Inbred Communist Party of China has gone too far. (Editorial)

Is China a Good Neighbour? It has been. Chinese business people are awesome. But now the CCP is an arrogant neighbour that disrespects the rights of others.

Why? Because unlike Xi Jinping, who shows more than fleeting glimpses of humanity, the Communist Party of China is a dysfunctional patriarch so corrupt and inbred it thrives figuratively inside its own intestines. Corruption causes its eating itself outwards such that it is increasingly capable of absorbing the best of everything and outputting only vile and bile. Xi Jinping has seen more than enough of this internal misconduct and might nod at the analogy. He had tried to clean up the party but it is a bigger systemic problem than he or anyone imagined.

(Editorial) by Melissa Hemingway and  Micheal John

There are a number of tactical ploys of China the world is finding annoying. 

A new one is surfacing. China is meddling in the United States 2020 Presidential election in favour of Donald Trump. Millions of dollars have been approved for a China campaign in favour of Trump and the project is now in its incipient stages. China is recruiting trolls.

China sees Joe Biden as a President who would repair alliances Trump destroyed; rebuild America’s credibility; and cause a re-alignment of alliances that builds strengths and projects the interest of NATO in ending China’s allegedly malign security misadventures.

Feminine-Perspective Magazine The alleged infiltration of neighbouring Philippines: this vessel is one of several communications warfare vessels spotted in Philippines waters for lengthy periods of time without permission. Integrated with moon-based and satellite-based equipment, as well as installed equipment in the country, China can direct munitions within a meter of accuracy or less and monitor a full range of activities by any person anywhere in the range of the vessel.  There is nothing anyone can conceal from these vessels. They see and hear everything. Dongdiao-class auxiliary general intelligence (AGI) Tianwangxing (853) spying on neighbours.
Photo Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

The picture and its story: The alleged infiltration of neighbouring Philippines by this vessel is commonplace. The Dongdiao-class auxiliary general intelligence (AGI) Tianwangxing (853) is one of several Chinese communications warfare vessels spotted in Philippines waters for lengthy periods of time without permission.

Integrated with moon-based and satellite-based equipment, as well as installed equipment in the target country, China can direct munitions within a meter of accuracy or less and monitor a full range of activities by any person anywhere in the range of the vessel.  There is nothing anyone can conceal from these vessels. They see and hear everything. The Philippines has nothing to counter this capability.

China has been a good neighbour to ASEAN nations but in the past year, threw its Goodwill away. China has sunk lawfully-acting fishing vessels of Vietnam and the Philippines.

Agoo Fisherman says "No friend of China can tolerate China's stream of ****." Philippines Gem-Ver fishing vessel submerged after being rammed near near Recto Bank by Chinese Militia vessel. Agoo Fisherman says “No friend of China can tolerate China’s stream of ****.”

The alleged infiltration of neighbouring Philippines

Jason Castenada of The Asia Times published  a Whistleblower report in early March 2020. The following is an excerpt.

“The [Philippines] Senate investigations have revealed a tangled web of official corruption and conspiracy which has allowed countless Chinese citizens, including allegedly between 2,000-3,000 PLA soldiers, to illegally and secretly reside in the country.”

“Under the so-called “pastillas” scheme, exposed by whistleblower Allison “Alex” Chiong of the Philippine Bureau of Immigration (BI), Chinese nationals pay roughly 10,000 pesos (US$200) as a “service fee” for special treatment and ease of entry into the country.

“While around $40 of that fee goes to immigration officers, the rest is allegedly spread among senior officials and other allies of the president who oversee the alleged syndicate run out of Manila’s Ninoy Aquino International Airport.”

“The money, according to the whistleblower, is rolled inside a sheet of bond paper, similar to how the Philippine milk candy delicacy “pastillas” is packed. That, the investigations claim, has paved the way for so-called Chinese “immersion missions” by PLA members.”

“Public anger against the POGOs has recently spiked, fueled by the Duterte government’s belated imposition of a travel ban on Chinese citizens amid the coronavirus outbreak that started its deadly global spread in late January.” — Asia Times

Several other Philippines dailies carried similar articles.

