-making schemes has worked.

Most Daesh fighters are not driven by some kind of ideological zealousness, their younger ones are driven by a paycheque and the adrenalin. The older ones are driven by a lust for money, power, control and hatred.

Many Daesh are not hateful but pretend that hate is their motivator so that they can conduct their reprehensible behaviour with the shroud of Caliphate anonymity surrounding them. That’s why Daesh attracts so many psychopaths.

Wiping out the money has taken the air out of the Caliphate. What will resuscitate Daesh is money. An Army may not be needed for that.

It is certainly true that many pious Muslims comprise the Islamic State, especially the elders. They still exist as the cultural force that keeps the ‘dark-side’ alive. It is a very dark and hateful way of thinking and very dangerous to all atheists, Christians and Jews.

De-incentivizing Daesh by watching for and smashing its money-earning schemes is certainly worthwhile. But what remains in Syria as an infrastructure of the Caliphate will likely lay dormant for a while. It’s there and anything can happen if allowed to restructure.

Horas Al-Din, Ansar al-Tawhid, and the more prolific Hay’et Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) are more active problems. Many of them are formed by al-Nursra, al Quaeda and ISIS elements.

The Assad regime, the Russians and sometimes the Iranians are very unfriendly toward ISIS. The Russian and Syrian forces are more than capable of keeping a Caliphate resurrection at bay.

There are bigger foreign affairs problems in the Middle East for America than what remains in Syria at the moment. Nonetheless of these problems is Iraq and Iran.


Trump is correct. It is time for the USA to leave Syria. The kerfuffle over Trump pulling some troops from Syria is utter nonsense driven by a corrupted agenda. Notwithstanding that, it is still not a credible statement, that the US is completely leaving. It isn’t.

ISIS in Syria and Iraq is less visible but not gone.

ISIS as a concept organization is alive and well as a prolific guerilla jihadist dream.

Nurses in Syria to US Troops: Godspeed and thanks.

It makes sense for the small number of American ground forces to leave most ground positions. Iran alone .