US NSA John Bolton is a live Vaccine. Vaccines Work.

You might not be listening to the cacophony that is background to the daily news. has been digging deeply into that chatter and when Trump says he tempers National Security Advisor Bolton’s ideas, one must remember that good vaccines are often attenuated to reduce the virulence of a pathogen, but still keeping it viable. Mr. Bolton may have finally come into his own time of ultimate viability.

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  • Pathogens that threaten humans must be defeated.
  • The human population may need help rising to the task of defeating some pathogens.
  • Vaccines must stimulate antibodies to address pathogens with intended morbidity while not harming hosts.
  • The vaccine must save harmless all victims of the pathogen equably including men women and children no matter their race, colour or creed.

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The photo and its story. Iran announced it is partially withdrawing from the 2015 nuclear deal (JCPOA) one year after the US under the orders of US President Trump pulled out of an accord which limited Tehran’s ability to produce nuclear weapon fuel.

Read if you wish -> The Iran Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) July 14, 2015 Joint Comprehensive-Plan-of-Action-(JCPOA)-Iran-Nuclear-deal

Above Photo Credit: White House official photo of NSA John Bolton and a YouTube Video Capture of Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani making his JCPOA
partial-withdrawal statement.

Photo Art: Rosa Yamamoto


The Cartel of the Suns run by Maduro is a leading South American drug trafficking, arms dealing, money laundering & murder syndicate. This brought to Maduro some strange bedfellows: China, Russia and Iran.

The photo and its story. This is what a human pathogen looks like. Technically that description fails but figuratively it makes sense. The Cartel of the Suns enabled and in a de facto sense run by Maduro and colleagues is a leading South American drug trafficking, arms dealing, money laundering & murder syndicate.

This activity plus Venezuela’s rich oil reserves brought to Maduro some strange bedfellows: China, Cuba, Russia and Iran. China’s conduct has been humanitarian. The humanitarianism stops at Beijing. All of the rest are unscrupulous and both power and greed-driven. They are also in the wrong back yard.

There are groups of the purest of criminals on Earth within the branches of the Armed Forces and paramilitary of Venezuela such as the Venezuelan Army, Venezuelan Navy,  and Venezuelan National Guard; from the lowest to the highest levels of personnel.
Photo Credit: Caracas TV Screen Capture.
Photo Art: Rosa Yamamoto

More than one American has Called Out Maduro but of Senator Marco Rubio and NSA John Bolton, the latter is the Vaccine

19 July 2018 Source

If John Bolton were to be looked at as a vaccine for humanity’s ails, as he more or less claims to be, and as having the capability of surgically attacking and ridding pathogens without collateral damage, he would need to get rid of some of the cult-like quirks of the class of people he belongs to as a NeoCon.

Putting it succinctly, Bolton must stop hating women; rid himself of religious fanaticism; and end his loathing of non-whites; all in order to be an effective immunization helper of mankind.

Looking at Iran’s Ali Khamenei, his sock-puppet Hassan Rouhani, and Venezuela’s Nicholas Maduro, its easy to see Mr. Bolton has targeting accuracy and is tracking how to be an effective vaccine for much of the despotism that impacts mankind, but his effectiveness is no good if randomized. Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli (better known as “Fonzie” or “The Fonz“) often said ‘you only ever need to punch someone once and hard, then tell that story to everyone’. What he meant was that teaching despots and bullies a lesson required taking one of them out while being a saviour to their victim.

Vaccine that is Women Hating Won’t Work

Neocons are Misogynists

The Trump Administration’s global gag order on women’s reproductive rights and the conduct of NeoCons in the response to Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s rape attempt raised during his Supreme Court candidacy evaluation tells a big story.

NeCons wish to control women’s reproductive anatomy and tend to favour the “Boys will be Boy’s” defence that NeoCons themselves invented and continue to use as a criteria for jurists and the judiciary when their buddies rape women and girls.

Katie Alsop of The RINJ Foundation which acronym spells out “Rape is no Joke”, claims that, “despite US Republican protest, the Trump administration backed Alabama Senate Candidate Roy Moore and disregarded some very serious allegations of sexual violence against women.”

She notes that, “National Republican Senatorial Committee chairman Cory Gardner, has been quoted in November 2017 saying he  believes Mr Moore’s accusers ”spoke with courage and truth’, so compelling were the witnesses’ evidence.”

Confirming Ms. Alsop’s comments, the BBC quoted Senator Gardner on 17 November 2017, as having said publicly that, “If he [Roy Moore] refuses to withdraw and wins, the Senate should vote to expel him, because he does not meet the ethical and moral requirements of the United States Senate.”

At the same time, Ms. Alsop claims that a member of Moore’s team either with or without his knowledge but admittedly as part of the NeoCon movement tried to con the Washington Post into publishing a faked allegation of sexual wrongdoing with the intent of ridiculing and discrediting all claimants.

The Washington Post’s fact checkers would not be fooled.

“Also, Post reporters discovered a GoFundMe crowd funding page on which someone with the same name as the woman stated, “I’ve accepted a job to work in the conservative media movement to combat the lies and deceipt [sic] of the liberal MSM.” – Wikipedia Editors

Moore lost his bid at that time. 

"Brennus and His Share of the Spoils", by Paul Jamin, 1893.


NeoCons favour the Sunnis for their oil money but picking sides in the Sunni-vs-Shiite conflict is a fool’s game say some students.

Some students seem to think the difference in the two rites of Islam is inconsequential and that Muslims should not allow their communities to be stirred by Western narratives.

Some non-Muslim and even Muslim observers have simplistic definitions of the two religious sects.

Hence yesterday, conducted a casual interview with a Shiite from Yemen, two Sunnis from Saudi Arabia and a Shiite from Iran which resulted in a reasonably agreed conclusion. We agreed to use no personal names and not to use the international University’s name so that everyone could speak freely.

These men decided, and this is a straw poll consensus, that Sunnis chose Abu Bakr, the prophet’s adviser, to become the first caliph following Mohammad.

Shiites, the students agree,  favoured successor Ali who is a cousin of Muhammad and his son-in-law. Ali and his successors are called imams are respected as descendants of Muhammad.

Rivalries tend to be more along economic lines, and the oppressiveness of America, the students suggest.

Maybe that could be expressed another way. The West has promoted divisiveness because in the past, when Shia and Sunni powers coalesce, the West gets the boot from the Middle East? That happened in the early 1920s. More on that later. Found a Professor with a Similar but More Profound Explanation

Doctor Juan Cole, a professor of history at the University of Michigan says that the difference between Shiite and Sunni Muslims can be explained in behaviour comparisons to Christian religion.

He says, “Shiites are more like traditional Catholics in venerating members of the holy family and attending at their shrines. Contemporary Salafi Sunni Islam is more like the militant brand of Protestantism of the late 1500s that denounced intermediaries between God and the individual and actually attacked and destroyed shrines to saints and other holy figures, where pleas for intercession were made.”

At some point in history, the arguments between Shiites and Sunnis stopped. In fact recorded history doesn’t show much in the way of great difficulty between the two that modern Westerners seem to allude to although the recent stirrings in Saudi Arabia since Mohammad Bin Salman (MbS) came to defacto power might prove another theory of Dr. Cole.

Before we get to that it should be noted that by the early 1900s, the two sects were working in unison to oust the British from the Middle East. Since 1922 the King of Iraq followed by Saddam Hussein managed to coalesce Sunni, Shia and Kurdish groups to hold that country together and at times, prospered. It was only the West and its violence plus corrupt “Oil for Food Program”, that ended the prosperity of Iraq and set the country ablaze in chaos.

Without a doubt, America’s imperialistic wars since 1950 have unsettled mankind and killed many millions in all of Asia.

Dr. Cole commented notably on 13 June 2014, hours before ISIS declared a Caliphate in Mosul Iraq that “the kind of sectarian fighting we’re seeing now in Iraq is new in its scale and ferocity, and it was the Americans who unleashed it.”

But John Bolton wants to Kill Iran not because he didn’t like Ali as a chosen successor to Muhammad but because of Iran’s nuclear ambition.

John Bolton doesn’t have an empathetic bone in his body and will never really understand what’s going on around him if feeling the emotions of other humans is required.

But the unfeeling characteristic of the entire Trump Administration and its colossal charismatic foozling of the ordinary human is a thing to fear, not admire.

John Bolton should fear the place he has got himself into because there is nobody around him to muzzle his outrageous leaps of extremism.

The 27th National Security Advisor of the United States is probably one of the most bizarre political hacks in the Trump administration. John Bolton was given a job in the George W. Bush administration by the religious NeoCons who helped that President get elected and then wage an oil war in Iraq for the benefit of greedy oil barons.

Bolton is much like the crazy Texas Republican who says that immunization vaccines are part of a sorcerer’s conspiracy against the United States. But ironically he himself is a live vaccine. He has the ability and the potential to attack and kill some of the worst human pathogens who impoverish and abuse enormous masses of people in the hundreds of millions. Bolton can enhance human development by ridding humans of the worst psychopaths among us.

Donald Trump says he is able to restrain Bolton, but Donald Trump according to hundreds of outspoken psychologists and psychiatrists is a psychopath with malignant narcissistic traits. He is more likely to ‘sic Bolton‘ on a problem during one of his manic or psychotic episodes stimulated by cutting criticism.

Bolton is not really crazy. He lacks empathy and hence has no ability to restrain his wildest thoughts, like murdering everyone in Tehran including Hassan Rouhani.

Nobody has much liking for the cruelly oppressive crazies who run Iran and sometimes the thought may enter a mind that a few well placed bullets to the brain might solve a problem or two but they don’t say it or do that. It’s really only the business of the people of Iran.

When ten million Iranians hit the streets in Tehran with protest signs either in fact or in some kind of protest equivalent, then people like Bolton can ask if the Iranians need help like he did in Venezuela, legitimately, but until then, or until there is a real world government, it’s Iran’s problem and Iran’s business.

Extraordinarily, Bolton has a bee in his bonnet for Nicholas Maduro and the collective leadership of Iran.

Bolton Could not be more correct on Venezuela

Maduro although he demonstrates the intellectual might of a cockroach, is so far left leaning he is coming up on the far right as a NeoCon. He is no more of a communist or a socialist than is Bolton. Maduro is a thief and a thug. He is a selfish cockroach with the  same uncanny ability to survive.

How do you kill cockroaches? At some point in places like Manila, Delhi or Mumbai, its not worth the bother because others will arrive to infinitude. If you want to proceed and kill the cockroach anyway you must spray him with his poison. Ironically soap works. Then you must crush him thoroughly. Then you must flush him. Then you better watch out that he may still be alive and eventually reproducing.

Bolton has never talked much about the evil Omar al Bashir, who just got ousted from Sudan after spending from 1989 to 2019 doing one after another serious crimes. Reading the ICC list of  crimes against humanity by any definition is instructive. Please tell Mr. Bolton to read that. Why was not Bolton’s style of lethal force used to stop those crimes against humanity?

How could humans allow a world where murderers kill good people like Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy yet don’t use lethal force to stop people like the Myanmar Generals who caused the slaughters and rapes of 750,00 Rohingya humans.

Bolton ignores the contemptible mass-murderer who runs the Philippines; he hasn’t much to say about the ultimate mess-maker Bashar al-Assad and the bloodthirsty, power-crazed Mohammed bin Salman who murdered and dismemberd Jamal Khashoggi and  just finished publicly chopping the heads of 37 mostly Shiite Muslims mostly because they were Shia Muslims whom he suspected favoured Iran in the Western stimulated Saudi-Iran dispute.

Bolton, if he really was who he says he is could fill a very useful role in this time period of having a cockroach as US President in the White House.

John Bolton must get very frustrated.

Vladimir Putin, the world’s number one statesman, recently (last Friday) talked Trump out of sending military force to Venezuela.Trump now brags that he has had to throttle back Mr. Bolton.

But NSA Bolton is dead right about Nicholas Maduro. Mr. Bolton is also correct about the scumbag running Syria and the oppressive power-zealots running Iran.


Feminine Perspective:

If one observes that a person or persons is using lethal force to abuse another person, especially women and children, and very specifically that means one must be observing the person committing the crime or doing similar acts contiguous to the first crime that display intent to repeat that same crime against a different victim, then one is authorized by extension of the self-defence rule, to act in favour of the victim using a force commensurate with the force used against the victim.

Here are some suggestions where this may apply:

  • An ISIS warlord in Mosul, Iraq, who kidnaps, rapes and or kills little girls and young ladies and who is observed in the conduct of these crimes.
  • Thugs who line up persons to be stoned or beheaded and observed in the act of doing this. Moreover, anyone observing such a crime has a fiduciary responsibility and possibly a legal obligation to stop the crime from being committed. There is no common law anywhere that supports public beheading or crucifixion by a government or that even allows people who do that to form a government.

Getting back to Iran and The Nuclear Issue

Iran seeks nuclear power plant development because it is a better choice for energy than oil and coal no matter how many times the Trump administration’s benefactors tell it to love oil and coal.

Iran also seeks nuclear weapons because it has vowed to destroy Israel and it wants to use nuclear weapons to do that.

Unlike North Korea which acquired nuclear weapons as a strategic means to survival, and unlike Israel which has done the same, Iran has threatened malfeasance against Israel. It therefore may not have nuclear weapons.

One day maybe, the world will agree on nuclear disarmament and that eliminating all nuclear weaponry is the correct way ahead. Nuclear disarmament must occur globally.

But since Iran has made malignant promises to kill the millions of people who live in Israel, it should not be allowed to have a child’s sling-shot or pea shooter, never mind nuclear weapons. Iran may not arm itself in any manner while it endures a style of government that is threatening an entire race of people.

Any nation that threatens another with mass murder has no entitlement to any weapons and should be made the ward of an imposed world governance until its people can democratically elect a sane leadership that favours human development and not human destruction.

That’s why the world needs legitemate vaccines.

Nuclear Energy is a Healthy alternative to Coal and Oil but Iran should look to wind and solar energy. It has an irresponsible Government that continues to threaten the Jews and Others. Iran’s government is a deadly pathogen and must be eradicated.

  • Pathogens that threaten humans must be defeated.
  • The human population may need help rising to the task of defeating pathogens.
  • Vaccines must address pathogens with intended morbidity while not harming hosts.
  • The vaccine must save harmless all victims of the pathogen equably including men women and children no matter their race, colour or creed.

Iran Should not be Allowed to give Nuclear Energy a bad rep. Education on that topic is important.

Nuclear power plants are technically not a renewable energy source because uranium is consumed permanently. But nuclear energy itself is a quasi-renewable energy.

Two pounds of uranium-235 can produce around 20 terajoules
which are equivalent to the energy produced by 1500 tons of coal.

According to the European Nuclear Society, “With a complete combustion or fission, approx. 8 kWh of heat can be generated from 1 kg of coal, approx. 12 kWh from 1 kg of mineral oil and around 24,000,000 kWh from 1 kg of uranium-235.”

It’s authors  continue in a recent report to say that, “Related to one kilogram, uranium-235 contains two to three million times the energy equivalent of oil or coal.

“Thus, 1 kg natural uranium – following a corresponding enrichment and used for power generation in light water reactors – corresponds to nearly 10,000 kg of mineral oil or 14,000 kg of coal and enables the generation of 45,000 kWh of electricity.”

Nations who are members of the Nuclear Club have no Credibility when Demanding Others Not Join

  • Could the United Nations General Assembly look seriously at how to create an effective World Government?
  • Europe and the European Union is head and shoulders ahead of the world in the race to find a civilized coexistence of all peoples that also harbours not just the will but the capability for human development.
  • China, Russia and Europe coalesced in a common goal, regardless of cultural uniqueness (and maybe the whole benefiting from that) , comprise today the best hope for peace on Earth, believe it or not. History spells this out in black and white. Will those parties be seized of the opportunity that presents at this time.
  • America, Saudi Arabia, like Iran, and others, on the issue of repetitive violence and bullying has excluded their participation in global governance until a complete change has been reached in their doctrines of violence.


Meanwhile, the pathogens must be defeated.

Hopefully the Vaccines can be improved and will rise to the challenge.