Military Tech is not the only transgression frontier. China is slamming Social Media

Meanwhile Twitter Inc. has deleted nearly a thousand fake accounts involved in a campaign that argued the China side in the Hong Kong dispute over rioting.

“This disclosure consists of 936 accounts originating from within the People’s Republic of China (PRC). Overall, these accounts were deliberately and specifically attempting to sow political discord in Hong Kong, including undermining the legitimacy and political positions of the protest movement on the ground. Based on our intensive investigations, we have reliable evidence to support that this is a coordinated state-backed operation. Specifically, we identified large clusters of accounts behaving in a coordinated manner to amplify messages related to the Hong Kong protests,” said Twitter in a statement.

  • China made a big mistake giving Xi Jinping an open-ended term in office. Competition and the accompanying urge to achieve greatness, died.

  • China failed to acknowledge those of its neighbours and friends which reached out positively.

  • China claims the South China Sea for environmental purposes but has acted against the environment by destroying natural reefs as it builds islands for military purposes.

  • China has created severe tension with India at several locations in eastern Ladakh on the disputed India-China border. Chinese soldiers have moved into Indian territory across the agreed Line of Actual Control.

  • China has allegedly infiltrated the Philippines with as many as a full battalion strength of soldiers in plain clothes.

By extending the tenure of Xi Jinping to infinity (?), the communist party has removed all incentive for departmental leaders doing well and creating better things. There’s no prospect of healthy competition. There is only inbreeding and secretive empire building.

The China communist system is failing rapidly and the elements are distracting from their own incompetence by tossing belligerence this way and that, inflaming conflicts everywhere, antagonizing most of the world.

How stupid can anyone be, really, to think that re-educating Muslims will prevent flare-ups of ISIS like terrorism? Well, the answer to that can be seen in Washington DC where Donald Trump has slaughtered thousands by curbing coronavirus testing and encourage Americans to drink disinfectants. Stupid male leaders is another pandemic?

Feminine-Perspective Magazine

The predicament of the Uyghurs brought on by what amounts to the most stupid public policy maybe in the history of human kind is beyond any stretch of logic. On top of that is the unparalleled abuse of human rights since Nazis in WWII.

China has been told repeatedly that this is rotten to the core. Ignoring those warnings has not bode well for the Communist Party. Xi Jinping owes the Uyghurs freedom and years of compensation. Their lives matter, too.

Despite a magnificent medical achievement fighting the novel coronavirus and helping over 100 other nations, Xi Jinping has still managed to annoy many neighbours. You can’t send masks to the hospital and then sink the country’s boats sending the crews also to the hospital without ruffling feathers!

Xi Jinping may be a smart manipulator in politics within the context of the CCP but he is proving to be incompetent at measuring and understanding the cultures, protocols and etiquette of the nations he needs to get along with. Frankly, for that reason, Chinese people would be wise to hold an election sooner than later. Xi Jinping needs some competition to motivate greater and better global diplomacy, or to be replaced.

China suffers a disappointment in at least middle to upper Cabinet leadership. Pull up your socks, China.

China is bickering with everyone and that, just as much as it is true about the United States, is a display of failing leadership.


Look closer at the South China Sea

There are protocols to be followed in maritime operations, some of which have been so effectively tried and true they are carried into the aviation sector.

China could have achieved its use-it-or-lose-it project over the islands it has casually claimed sovereignty over in some cases for centuries without hurting feelings and without creating an outrageous Cold War.

To the families of at least half the world’s human population, the ecological protection of the South China Sea  is an extremely important issue.

Also, some three billion people in the world are dependant on nutrition coming from the sea. The South China Sea is an important element contributing 10% of all the world’s sea food.

What outcome there will be from China creating non-environmentally friendly military bases by piling material into the sea until an island is enlarged is unconfirmed in its scope but reports of sea life changes are worrisome.


Maybe someday China will share its environmental impact studies. Why has China not done that? Maybe I am wrong and somebody at the UN has seen this material or maybe it is forthcoming. Even the latter would be fine. “Never”, is unacceptable.

The Quiet ADIZ

China presently operates an aerospace identification zone (ADIZ) over the entire South China Sea. It is not enforced but the full range of traffic surveillance and monitoring is up and running.

Flying a sea plane to Pag Asa (Thitu Island), one notices long before descent that their hull is well-watched.

