Donald Trump tweets. Twitter says whoa. CNN team arrested. US Constitution trashed.

The pain and anger in Minnesota worsens. Cops just arrested a non-white reporter for being non-white in retaliation against the black people who burned down the police station of the cop who killed a black man in custody.

Trump era antagonism toward the Press gets CNN crew arrested. Image on the left is CNN camera being carried by a police officer, still reporting live, among a throng of angry cops that arrested CNN crew members filming their conduct and dragged them off the scene after the reporter asked many times where would you like us to be. Cops surrounded the cameraman, grip, producer and announcer. Trump era antagonism toward the Press gets CNN crew arrested in Minnesota moments ago. Photo Credit: Screen shot.

Trump tweets a threat and CNN goes down. Just like that.

The 1st Amendment rights in the United States just went out the window.

American cops have been killing black men for years. Normally they get away with it. This week they are under a lot of pressure from the media which is voicing the words of the people. The people in Minnesota say they want justice. They and their Mayor publicly said they want the murderers arrested for committing murder. That seemed to make sense until the National Guard and State Police descended on the city after the people had gone home carrying jugs of milk and parcels of food they had looted from downtown stores before the burned down the police precinct building.

One might wonder of Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis, the authors of  “Robin Hood’s” escapades might have seen the justice in the jugs of milk and bags of food.

The disastrously mismanaged COVID-19 epidemic in America has according to some scientists slaughtered as many as 200,000 Americans, mostly African American families.

Early in the week, an especially nice black man died in police custody while he was handcuffed, held down on the ground with a 200 pound police officer kneeling on his throat and neck for about eight minutes. Mr. George Floyd said he was dying and asked if he could see his mother before he died.

As it became clear that there would be no arrests in the matter, as happens usually, the community began taking to the streets.

In the past 24 hours, property damage in Minneapolis-St Paul and looting has taken place.

Today the police were told off by throngs of angry community members who coming out of many weeks of coronavirus lockdown, pushed into stores and “stole quarts of milk and food”, say reporters on the scene.

State law enforcement, angry with media coverage of events, and insulted by the public’s burning of the police precinct  in Minneapolis just arrested a reporter who was asking “where do you want us to stand”. Three days earlier  four of those cops killed a black man and none of the four were arrested.

Police arrested the non-white CNN reporter and ignored the CNN white reporter.

Trump stirs up the violence

Feminine-Perspective Magazine Trump orders violent action in Minnesota. Cops arrest three CNN reporters after interviewing the Mayor who said he wanted to see the killers of George Floyd arrested. The public took to the streets after public officials said there may be justification for the murder of George FLoyd. THat statement was withdrawn but it was too late. The public burned down the police precinct building and then went home. The cops were apparently insulted by the media covering this insult and arrested CNN’s crew of three.

The Minnesota State governor has just apologised for the arrest and will try to cause the release of the journalists.

Police arrest non-white CNN reporter allowing White Reporter to continue reports. Update: According to the released team, Police say they were “Under Orders” from on-High to arrest the non-white CNN reporter allowing the CNN White Reporter to continue reports. But CNN’s reporter kept the camera rolling. The reporter who deserves highest accolades was clearly acting in a lawful manner with more than that, the utmost of courtesy. Photo Credit: Live Video Capture Photo Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine