America is totally Destabilized by Dingbat Trump. Putin is a genius. [FPMag Editorial]

“President Putin sees such [right wing populist] political forces as useful tools to be manipulated, to create cracks in the European body politic which he can then exploit.” – Joe Biden (Read: 2015-05-27_Biden_transcript: speech to the Brookings Institute.)

Some historians think that if the West had acknowledged Russia’s deep sadness post-WWII, there would have been no Cold War. Certainly America and Europe, Russia’s enemies, never gave the 25 million Russian martyrs to the Nazi slaughterers an ounce of sympathy and their surviving mourners an iota of empathy.

Vladimir Putin and DOnald Trump July 16, 2018, in Helsinki, Finland. Photo Credit Jorge Silva /AP Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump 16 July 2018, in Helsinki, Finland. Photo Credit Jorge Silva /AP
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“Never again” is a sentiment that lives deep in the subconscious minds of Russians be it acknowledged or not.  I only wish I could fully tell that story and express those feelings better than this. Perhaps the “75th anniversary celebrations of the victory of Russian Federation in World War II” as they are calling it, will educate more people on who some of the real victims of WWII were in Russia and in China.

Having interviewed many WWII survivors over the decades, and sensing the depth of the emotions, I can’t help think that Russia is about to pay back America and Europe very insidiously in time for the 75th year of remembrance. In doing so, Russia and China will finally rise as the great cultures they have always been.

Politics and politicians have always had people holding their noses.  But in matters of culture and human values, it’s the ordinary people who make the difference.

[FPMag Editorial] by Micheal John

That America believes Ukraine’s Volodymyr Zelensky,  China’s Xi Jinping and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison are such flunkies they could be bullied into doing Trump’s electioneering dirty work, is pathetic and chaotic. America is very screwed up.

Three leaders now have their political careers insulted. The blowback will come at a time when it is unexpected. Subtle decisions will be taken to hit America.

Those slashes will happen frequently. Call this whatever you might like but it is simply a form of instability. Every day in this environment of entropy, Vladimir Putin looks like the quintessential statesman that he truly has become.

America was ripe for takeover.

Every nation America has touched around the world is worse off.  Country after country has been invaded and killed by America leaving populations in ruin.

Accept unscrupulous American politician’s demands or lose everything is the message.

Listen carefully to outspoken critics of the US President for they are likely honest and deeply concerned. They risk their lives and their careers by speaking out against the US President but feel their message is crucial to the process of improvement.

Trump the Whistleblower Assassin

Trump has already destroyed the life and working prospects of a CIA analyst whistleblower. That would be true unless the CIA closes ranks on its own kind and does its job of ridding America of a Russian cancer.

America has a muck-raking rabble-rousing malignant narcissist in the White House whom the Kremlin wisely chose to put in place after years of cultivating him (Read How Russia won Donald Trump the Presidency).

In some respects Donald John Trump is clearly everything American society has become around the world: an anti-social boastful liar. That is exactly what is needed to lead that dysfunctional cult faction inside America to challenge Europe and disable NATO.

The Russia/Trump Recipe for American Disaster

Trump has assailed or withdrawn from all of America’s alliances and sent the national debt skyrocketing. Among the global agreements Trump has broken are:

  • Intermediate Nuclear Forces Agreement
  • Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA)
  • North American Free Trade Agreement
  • The Paris Agreement on the Environment
  • Trans Pacific Partnership
  • United Nations Human Rights Council
  • United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees
  • United Nations cultural organization UNESCO

Putin’s Recipe for American Destabilization: Put Trumpism in the White House

Donald Trump lately picks hopeless sycophants to run his errands. He is a bully and has a patently unsuited personality disorder for public office in a democracy. But billions of dollars, much of which is obtained by immoral business practices will keep him in office for as long as he is alive. The Congress cannot impeach Trump because he will refuse to leave.

America is happy with Washington’s Bullying

A huge portion of America loves this reality show as if it is only a surrealistic ‘The Joker Movie‘ which will end when the TV is turned off.

Does Washington’s myriad of  slavishly submissive losers really seem so entertaining? Do many Americans think DC deserves this?

Yes, America looks like a collective imploding jackass because it is a collective jackass.

Donald Trump has exposed the worst of America and fed the malignancy.

It is a country governed by a corrupt administration with at least 300 deaths by shooting per day; a nation that is the match in racism and misogyny to all the countries Donald Trump has called  “sh*thole nations”, and it is a rich nation wherein its wealth is held by corrupt ruling-class billionaires who are robbing the taxpayers such that over 50 million are so poor they live under bridges across the country and on sidewalks in the inner cities. What’s worse is that every American seems to believe life can’t be any other way.

