Syria needs nonviolent political compromise. [Editorial]

“Weapons and slaughters have not worked. Syria is a mess,” say humanitarian workers from all over Syria. They have their toothbrushes in their pockets, ready to flee.

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Here are 15 dirty things that can be left unsaid between the sides in the trenches, as they have been said already here.

by Melissa Hemingway


      1. The solution to the Syrian crisis, in its latest incarnation, is to be found by putting all the sides in one room to thrash out a political compromise. No more ordnance. No more guns. Just work it out.
      2. Turkey has offered to take over the incarceration of ISIS terrorists captured by operators in Syria—a big step forward. That makes sense because heretofore as discovered by the UN, the terrorist group PKK / YPG have been using children soldiers as corrections officers. During a recent prison camp altercation, the kids fled and 750 ISIS women and children wandered away. France says it is terrified.
      3. That makes sense too. If Mr. Erdogan wants to get along with the European Union he should change his doctrine to exclusively democratic processes and embrace gender equality. Otherwise, Mr. Erdogan is the antithesis to Europe. Mr. Erdogan is likely to lose power eventually as even the Turkish people are squeamish, just like France, about Erdogan’s seventh century quirks that conflict with contemporary human rights. Catch up, grandpa, if you want, or retire to a rocking chair and bowling if you don’t.
      4. Syria is a country that should be entitled to its own self-determination. Unfortunately when the Syrian people decided they wanted a new leader, the old leader shot them and gassed them at their picket lines. The Syrian people are too seldom heard from since then, in 2011.
      5. Turkish President Erdogan says that the tribal groups whose community was once based in Manbij will now return since the US has left. Obviously he read point number three above and decided to get with the times.
      6. Turkey is a neighbour of Syria that shares in the Kurdish nightmare of having never obtained its own statehood. Finally, the Kurds should have their own state. How about Dorothy’s home, Kansas? “There’s no place like home.”
      7. Iran has no right nor any legitimate business in Syria and should get out. (It has over 100,000 troops in country. Doing what? Lobbing munitions at Israel.)
      8. Russia has at the request of Syria assisted in dealing with various terrorist groups. It seems to have a magical formula. A huge Russian Army Major comes strolling into a living room, holds out a big bear paw to shake everyone’s hands,  and says with a smile to the local HTS commander, “get your stuff together and get out of here by Tuesday or be pounded into the ground. Choose.”
        It works.
      9. America, Britain and France have been funding and arming terrorists groups (PKK / YPG) that are using child soldiers to fight Daesh and fight Turkey. Jackasses. The UN last year was exasperated at just how bad this situation has become. And the three stooges, US-France-Britain, have got thousands of kid-soldiers killed. The world is somewhat mystified but totally disgusted. Go home and leave Syria to Syrians.
      10. NATO has cracked badly as most members behave like quarreling toddlers and again gang up on member-Turkey threatening to kill the country economically. Honestly, it sounds so disgusting. Allies? Friends? That’s war, dudes. War.
        OK, so NATO can set up camps for the 20 million civilians in Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq and Syria who have been displaced in the past years since NATO, which doesn’t without Turkey speak Arabic, entered the Middle East and bombed the life out of the region. NATO needs to be reassigned to something useful. Gardening? Planting trees?  Good work NATO. Forty million lives are screwed up, a million are lost, but at least the world doesn’t need to listen to Saddam Hussein railing away. Horrible, NATO. Horrible.
      11. Turkey is not Recep Erdogan. It is a great, modern country of amazing people with centuries of art, music and indigenous traditions and culture.
      12. Syria is much the same although it also has the best olives and olive oil on Earth.
      13. PKK / YPG is not the Kurds. It is a Marxist/Leninist cult of fascists who can’t draw a real army so they kidnap children from refugee camps and brainwash child soldiers in ‘schools’ all over Europe and Asia.
      14. America is stupid and getting stupider. Fighting shoulder-to-shoulder with little girls, 13 to 15?

      15. Every terrorist leader needs to be tried for crimes against humanity. That should include Bashar al-Assad and henchmen.

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America is not in a state to run a Girl Guide troop let alone start wars. The US is likely the most dysfunctional broken democracy on the planet. The world, like many Americans, hungers for real leadership.

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