Meng Wanzhou. Canada should roll back Trump racism. Editorial

Brainwashed by the US President who calls the novel coronavirus that is killing Americans and Canadians the “China Virus“, Canadians have come to hate the Chinese according to recent polls. In Trump’s rants he blames China for bringing the virus to North America. If the truth be told it was Europeans that brought the worst of it, and Americans mostly brought the SARS2 virus to Canada. This is traceable based on the genomic sequence of the virus as shown in the graph below.

by Micheal John with Melissa Hemingway


North America. Transmission of COVID-19 disease for Canada mostly from Europe & USA, not China.


So now Canada is just as racist as America. And Canadians in Toronto are defying quarantine rules and raising hoopla in the streets against wearing masks and general public health guidelines. Is it really Canada anymore?

Canadians could lose their country.

Trumpism has spread to Canada and while signs of racial violence toward Asians increases, every day the Conservative Party leader bends over backwards to sound more like Trump.

Meanwhile, Canadian women of Chinese origin say they live in fear for the safety of their children and their selves.

And epidemiology models look like Canada is headed into a severe humanitarian disaster that has barely begun.

It is sick. When the state encourages racist violence, it will be done.

There is no way any attack of Donald Trump on a woman
can pass the stink test. On this matter, Justin Trudeau, partnering with Trump to kidnap a woman, stinks as well. People make mistakes but good people fix them fast. If the “devil made me do it” is the excuse, the devil is gone. There is no more excuse.

But Trudeau may be covered for now. Three out of four Canadians say they hate China and Chinese.

Not fixing the Meng Wanzhou issue fast and getting  the two Michaels home on a prisoner swap is not only egregious but stupid. We don’t need stupid leaders. China has given Canada an option and an easy way out under the rules of war. And this has been a war with China since the grab of Meng Wanzhou from an airplane in Vancouver on 1 December 2018.

If this type of bogus arrest were to have happened to Ivanka Trump or to Ella-Grace Margaret Trudeau, there would be a frantic rage on the Canadian side. Instead it is a dirty trick played against China.

A prisoner exchange. China has been gracious. Those who understand the culture see how a door was opened for Canada. Some of the best minds allied with the Canadian Liberal government have seen this as the best way out for a long time. But Trump took precedence with Trudeau.

Grabbing Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou as what amounts to a political prisoner on 1 December 2018 was the biggest flub of a Canadian Prime Minister in a century. Trudeau took Canada to war with a friend, China, without parliamentary consent and lost his majority in 2019’s election.

Meng is accused of fraud in the United States for allegedly lying in a PowerPoint presentation to an HSBC executive about Huawei’s control of a subsidiary accused of violating U.S. economic sanctions against Iran. FPMag has seen the documents and confirmed that Sabrina Meng was not telling a lie in fact a deeper read of the documents including pages left out of evidence before the Court show complete disclosure. The legal process has not come to the point of examining the allegations and evidence as it runs through a series of cumbersome procedural issues.

Those procedural issues include the clear fact the arrest was so fraught with alleged Constitutional rights violations and that at least one witness, a Canada Border Services Agent who allegedly gave Meng’s device passwords to the FBI before an arrest was made, is hiding in China and refusing to testify for the reason of “Witness Safety’.

The process seems to be moving smoothly in a well-run Court. This bodes well for Meng’s case.  Nevertheless, the fact that years of her life are being consumed with this outrage at the whim of the psychopath in the White House who declared he would use Meng as a bargaining chip in the trade talks with China, if that became a useful lever.  Trump is the quintessential misogynist besides holding the record for the most lies told while in office. That would include his outrageous lies about how he won re-election on 2020 and his dozens of court cases filed to claim his alleged victory, none of which ever happened.

 China was a viable trade partner diversification for Canada. Gone but not forgotten by those Canadians who need the business today.

Now Canada is the most badly treated, non-incorporated, dependent State of the United States, and many Canadians say they resent that.

That Canada catered to a Donald Trump whim for malfeasance there is little doubt say US security officials not connected to the matter but opinionated nonetheless. One other comment from several ‘spooks’ was surprising to some extent.

The Anglophone-only Five Eyes security intelligence club is “entirely manipulated by the United States for its own purposes and concerns for the other members are occasionally negotiated as needed, but must maintain the American orientation.”

In the case of Meng Wanzhou the group had no interest until in August 2018 when Trump and his administration constructed a plan to “grab her” as a trade ploy that would most hurt China’s Huawei, a global leader in super-high-tech communications technology that the United States has been unable to compete with.

