American psychopathy. USA media is a blood saturate. Editorial

The character of murderers is shaped by fear of their own kind. Nothing could be more true about the character of America, than this.

Five good people, civilians, are dead and others are injured and all CNN can think of to say for two days is ‘hah hah Iran sure is humiliated because anyone can go in there and kill their top scientists’.

American psychopathy has permeated the American brains such that everyone in America thinks that violent murder is OK. Killers all live in fear of their own kind and shape their personality with that fear in the absence of sympathy, empathy and human affection.

This comes from the country that had a fortress embassy in Tehran on 4 November 1979, that was taken over by a random gaggle of misguided college boys and girls who protested American meddling in their country.

The kids climbed the walls around the US Embassy compound.

These children of unsuspecting, but worried mothers, occupied the USA embassy building.

The teens took all but six of the occupants, prisoner, and politely held them captive for 14 long months, treating them as kindly as they could.

Not the Iranian government, but a bunch of kids did that seizing of the American embassy in Tehran.

Somebody should tell the arrogant morons who ridicule five grieving families, this among a history of thousands of murders, is not just a humiliation. It’s an egregious set of murders like the mass murder of 12 on 3 January 2020 in Baghdad.

Whatever Americans think they must despise in Iran, they put it there themselves. America added to its own collective, racist, hate-filled character, one that emerged from the loss of their slaves and that continues in a broader context today.

The state of Iran has in the last forty-five years been a target of American bullying and it has become a nation under siege; a nation bullied long before the occupation of the Tehran embassy by a collective psychopathic murderous rogue state that may as well know what the other side is saying.

One of the children of a person in the second car that was attacked said, paraphrased from an emotion farsi rant,  “Nature is being wise to kill the blight that infests the world, the America,” probably referring to the COVID-19 pool of death the USA has been sinking itself into.

We know this attack near Tehran is the work of American contractors who also have worked in Yemen. We know this because medical workers in the region, especially women, hear everything and see most.

This is not very clever, not daring, it is just murder in the absence of sympathy, remorse, and human affection. This is pure hatred inviting more of its kind.

Murderers have nobody’s respect. A murderer will always live in fear of their own kind and go through life with a personality shaped by that fear.

Peace and diplomacy, kindness and self-sacrifice, are how one earns respect in this world.

Kenneth Douglas Taylor, OC, October 5, 1934 – October 15, 2015 Feminine Perspective Magazine editorial on the murders in five families of Iran, 27 November 2020.
Peace and diplomacy, kindness and self-sacrifice, are how one earns respect in this world.