How can the world help this jackass nation? Do you need some dirt on Biden? How about some scandalous scoop on Michael Pence. Now there’s a story.

Josep Biden is the Candidate who can beat Trump in 2020 but his campaign is over. Two somewhat above average Americans who chose politics as a career. Joseph Biden is the Candidate who can beat Trump in 2020 and clean up America but his reputation is sullied by a psychopath. Biden’s image is in tatters by unlawful campaigning wherein a TV reality personality named Donald Trump that Russia chose as a US President abused hundreds of millions of taxpayers’ money to end Biden-2020.
Professor Elizabeth Warren would be the first female US President, something Republicans have vowed will never happen. Many Democrats in the most racist and misogynistic nation on Earth, feel the same.
In the end, you have Trump, guaranteed, even if he is impeached.He will just issue a Presidential memo that says he can run. When either House says he can’t he will use his veto, or something else weird like that.
Both photographs are Public Domain from Wikipedia. No favouritism. They are both grossly overused pictures. We will likely mention that Elizabeth Warren was chosen by an international Women’s group as a shero for 2018.
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Nice man, Joe Biden. But he is entering into an election campaign that could kill his career. Donald Trump has seen his chance to end Biden’s campaign. He will.

Born November 20, 1942, Vice President Biden is not too old to be President of the United States. The problem Mr. Biden has is that the current United States President has used hundreds of millions of the United States taxpayers’ money to destroy Mr. Biden’s reputation by calling him crooked and a liar who has cheated foreign governments to put money in his son’s pocket.

Trump has used direct and implied inducements to the leaders of Australia, Ukraine and China to compel them to help him win his political reelection in 2020.

In so adducing duress, threats, coercion and or inducements, the evidence obtained, should there be any, is disqualified. That won’t make any difference either.

Trump asked countries to produce statements to disparage Hunter Biden, last living child from his Joe Biden’s marriage to Neilia Biden who died in a 1972 car accident, with their baby girl.

Neila Biden, with their 13-month-old daughter, Naomi died, in a car crash in 1972. Their two boys, Hunter and Beau were seriously injured.

Neilia’s and Joe’s son Beau succumbed to cancer in 2015.

With his current wife Jill, Joe Biden has a daughter, Ashley, June 8, 1981 (age 38 years).

Trump and his well-paid henchmen like Michael Pompeo, William Pelham Barr, Rudy Giuliani, Michael Pence and countless others are every day mouthing libelous statements about Hunter Biden who is not in public office.

It doesn’t matter if  Trump’s allegations are lies. It doesn’t matter that even Trump says Biden is clean as a whistle but he thinks Hunter Biden benefitted from his Dad being Vice President because he was given Board Member appointments while Hunter, a lawyer, was a partner at Rosemont Seneca Partners, an international consulting firm that served clients from those types of roles.

Hunter served on the board of Burisma Holdings, a major Ukrainian natural gas producer, from 2014 to 2019, two years while his father was Vice President and three years since his father’s term in office. In other words, Hunter was not sitting on the Board for any reason other than his own merits.

It’s working. Joe Biden is slipping in the polls. 

Trump will use every opportunity to Libel and Slander Biden because Joe Biden Could Still Beat Donald Trump in an Election.

Joe Biden is stable, simple and like some of his greatest speeches suggest, he is able to maintain relationships with the best and the brightest minds in America and take their advice.

Thirty-Six years of being a Senator has taught Joe Biden plenty. His Democratic opponent Elizabeth Warren is a mensa genius. She is raising the quality of the debate with Joe Biden and from that, Biden is absorbing Warren’s brilliance. Reciprocating in the process, Biden is sharing four decades of political savvy in a straight edge career. Warren is obviously picking up on this. If the two become running mates in the next Presidential election, Trump would not have a snowball’s chance in hell.

If Hunter Biden sucked billions of dollars out of China, as dingbat Trump suggests, give him an effing medal. HB is a veritable wizard and thus enhances Team-Biden immensely if Hunter is willing to hang around as an adviser in the Warren-Biden/Biden-Warren administration.

Polls are Ephemeral

Hence Donald Trump is about to spend $8-10m in just a few states to destroy the reputation of Mr. Biden whose son has been involved in business dealings in countries where for a small amount of his tenure, his dad, as Vice President of the United States had foreign affairs relationships.

A sickness exploits the Office of the United States Presidency and the American taxpayers money to win an election for Donald Trump. Only a psychopath with no conscience and no moral compass could do such a thing.

Trump's guilt. Trump Confession