Kim Yo-jong in North Korea seems angry. Why?

Her job is in a manner of speaking, public relations. Her job title has a propaganda flavour and that means that instead of doing great things and telling everyone about the great deeds, as is the role of most public relations executives, Kim Yo-jong also blows up buildings when she is having a mood, and then tells everyone about that. She can also invade another country, if that pleases her and he brother, Kim Jong-un. Read 3 years of Trump’s broken promises to understand why she is angry.

by Melissa Hemingway

A building that signified peace between the North and the South of the Korean peninsula is no more according to South Korean sources and seemingly valid photographs from space.

But starting in February 2019 and worsening in October 2019, peace has been off the table as Trump played games instead of diplomacy and to the entire world, appeared to have made promises he could not keep, or just didn’t understand. North Korea has since bet its future on an array of missiles and about four dozen nuclear warheads or more. North Korea is going to use them. If the USA uses nuclear weapons as a response, it will kill its own people, probably about 165,000 American Citizens.

Message: We are furious. Our people are starving. Folks need medicine. And American warships are blockading our country. We can’t even import an aspirin.

The inter-Korean liaison office in the Gaesong Industrial Complex was destroyed by bombing at 14:49.

  • Shaking windows and causing the evacuation of near-border schools in South Korea the explosion happened earlier today, a little before 15:00 hrs  Pyongyang time (GMT+9).
  • South Korea has turned off the electrical power to the Gaesong Industrial Complex.
  • On the weekend Kim Yo-jong said the DPRK was ready to move across the DMZ into South Korea.

The South Korean side has said that it has called a security council meeting and is discussing the matter with the Americans. The US military has an estimated 35,000 troops/aircrew/sailers in South Korea.

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Feminine-Perspective Magazine The beautiful sister of Kim-Jong-un is  Kim Yo-jong, First Vice Director United Front Department, Photo Courtesy Kim Yo-Jong. Photo Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Human Rights Disaster

“The UN Security Council led by America is killing  the population of the DPRK as it tried to do in 1952/53 when it slaughtered one third of the population of civilians by carpet bombing urban and rural residential zones,” says a humanitarian volunteer worker.

Hunger and malnutrition impact millions in the DPRK

Photo Credit: UNICEF/Simon Nazer—Photo Art: Rosa Yamamoto

DPRK Children are suffering malnutrition. Many now endure permanent damage.

Life for the population is extremely difficult, says an FPMag source who has made her way out of the country, and does not want to be identified.

“Deprivation has created a culture of bribery and corruption,” the woman said to FPMag last December.

“Officials within regional bureaucracies require bribes,” she added, “before they comply with food distribution, a system that failed decades ago. The world is killing our people who now fight each other for scraps of food and steal  things to help bribe officials.”

Kim Yo-jong First Vice Director United Front Department Inter-Korean Liaison Office in Kaesong, the building Kim Yo-jong blew up.
Photo Courtesy Kim Yo-Jong. Photo Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine