Canada Joining wars against China was Foolhardy [In-Depth]

Canada kidnapped a Chinese Princess. China reacts with great restraint but that may not last very long if the West’s disingenuous narrative endures.

[In Depth] Report by Micheal John | Editor

The United States is unable to compete with the global 5G leadership of China. It is trying to kill a company, Huawei Technologies, which is one of the foremost innovators in 5GAIIoT . It does this by pushing other nations with scare tactics and even told the Philippines President to abandon all such ties to China which would end all the country’s cellular services.

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One of America’s greatest fears is China’s leadership in Artificial Intelligence. That fear is more like paranoia as the USA is well ahead of the world in most aspects of AI.. The USA would be better served by cooperating with China and other nations to enhance that technology for the benefit of global human development.

The United States President Trump is not a friend of Canada but a clear and present danger. Trump has in effect blackmailed the Canadian Prime Minister using trade tariffs and the end of NAFTA. Trudeau has thus uncharacteristically assailed a Huawei corporate leader, a woman the USA  says has conspired to break Iran sanctions to which Canada does not subscribe. This is the worst slam Canada has taken from the USA in the history of the two nations. America is no friend of Canada. Trudeau needs to pull up his socks.

Warring with China is the idea of doddering old psychopaths: Trump and Bolton. No wonder Gen. Mattis fled.

  • The “People’s Liberation Army of China” (PLA) has over two million fighting forces and more than half a million training reservists.
  • China’s People’s Liberation Navy (PLN) has 255,000 personnel, 512 warships and a little over 700 fighting aircraft.
  • The “People’s Liberation Air Force” (PLAF) has 398,000 active personnel and over 3,000 fighting aircraft.
  • China’s Space Program began exploring the dark side of the moon in January of this year.
  • China also has a missile branch of the military with a dedicated 100,000 active personnel.  As a response to US Missile Defence Systems it has perfected the hyper-sonic glide vehicle (HGV), dubbed the “Wu-14” by the United States, which was detected flying at 10 times the speed of sound during a test flight over China, a little more than five years ago. Today that vehicle is substantially faster.
  • “The China Academy of Engineering Physics is the key organization in developing and maintaining China’s nuclear force. It employs tens of thousands of personnel and its scientists are capable of conducting all aspects of nuclear weapon design research, including nuclear physics, materials science, electronics, explosives, and computer modeling.” Source: DIA  Read if you wish -> DIA China Military Power final report released 2019/01/03.

Base Xisha to the Chinese and Paracel Islands to Vietnam and Thailand. Photo Credit: Feminine-Perspective Magazine Base Xisha to the Chinese and Paracel Islands to Vietnam and Thailand. Photo Credit: Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, March 4th, Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, president of the State Council, and chairman of the Central Military Commission, visited the cultural and art circles and social sciences committee members of the 13th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference on the afternoon of March 4 Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, March 4th, Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, president of the State Council, and chairman of the Central Military Commission, visited the cultural and art circles and social sciences committee members of the 13th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference on the afternoon of March 4. 2019

The leader of China is not only extraordinary, but he is extremely intelligent, driven, widely respected and powerful.

Trump and Trudeau are going to war with China and nobody told Canadians These two men are  intellectually ill-equipped to take on China’s leadership. Their combined acumen, leadership abilities and experience is in aggregate no match for Xi Jinping. They are fools to attempt a war of any kind with China. Cooperation, coexistence and shared global leadership compromises the best way ahead say Civil Society’s best and brightest minds.


China’s government is very easy to get along with as long as certain lines are not crossed,” says a former female officer of the Chinese Army who uses the name Elaine and prefers not to be identified by more than that. Her late father was a senior officer in the Chinese Army and her family continues to live in a pensioners’ home not far from Beijing.

The Chinese people are genuinely terrified of the West and especially afraid that the West will try and take away from the Chinese all of the good parts of life that the people have recently achieved through sacrifice and hard work.

China’s growth has been so staggering that people living very well today can remember when they had nothing, and I mean n o t h i n g. They are afraid to lose this they now have earned,” notes the former Army junior officer.

Every week we hear something bad about what the West has done against China. I did not get a good understanding in my mind until I lived in North America for a couple of years and hear what people were saying and why they hate China. If I would believe all the stories I read on Social Media about China, I would hate China too. But that is banned and I cannot see that any longer now that I am back in China. I thank our government for that because I do not want my children to be exposed to hate,” she added.

The RINJ Foundation Women like Elaine are to be found all over the world in almost every country on the planet.

China’s Communist Party’s perception that China is facing unprecedented security risks is a driving factor in China’s approach to national security.

In May 2015, China’s State Council Information Office published a white paper titled China’s Military Strategy, which outlined how Beijing views the global security environment, China’s role in that environment, and how the PLA supports that role.

The document presented a vision for the PLA’s services and emerging security domains that would transform the PLA from its legacy posture to one focused more on long-range mobility.

Within the context of Beijing’s “period of strategic opportunity,” Beijing calculates in China’s Military Strategy that world war is unlikely in the immediate future, but China should be prepared for the possibility of local war. Authoritative Chinese publications typically avoid explicitly listing direct threats, but these threats can be gleaned from several documents that point to Beijing’s security concerns.

Beijing’s primary threat perceptions include sovereignty and domestic security issues that it believes could undermine the overriding strategic objective to perpetuate communist rule. These include longstanding concerns regarding Taiwan independence, Uighur and Tibetan separatism, and perceived challenges to China’s control of disputed areas in the East and South China Seas.

Authoritative documents also highlight the Korean Peninsula as an area of instability and uncertainty, and express concern regarding unsettled territorial disputes along China’s border with India, which periodically result in tense standoffs like the one that occurred in the summer of 2017 in the disputed Doklam region.

Finally, while it calls for a peer-to-peer cooperative relationship with the United States, China also believes that U.S. military presence and U.S.-led security architecture in Asia seeks to constrain China’s rise and interfere with China’s sovereignty, particularly in a Taiwan conflict scenario and in the East and South China Seas.

Since at least the 1990’s, Beijing has repeatedly communicated its preference to move away from the U.S.-led regional security system and has pursued its own regional security initiatives in support of what it views as a natural transition to regional predominance.

Source: US Defence Intelligence Agency
Read if you wish -> DIA China Military Power final report released 2019/01/03.

China said Monday it was pressing Spy Charges Against the 2 Michaels

A Former Canadian Diplomat Is Accused of Spying Against China

This is a death sentence and an end game for Canada/China relations.

Canada spying on China is another act of war. Ottawa thus far is out of its league.

Michael Kovrig joined an American intelligence gathering group founded by George Soros in February 2017 after leaving Canada’s diplomatic service.  He had worked in Beijing which is why he was of interest to the Soros’ group, according to sources.

Kovrig allegedly conducted research and provided analysis on foreign affairs and global security issues particularly in China, Japan and the Korean peninsula says the group’s web site page about Kovrig.

China calls that spying this week.

China has arrested Kovrig alleging that he was in possession of information China classified as secret and that he was operating as an NGO in China without following China’s procedure of registering the NGO as one that is working in China.

There is nothing about China’s treatment of suspected spies that anybody would wish for themselves although China’s treatment of such detainees is far less brutal and less inhumane than what former detainees of America describe. Neither country has a good human rights record. Neither country is a full democracy–they are about the same. This is not a war Canada should be part of.

China’s Policies on NGOs are Straightforward and Strict

Perhaps Mr. Kovrig was never told by his employer about this error and therefore there was no wrongful intent on Kovrig’s part thus he is the innocent actor of a not-so-diligent employer?

Could the matter be cleared up retroactively by filing correct documents? Has that been done yet? China needs the opportunity to decide if it welcomes this NGO. If it chooses negatively, it could then send Mr. Kovrig packing back to Canada.

This should have been done already but has not been attended,” answers Elaine.

A Chinese official informally at a coffee shop explained to that the Beijing government seeks the opportunity to accept or deny which NGOs operate in the country to make certain there are “only approved practices giving no risk to the people of China” and that there is no unwarranted overlap of functionality”.

China may not be happy with the presence of Mr. Soros’ group. In fact that may well be why Chinese law enforcement is action-oriented, notes the official.

The Controversial George Soros Group Kovrig Joined.

George Soros and his non-profit “Crisis Group” were peer-reviewed in the Third World Quarterly in 2014 with 10 critiques of the organisation, ranging from its influence on foreign-policy makers, “manufacturing” crises, and the methodologies it deploys in gathering its research notes a seasoned Wikipedia editor.

The Third World Quarterly exposè explores the different ploys and strategies used by the Soros group to influence policy makers, especially its communication strategy, the different values and ethics that are highlighted, and the ‘causes’ that are promoted. It is a worthwhile read.

America and the Soros’ group are in an aggressive war mindset toward China but Beijing saw this coming and is well-prepared. Nevertheless, Mr. Soros’ non-profit’s connections to the conflict are not flattered anywhere in the media or academia.

Meanwhile Canada’s attack on Sabrina Meng is an act of aggression against China and the war could be very rough on Canada as it joins and becomes attached to a screaming level of antipathy to the largest nation on Earth.

There is nothing arbitrary about the arrest of Kovrig which was about to happen anyway following an almost two year investigation.

Michael Spavor: an Epic Case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Despite appearances, Mr. Spavor  has done nothing at all to warrant a China jail cell.

Michael Spavor, ‘The Canadian idealist who soared on his hopes for a better North Korea brought crashing back to earth in China’ writes Keegan Elmer of the South China Morning Post.

Writer Keagan Elmer succinctly sets out in a solid report what we all know of Michael Spavor. He is “an extraordinary dude” with a loving, caring personality. Frankly, there is no other kind of Albertan. Spavor stands head and shoulders aligned with the best. He did not spy on China. China’s best and brightest investigators will eventually figure out the misunderstanding and reinterpret the relationship with the Soros’ group member and release Mr. Spavor who hopefully will continue his relationship-building work to the benefit of the Chinese people.

Hopefully also, Canada will break away from the  United States’ crusade to hurt 1.4 billion Chinese people who are tired and fed up with the derogatory and disingenuous antipathy toward the 5000 year-old China.

If Canada wants to  continue its disingenuous line to China about the the Meng Wanzhou detention not being “political” it should perhaps try to take the arrest of Kovrig and company seriously for what it is,” says Elaine. “It’s a very serious matter.”

The two Michaels have not yet been charged apparently but when it comes to that, it may become irreversible.

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