Editorial. Happy Thanksgiving, America. And speaking of Turkeys,

Giving thanks that the Golfing Gobbler Goes!

Thanksgiving Day – Thursday 26 Nov., 2020 –  HAPPY THANKSGIVING.

According to Sonya: “Congratulations on throwing out a rotten Turkey. The golfing gobbler was a racist and misogynist and your bad was putting the dirty old turkey in the White House behind the president’s desk issuing orders like “grab the brats from the mothers’ arms and throw them in cages”. Some of those children have now grown up to be toddlers in cages.”

“This doesn’t mean that we don’t have to listen to dirty jokes about him grabbing our vulva, but we don’t have to accept the fact that you engrandized this type of conduct.

“You came from a woman’s womb. How could you do this? Do you know what psychiatrists say about people who defile their mothers?”, says Sonya of The RINJ Foundation‘s renowned security team.

Sonya is the one who in 2012, sold us all on heading to Syria after another creep, Bashar al-Assad, was caught slaughtering kids of his political opposition and publishing the murders on YouTube to discourage his political opposition. It was the year Mika Yamamoto died in Syria. We went.

Three of Sonya’s team members, all former soldiers like her, were killed over five years, but every doctor and nurse and women’s shelter worker under their protection, survived. None of us admitted the fact that we all walked away with significant PTSD, but we walked away whole. Some are still in Syria, some in the Philippines, Ghana, Venezuela, Colombia, Yemen and a small number in Iraq,

The point is that, when Sonya speaks, people listen and I mean really jump, because she has never said anything that wasn’t totally solid. She doesn’t say much but when she does, it is gold. You can go to the bank with that gold.

So what’s the point with that?  You screwed up badly, America. Pulling babies out of mothers’ arms and putting kids in cages? WTF is the matter with you?

Around the world there is a changed view of America and it will be difficult to undo. That may go faster now that it is clear Americans have elected a team of the most compassionate, empathic, and yes the strongest group of experts to turn things around.

Yes, there is much to be thankful about.

My Dear Americans, things may suck at the moment, but overall,  Americans, and all of us in fact, have a lot to be thankful for.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, dear friends

Thanksgiving Day - Thursday 26 Dec. 2020 - Giving thanks that the Golfing Gobbler Goes HAPPY THANKSGIVING Thanksgiving Day – Thursday 26 Nov. 2020 – Giving thanks that the Golfing Gobbler Goes
HAPPY THANKSGIVING Original photo taken from a YouTuibe Video — Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

by Melissa Hemingway

Watch: We like the words of one of our sisters.

“Thanksgiving is about taking time to appreciate the things around us as well as give to others. This year in particular, I am thankful for our frontline workers in our hospitals, child care centers, grocery stores, and everyone else who put their lives on the line to protect our families from COVID-19. As the weather gets colder and as cases continue to skyrocket, we must do everything we can to protect these heroes on the front lines,” said Governor Whitmer.

“We all have a role to play to keep our family, friends, neighbors, and frontline workers safe. I know this year will be different, but to protect our families, frontline workers, and small businesses, we must make short-term sacrifices for our long-term health.”

Last week, Governor Whitmer and MDHHS issued new orders for her state, limiting indoor gatherings where COVID-19 spreads rapidly. These steps are what the public health experts say we need to take to avoid overwhelmed hospitals and death counts like we saw in the spring. Doing this will also protect the medical workers, first responders, and other essential workers putting their lives on the line to protect us.


Another sister, Vice President (elect) Kamala Harris, has posted the message of her President.

Hope you like it too.