Explainer: Trump-Barr-Pompeo Treason helps Russia absorb Ukraine

Disharmony, default and division are the notable features of deals made by reality TV personality Donald Trump.

Trump is a con artist who tricked his fans and the Russian Federation to elect him President of the USA in 2016.

by Micheal John

Since the January 2017 inauguration, after Russia won Trump the election and got over a dozen of its people and three companies hauled into criminal court, the first trial being on 6 April in New York City, America has been like Kurt Sutter‘s Son’s of Anarchy character, Jax Teller, who said ‘Sh*t’s upside down man‘, with a straight face.

A byproduct of Trump’s personality-disordered divisiveness is an accidental entropy that has obfuscated like a London fog some extremely dangerous situations facing the United States. Nancy Pelosi seems to get it.

Trump's guilt. What Trump should do… Trump Confession Photo Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

The emerging danger is an incipient mega-nuclear Russia desperate to avert the brink of financial ruin caused by crippling American sanctions.

Russians never forget. This is a country that survived a 25 million person holocaust at Hitler’s dirty hands in WWII. Russian revenge against the US for forgetting that fact these 75 years is long planned and well-prepared. And probably well-deserved.

In debilitating Ukraine by hijacking its Congressionally-mandated $400m, Trump paved Moscow’s pathway to a bolstered firewall of strength against America’s sanctions and other belligerence.

Trump has even been trying to help Russia in court (trial starts 6 April 2020) by urging Ukraine to take the fall for 2016 Russian election meddling.

Sarah DiGiulio wrote an article for NBC News  in August 2018, calling psychopathic criminals, energy vampires.

“They leave you feeling drained after every conversation. They want your nonstop attention and the conversation is always about them.”

Energy vampires use division, meta-violence, and chaos to manipulate the most vulnerable in society for their own personal gain and sometimes to just entertain themselves. They attract their own kind to themselves for as long as the familiar traits help them justify their own malignancy. Then there is a fight and separation. In the meantime, nobody can figure out what just happened.

The United States Trump administration has all the oversight checks and balances twirling. It has the American people in a quandary. America is in an endless chaotic whirling fog of chaos.

Trump’s Washington has the world in disarray and today there are more wars, armed fights and riots than ever.

America has Britain turned upside down trying to exit Europe and become a US quasi-state. All of this is an inadvertent distraction to a potentially catastrophic goof that disabled Kiev’s ability to defend itself from pro-Russian rebels.


“A US President did risk Ukraine’s integrity just to join the Facebook election attack-ads regime with a truck load of foreign-generated poop against Trump’s most feared electoral opponent. With nation-state quantums of money, a state can buy the corrupted Facebook platform to declare any lie to be a truth and publish any content it wants without censorship or fact checking. Trump knows this to be true. He intended to extort Ukraine to do this or let Russia do it again. But Russia is in an awkward spot because its trial from the 2016 election fraud starts on 6 April 2020 in America. Facebook and the Russians in 2015 taught the Philippines’ Duterte and Trump how to spend gobs of money and win big. Duterte had the use of $billions that Imelda Marcos had stolen and Trump had Russian money. For Zuckerberg it is a notion worth billions over time. For Trump, it is a 100% certainty that if he runs in 2020 he will win again like he did in 2016 with the help of a foreign state.” – Editor


Watch Trump’s lack of stability, unpredictability & eventual decline into total disorder.

Probably one of the most damaging break-ups America has had with the rest of the world has been the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). It was intended to shift dozens of nations away from China toward the USA in trade action. Few people noticed this failure.

The deal went ahead without America and benefits the signatories, excluding America. Trade with “the other half of Asia” would have made a positive difference to the USA. The TPP could have mitigated the impact of trade war with China. As it stands, the American economy will likely be clobbered just in time for the 2020 election.

The TPP has since progressed without the United States, morphed into the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership, with the provisions of the TPP in force on 30 December 2018.

Enter Michael Pompeo

Since April 2018, Pompeo has served as the 70th United States secretary of state and as such he has traveled the world preaching hate for Shia Muslims, Yemeni school buses, Russia, China, Iran, North Korea and whomever else Trump hates. That has only achieved division and hatred.

