94,000 USA Pandemic Deaths. Start protecting life.

This massacre of Americans was not inevitable it was calculable based on incompetent leadership of Donald Trump.  Trump is a selfish, lying killer who with his decimation of the CDC and his disabling the WHO has committed grave crimes against humanity and he will be charged say numerous human rights defenders.

Trump’s latest election promise is a fully approved new technology messenger-RNA vaccine for January if elected in November.

“Nonsense,” say experts. “None of his promises have come true and this is as reliable as his suggestion of ingesting disinfectants.”

By the time that happens it will likely be a posthumous event for Trump and his peers. Trump’s path for America is only self-destruction. The White House is infected and not even the President is wearing a respirator.

US death rates from the current pandemic are much higher than reported based on individual health unit reports. FPMag and its partners are gradually learning the full depth of the problem.

The US States that are telling lies tend to be States controlled by the US President’s political party. That is an ominous warning that the entire process of health care has become a political process and those persons not supporting the reelection of the US President are expendable. American readers should take precautions accordingly.

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The United States situation is out of control and Americans are in extreme danger.

  1. Wash your hands often and do not touch your face.
  2. Stay home and do not engage with other persons unless they are known to be disease-free and you are wearing a respirator, gloves and know full well, having trained and practiced  how to wear both protective devices.
  3. Stay healthy by eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly and building a strong family based on caring and sharing.
  4. Assume that over 30 million Americans are contagious spreaders of the illness and that this number is increasing at an incredible rate. Blame anyone you want but it makes no difference if you die. The problem is a virus, not any human except your leaders.

Yes. Wear a mask. Wear an N95 

 American media argues that you should just wear a scarf and that way the public does not use a mask that health care workers might need. But this publication is written by health care workers who prefer that you not ever become another host of the coronavirus.

COVID-19 is a respiratory disease and every person has the right to know the truth about that. You must protect your respiratory system to be safe. Protecting every single person from this disease is the mission and the only mission. Don’t give it one more host. That’s how you can help health care frontliners.

Wear a respirator. Opening of  America was a bad idea for May. You will not be saving Trump’s hotels and the American Economy. Protect every single life.

At publication time this was the summary of COVID-19 infections based on what each country reported using clinical diagnostics and RT-PCR tests for COVID-19.

You can read the updated  data here.

  1. We know 232 countries/regions report 2,545,570 cases are still under treatment of a total 4,580,160 cases.
  2. Our algorithm shows 88.7 million cases including very minor or asymptomatic cases.
  3. Calculated mortality rate of reported cases: 6.659 %
  4. Estimated total mortality rate of all cases: 0.285 %

Current USA data is terrifying in both fact and prognosis.

13 Jul 2024


Follow the CDC Advice