Meng is the daughter of Huawei’s founder and its Chief Financial Officer.

What is of particular interest is that there were several countries Ms. Meng was visiting but Canada was chosen because “we were better able to manipulate that government“. We asked others besides the first source and the result was unanimous. security sources are people known for years who are familiar with the matter but who were not authorized to comment and thus requested anonymity.

Royal Canadian Navy frigate HMCS Ottawa, Pacific Ocean 07.24.2018. Photo Credit: USN Petty Officer 2nd Class Devin Langer 

The picture and its story.  This is the Royal Canadian Navy frigate HMCS Ottawa (FFH 341) which transited the Formosa (Taiwan) Straight, thumbing Canada’s nose at China and its dispute with Taiwan over sovereignty issues, 9 and 10  November 2019, alongside the US Navy. China was annoyed, to say the least, but did not sink the ship, obviously.

China has appointed a new Ambassador to Canada as did Canada for China. China’s conduct has been rational, measured and has not slammed any doors. This would be a good time to open doors.

Canada must Choose between the Global View or the American View.  That means choose between Sustainable Human Development or Violence.

Choose between the Global View or the American view. That is Sustainab;e Human development versus Violence. Canada must Choose between the Global View or the American view.
That means choose between Sustainable Human Development or Violence.

 Some items of recent news could be encapsulated with the phrase, “the marginalization of people who support Meng Wanzhou,” as nobodies. But despite the marginalization by the ruling class, the supporters for Meng’s release are a wide range of respected Canadians.

 “Zoom to Free Meng Wanzhou” is the name of an  online panel discussion scheduled by a group of experts from research institutes and universities on Tuesday evening.

The Canadian Green Party’s Paul Manly, whose head is now on the block in some quadrants of Ottawa,  was included among the speakers who participated in the forum along with the New Democratic Party’s Niki Ashton and former Cabinet minister Jane Philpott.

“I don’t consider this as a rally to free Meng Wanzhou; I consider this a debate about how we get ourselves out of that situation, and that lies squarely with the Trump administration,” Manly told the media.

“Donald Trump abused the trust of Canadian authorities and abused international diplomatic norms. The timing of Meng’s arrest in Vancouver was a cynical manipulation of the Trump administration,” said Manly.


The case of the Two Michaels

Canadians Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig were arrested by China for spying.  According to the Canadian Prime Minister, this happened in retaliation for the cartoon-caper of grabbing Meng Wanzhou, CFO of Huawei, off a connecting flight to Mexico at the request of the Donald Trump administration on 1 December 2018.

Canada claims that the arrest of Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig was a retaliation to its Meng kidnap.

Prisoner swaps are nothing new in warfare, and that’s what Trudeau has launched.

But long before this time, there was a problem. If Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig were Chinese doing what these two men were doing but doing them for China against America, inside America, they would have been arrested there as well.

Michael Kovrig has been in CHina's sights for some time.

Arrested by China on 10 December 2018, Michael Kovrig, of The International Crisis Group, worked for private, intelligence gathering entity, one that works for the US Government.

This intelligence gathering operation, because Kovrig’s employer was not properly registered in China as an NGO, was cause for Kovrig’s arrest. This is nothing new.

A local warrant had been prepared in late spring 2018 but was shelved.

Kovrig has been in China gathering intelligence for his employer on China and has been in China’s sights for some time.  Photo Credit: Website Screen Capture. It would ordinarily be very hard to prove that Kovrig’s so-called spying was to the detriment of China, and a deeper look would more likely show that the data gathered could be used to enhance relationships between potential industrial partners. Investigations of this type took place before Apple and China made their respective arrangements to build the iPhone in China, as an example.

Kovrig’s activities were deemed worrisome but then moved to ‘benign’. Then came Kovirig’s relationship with Michael Spavor  which has both sides in a quandary.

Spavor is a North Korean specialist. He made a business bringing tourists into China and then into the DPRK.

The sources for this information are part of the information tree but not at source which lately is well and truly tight. 

China was not sleeping through these times, watching always with one eye open. Tourists? All being tourists? Western politicians can think what they like, but in Beijing, if it smells like a fish, swims like a fish, and when approached by investigators, flops like a fish, it is a fish.

China’s leadership looks at Pyongyang as a big bomb sitting on a colossus  comprised of thousands of barrels of gasoline, in an outdoor smoking section near ‘The Great Hall of the People’,  a state building located at the western edge of Tiananmen Square in Beijing.

Why try to kill Huawei? The allegation is that the tech giant might share user data with its government. Well.  All tech firms collect too much information and they all sell it to third parties including governments.

The Trump administration has been able to ban the sale of Huawei and ZTE products in many countries. Crippling the company’s upper management is just another cut.

Sadly, the outcome has been to disadvantage lower income users in America in the millions, people who cannot afford the American-backed products, like Apple and Samsung which products, ironically, are also made in China. The US Administration is able to control those companies and obtain their data sets which is basically what America accuses China of doing.

Huawei and ZTE plus other China-made smartphones, including made-in-China iPhones, collect data from their users. That is also true of cooperating platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and various units of Google which distributes the Android operating system.  The same is true for the number one seller, Samsung in South Korea. The updates for any single phone are selected from a catalogue of unique parameters to which the usage of the phone is characterized and catalogued.

A user who bought their phone, for example in Billings, Montana but was posted to Malaysia for five years, and conducted all communications in Malay, would not benefit from having maps of Billings and all communications in English. But that’s the end of any practical argument for the data collection apart from emergency services as per global standards compliance.

Ironically the United States tech companies have far more complaints and heavy Court-imposed penalties than other nation, for illegitimately exploiting user data.

America has not kept up on technology development. The best equipment in the world is made in Asia. But attacking the work of Asia by kidnapping its women executives is the work of slipshod bullying at the highest levels.

Lawfare” is Warfare and this Meng kidnap is anti-Asian racism  that raises tensions causing interlinked animosity and aggression that stretches through the ranks of hundreds of millions of people.

Destroying years of bridge building  across difficult cultural challenges would be made a crime if the victim impact were to have any standing.

The divisiveness, aggression, bullying, racism and misogyny of the Trump Administration will spread like ink in a blotter doing endless damage for years to come. And the Canadian Prime Minister signed up for that. Ego and disordered personalities are served. But governments are failing the people. North America is in a sad state.


The best remedy is not to try and quash the advancement of Asians but instead to compete in a civil and structured manner, advancing technology, and not quashing the technology developed by others but improving on it for benefit to the stakeholders. Which stakeholders?  The electorates of these countries—the human race, which is so far forgotten by people like Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau, that humans don’t even have clean air to breathe and have never benefitted from pandemic-prepared governments they funded.

Suggesting that Meng Wanzhou has done anything wrong or illegal is preposterous. It appears racist and misogynistic because there is not a smidgeon of evidence to support any criminality argument. It’s another one of Trump’s nonsense claims like he is doing in dozens of precincts in the USA election of 3 November.

The Meng case is based on extorted testimony from HSBC and illegally obtained information from an unlawful search and seizure in Vancouver outside the bounds of Canadian law, allowed so that certain Canadian officials get another bottle of good Scotch at Christmas time, or whatever.

The precepts of America’s argument why Canada and other nations should join the campaign to quash Asian technology are both flawed and in violation of global values and human development. This will not go unforgiven and will have a high price for politicians who pursue this form of aggression.

Whereas China may continue to live in a “the-world-is-against-me” paradigm, all cultures need to trade in tolerance even if understanding is escaping the slower minds.

Ottawa’s and Washington’s dissemination of anti-Sino hatred is reprehensible; shameful and unworthy.

Let there be no doubt that the Meng Wanzhou matter  is a women’s rights issue.

It is about the right to be in the boardroom as a woman without gender-based persecution.

China feels the same way. Nobody should be surprised if at some time in the future should events continue this war path, a Canadian warship in the Formosa strait, is sunk by China, because that is what happens in wars; wars like the one started on 1 December in Vancouver. Canada should not be starting any wars with anyone.

Prisoner exchanges are also part of the rules of war. Classifying this kidnap as an act of war makes every step from the China side fall into place. Why? Because Beijing is on a restrained war footing; it sees this conduct as an act of war and played it out that way.

Canada, is now threatened in its very existence because of its adoption of Trumpism.

Make no mistake about it, the charges against the two Michaels have only one outcome if they remain on this path. They will be no more.

Justin Trudeau started a war with a friend of Canada. He must  fix it. It is time to put arrogance aside and put the Canadian people ahead of your ego.


Canadian women will not likely accept Trudeau dragging Canada into a bloody war alongside America, against China which has acted to protect the rights of the woman, Meng Wanzhou. Following the rules of the war Trudeau started, a prisoner exchange is called for. It needs to happen.


Micheal John for Feminine-Perspective Magazine