Nancy Pelosi may become President. Editorial

Russian sources have repeatedly told that Donald Trump’s plan, deviously thought out by Russian legal eagles, is to scuttle the Electoral College Votes (ECV), “even if it takes breaking legs before the electors cast their ballots,” which was said mockingly to reinforce the point. We are not talking about Trump’s impeachment lawyer Dershowitz, although he has nearly the same view and speculated identically to the Russians who have not accepted Biden’s win, but may soon before the cat leaps from the proverbial bag.

I must share this yarn because if I don’t, my Ruskie pals will not let up. And oh mah Gawwd, something must be done about Conrad Black’s  sycophantic Neocon-rag diatribes in support of the resurrection of Donnie-boss. Conrad, you are Donald’s boy if you hang around kissing his pony butt forever. He pardoned you, so scram. Don’t look back. He can’t unpardon you. Can he?

Editorial by Micheal John

Background Reading (This truly is an evolving story.)

1.) Trump and Kremlin secured College of Electors. America lost its claim to democracy.

Donald Trump and his Kremlin partners want you to know that, “Joe Biden and the Democratic Socialists will kill your jobs, dismantle your police departments, dissolve your borders, release criminal aliens, raise your taxes, confiscate your guns, end fracking, destroy … Continue reading ?

2.) Trump to win by ECV. Military under control; SCOTUS stacked; law firms, electors, militias pumped; Trump will steal an election

In 2016, seven Electoral College Votes (ECV) were cast by faithless electors who switched sides. They did not vote for the candidate who won the popular vote in their state. In August 2019, a federal appeals court judge panel said … Continue reading ?

Once the Electoral College is foiled from delivering its votes, by a platoon of lawyers swilling Donald Trump’s kool aid in key courtrooms, Trump-appointees presiding,  it’s a new Trumpian game that excuses the electorate from governance choices. If Trump is willing to disenfranchise some voters, like mail-in voters, his lack of conscience leaves him free for disenfranchising all voters? Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham are twitching gleefully in Trump’s corner sipping straws in the kool aid

Once neither candidate has sufficient Electoral College Votes to win the election—because the electors are in traction with plaster casts as per Boris’s suggestion or in the likely alternative that Trump’s kool aid has intoxicated his grateful judge-appointees enough they kill the ECV—the Congress’s state delegations must elect a President. Failing that the Speaker takes over. Irony of ironies?

The Republican Party has more state delegations than do the Democrats, but not all lawmakers may agree. If that were the case, according to the US Constitution, the Speaker of the House would become the US President until such time as the men stopped throwing figurative spitballs at each other like grade 5 children’s classroom battles, if ever.

Former Harvard Law School Professor (1964 – 2013) Alan Dershowitz is widely quoted saying, “I do not believe that President Trump is now trying to get to 270 ECVs. I think he thinks that’s out of the question… What he’s trying to do is to deny Joe Biden 270 votes, by challenging in Pennsylvania, Georgia, in Nevada, in Michigan, in Arizona.” SNL should bug his hotline to Moscow and play it out next Saturday.

Imagine, Nancy Pelosi, a first Woman President moreover, ‘President Nancy’ forever because these clownish old males will never sort this Trump mess out.

If Trump judge-appointees drink Trump’s Kool Aid and scuttle the Electoral College’s 306 votes for Biden, Nancy Pelosi may end up being President, then maybe America will finally get its affairs back together again.

Since the Biden / Harris team, a better candidacy by a googleplex-to-one,  has surpassed a lofty duplicity of 306, Trump’s maniacal plan has diminishing chances. If any of his lawyers were to grow a conscience they would flee the wackadoo cause realizing that their effing around is slaughtering Americans  a thousand a day or more, something Biden and Harris hope, and for sure would try, to stop.

Until then with this psychopath Trump barricaded in the White House allowing a million Americans to die of COVID-19 by next April; while terrorists are sharpening figurative spears; America with a self-loving drama-intoxicated psycho-Trump at the helm, may realize the sum of all its fears.

President 45 and President 46 Original Photograph: DoD photo by U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Marianique Santos 
Art/Cropping/Enhancement for this not so tongue-in-cheek-editorial: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine