The Putin Puzzle

Understanding Putin

A philosopher once said, ‘A king rules over willing subjects, a tyrant over the unwilling population, not for their country, but for themselves.’

Vladimir Putin is a King who passionately loves his country and his country, bar the occasional and normal upsets, loves him too. That should also be said of his extraordinary foreign minister, Sergey Viktorovich Lavrov.

Understanding Russia

After losing 11 million sons and daughters at arms, defending their nation, and after losing somewhere between 10 and 20 million women and children who were left at home while the armies fought invaders, Russians tend to resent and fear outsiders, forever. That’s Russia. Try to understand why it responds to America’s imperialism with fear, trepidation, and extreme defiance. In self-defence, Russia responds to America in kind, because its people once said, “never again” and meant what they said.

by Micheal John | Editor

Testing Cruise missile Burevestnik - Photo Credit: Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation Testing Cruise missile Burevestnik
Photo Credit: Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation

Note: The Board of Directors of The RINJ Foundation is adamantly opposed to the current nuclear arms race and concomitantly favours global nuclear disarmament. The Civil Society women’s group strongly condemns the current proclivity of very old men leading patriarchal governments, to grow nuclear arsenals.

Why Do The Russian People Support Vladimir Putin Adamantly

He passionately loves his country and whatever he does, no matter the way he does things, he does for Russia.

Feminine-Perspective Magazine Last year on Feb 2, Russia marked 75 years since the defeat of the Axis troops at the Battle of Stalingrad.
Photo Credit: Tass News Agency Photo

Adolf Hitler hated Jews.

Whom he hated more than Jews were the people he called “Slavs”. Russians.

Hitler’s war with Russia did not violate human rights in Hitler’s mind because he did not see “Slavs” as humans, a status he may have given the Jews.

The Nazis took no prisoners in Russia and were told that once they had broken the Russian lines they would proceed to Stalingrad exterminating every child, woman and man in their path. And they did until they arrived at Stalingrad on 10 January 1943.

By 2 February 1943 the better armed Germans were forced to surrender by the more determined Russian Army led by “two remarkable Soviet military commanders, Georgy Zhukov and Alexander Vassilevsky, [who] played a vital role in organizing the counteroffensive near Stalingrad [Operation Uranus],” says Russia’s Tass News Agency.

America Replaced the Nazis in the 21st Century and Russia, which said, ‘Never again”, is arming to the teeth in defiance against a perceived threat.

Today it is the Americans and to a lesser extent, some Europeans who demonstrate armed belligerence toward Russia. Most often it is a justification for keeping the monstrous and extremely lucrative military industrial base primed.

It is American billionaires led by a rogue billionaire thief who are inciting nuclear war.

America re-invoked the nuclear arms race by reneging on the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty. That and the ensuing nuclear stockpiling being done by America was a drastic miscalculation 

Said Sharon Santiago, one of the board members of The RINJ Foundation,

“I would give Putin a Penthouse too…

…If I had Donald Trump’s Money.”

But money isn’t everything. Putin is a better leader than any man or woman in the US government today because he loves his country above all things. Conversely, in America, greed and corruption have taken over and every day brings another criminal investigation into the convoluted leadership of the American Empire which will eventually fall, but not before it does untold damage to the human race, the sinister trend of which has already begun.

Position Vacant: America no longer leads the world. Who will?

It should not be left unsaid that the extraordinary set of leaders within the European Union inspire considerable hope for human development. But survival of the species is a grave concern requiring universal attention when Earth’s total (man-made) climate change challenges our long-term existence.

Instead of meeting global challenges the United States runs rogue, developing weapons of mass destruction, weaponizing space, burning alliances, breaking treaties, violating human rights and expanding its military bases into every nook and cranny of the globe. That’s not good when America can no longer be trusted because it no longer serves human interests in any way whatsoever.

Why America is headed down the toilet may be  the same peril of extreme excesses  the Roman Empire once faced. The only thing the world lost through that time was good records of what was going on inside. Maybe that will be true of the self-destructive USA.

Is there a short-list of Global Leaders? Putin is on the list for sure. So are several Europeans. Can they work together.

The world needs the collective leadership of Europe, China and Russia, to play bigger roles in global matters. Can they step up and unite? Who will be the linchpin?

Xi Jinping has yet to prove himself on the global stage. His approach to Venezuela is uncharacteristically foolish and very worrisome. That may be true of America and Russia as well. Could Europe take the lead? Putin supports a despot because Putin’s country is owed money by the former President Nicholas Maduro but more to the point, if America said snow is white, Putin is forced by the consuming rivalry to claim snow is black.

Putin’s leadership should have aimed at feeding people in Venezuela and holding democratic elections in that order, not automatically taking a disingenuous role just to oppose America.

Xi Jinping is stumbling around in the dark with some nonsense about Venezuelan infrastructure failure being caused by American hacking. This brain-dead conclusion is solely based on a tit-for-tat fight between the two countries that is more childish than anything else.

America is making some super-power world leaders act crazy, but not in Europe, interestingly enough. The collective of more than two dozen nations with mostly great leadership has considerable wisdom and patience.

Once Putin becomes engaged in a crisis at a personal level, he handles it well. His return to the global stage in a significant role that is not part of some rage-rivalry with America would likely be welcome if all rivalries were set aside. Putin, in collaboration with Europe, could handle any crisis. Why don’t they try? There are more than enough projects to grab hold of and run together.

The important thing is finding the best and the brightest leaders and getting them to play a bigger role on the global stage. Those leaders tend to draw their own kind to themselves. Trust in that theory. The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action is an extraordinarily  good example of brilliant healthy minds working in collaboration. Add the worst possible Charlatan to the group and it falls apart.

What global leaders seem to fail on is the recognition that the world has no leadership today. America’s is gone, completely. Step up, somebody.

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