In his time Pompeo has betrayed past democratic decisions of the three co-equal branches of government in the United States and both accepted and supported the violation of approved treaties and helped Trump launch new withdrawals of past American legislation and treaties.

Other significant international agreements the United States has defaulted on:

  • Intermediate Nuclear Forces Agreement
  • Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA)
  • North American Free Trade Agreement
  • The Paris Agreement on the Environment
  • United Nations Human Rights Council
  • United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees
  • United Nations cultural organization UNESCO

The ultimate Trump-Barr-Pompeo violation: Disabling Ukraine’s fight against Russia by taking Ukraine’s money.

For its various reasons the US Congress felt that it needed for the safety and security of the American people to bolster the Ukraine’s military defences against Russia and in so doing approved a $400m grant of money earmarked soley for defending Ukraine against allegedly Russian-backed rebels waging war on the Ukraine for years and completely tanking the country’s defences.

Following the 2014 secession of Crimea from Ukraine to Russia, hostilities and tensions grew between Russia and the Ukraine. US lawmakers, justifiably or not, feared the security implications of a Russia reconstituting itself as a more nuclear-powerful reincarnation of the Soviet Union. So they gave Ukraine $400m to arm its over flogged troops.

But Michael Pompeo and Donald Trump took that $400m for their own purposes in violate of the security concerns of the elected US government lawmakers.

1. Mr. Trump since being elected partly by funds and strategists of Russia, has shown strong favour for Vladimir Putin and Russia. This makes the impeachment issue at hand very scary. America doesn’t get it.

2. Russia is today vigorously supporting Donald Trump in its media and in social media.

3. Mr. Trump cancelled or delayed the Congressionally-mandated $400m for Ukraine’s defence which should have been in Kiev early July but however held it was with the full knowledge and participation of Michael Pompeo who was literally on the same phone line on 25 July despite his lies, obfuscations and denials.

4. Mr. Trump cancelled a trip of US Vice President Michael Pence to visit Ukrainian President Volodymr Zelensky in Kiev which likely would have led to an official recognition of the latest dire circumstances of the Ukraine military fighting Russian-backed pro-Russia rebels.

5. In various contacts and calls from May 2019 to September 2019 and in particular on July 25, Mr. Trump sought to use the same Facebook and Twitter tactics Rodrigo Duterte used in the Philippines in 2016 and Russia used in the USA to help Trump win. Clobber the competition with fake news attacks in Facebook almost taking over the site spending hundreds of millions of unreported campaign dollars. With Mr. Pompeo present, Trump threatened Ukrainian President Volodymr Zelensky that if he did not produce a substantial attack on Trump’s electoral competition or competitors so that he could get his new attack campaign going for the 2020 election, he would continue to withhold the Congressionally-approved funds for military assistance and let pro-Russia rebels take the Ukraine.

6. Mr. Trump and Mr. Pompeo with Mr. Barr blocking for them have used every available measure of obstruction to lie and deceive and generally obstruct justice as the US Congress tries to investigate these activities and find out why Ukraine has been unable to spend its money on weapons to help beleaguered and poorly equipped Ukrainian troops fighting pro-russian rebels seeking the takeover of Ukraine.

7. A Russia-seized Ukraine would increase the security threat of leverage against the USA and NATO, or in the alternative allow easier attacks against the United States, thinks most strategic and foreign affairs experts which the US Congress and Senate have heard from and verily believe.

8. The Trump-Barr-Pompeo malfeasance includes creating a bogus version of the “transcript” of the July 25 conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymr Zelensky. It leaves out much. Other transgressions are emerging. More lie in the shadows.

9. Donald Trump has issued meta-violence threats against any person who might cooperate with the US Congressional investigation and the so called “whistleblower”, a CIA analyst. Trump has demanded to know the identity of the whistleblower in contravention of US statutes.

10. What’s worse is that this is all happening as Trump works hard to hide worse crimes.

Michael Pompeo should resign. 02-10-2019 Michael Pompeo is implicated in lies, conspiracy to controvert the 2020 election and obstruction of justice. The swamp is not what they say. Photo Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

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