Several of the literally hundreds of small China Maritime Militia vessels begin to make course for the button of the Thitu Island runway (which is no longer under water) as if they were notified by radio.

China has conscripted hundreds of fishing boats to act as waterways militia in the West Philippines Sea. Not only does that not seem “right”, it isn’t. In fact China wile pretending to be a friend to the Philippines, violates Philippine’s sovereignty almost daily with its naval militia of some 450 vessels interrupting safe passage of Vietnamese and Philippines vessels, occasionally sinking them.

FPMag recently looked at Vietnam which is now taking China to the world court for arbitration. Look at a country that is much friendlier to China. Look at the China-Flagged Vessels unlawfully playing about in Philippine waters thru 2019.

  • February 7: Guided missile destroyer Hefei 174 and amphibious transport dock Changbaishan 989 passed Bongao, Tawi-Tawi.
  • May 14: China Coast Guard ship 3305 blocked the route Of 3 Philippine civilian vessels on rotation and resupply mission to BRP Sierra Madre on Ayungin Shoal.
  • June 2: China Rescue Service Vessel Nan Hai Jiu 195 was monitored in Basilan.
  • June 9: China trawler Yuemaobinyu 42212 rammed the Philippine fishing boat Gem-Ver at Recto Bank Off Palawan, and left its 22 Filipino crew marooned.
  • June 17: Four China navy vessels With bow numbers 117, 598, 576, and CV-16 (Liaoning aircraft carrier) were monitored transiting Sibutu Passage and Balabac Strait.
  • July 3: China Rescue Service Vessels Nan Hai Jiu 195 and 964, Frigate 536, and LHD 998 were monitored in “southern waters of the Philippines.”
  • July 4: Dongdiao-class AGI Tianwangxing with bow number 853, an intelligence ship, was monitored in “southern waters Of the Philippines.”
  • August 4: Dongdiao-class AGI Tianwangxing With bow number 853, an intelligence ship, was monitored in Bongao, Tawi-Tawi.
  • August 5 thru 10: China research vessel Zhang Jian was monitored in Philippine territorial waters.
  • August 6 thru 7: China research vessel Dong Fang Hong 03 was monitored Within the Philippine exclusive economic zone near ltbayat, Batanes, and Burgos, Ilocos Norte.
  • August 11: China research vessel Hai Yang Di Zhi Jiu Hao was monitored northwest Of Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte, and Claveria, Cagayan.
  • September 30: China Coast Guard vessels and a “China naval warship” blocked the Greek-owned, Liberian-registered, Filipino-crewed oil tanker Green Aura from making innocent passage near Panatag/Scarborough Shoal Off Zambales.Source: PH Department Of National Defense

What is China thinking?

There is no question that China has taken no end of unjust, horrible abuse from much of the world. But that is no excuse for bullying weaker nations.

But the Philippines has been a dupe in the process. Not just China has a corruption issue says Corruption Perceptions Index 

The United States might see the Philippines as a FRONT in the war with China. The corrupt Philippines government (says Forbes) and it’s military officials are allegedly easy to bribe say numerous Americans and plenty of Filipinos who rant about the subject on social media.

Bribery may have killed the Philippines sovereignty if the Cold War between the USA and China worsens. Apparently both American and Chinese troops are on the Philippines islands. Electronic warfare naval vessels of both navies surround the Philippines and every day both nations’ carrier groups are within a few minutes of launch and munitions delivery at sites in the Philippines. Neither will want to strike at each other’s home nations. The tension is growing daily. The Philippines is the no-man’s land as both the US and China claim a stake on the real estate.

Philippines bribery and corruption is a big problem say many international evaluations also. A study done by Price Waterhouse Coopers, showed 42 percent of companies reported experiencing fraud in the past two years, losing anywhere between $5 million and $50 million (about ?254 million to ?2.54 billion) since 2018.

“There is always somebody from government who has their hand out,” a Manila businessman who doesn’t want to be identified told

“And that means that anything is for sale, including the country’s safety” he added.

However it has come to pass, no matter that the sum of past American military occupation of the Philippines is a dubious park at Camp John Hay and countless pregnant twelve-year olds; no financial or other benefit for the people of the country; and a Cold War fought on the Philippines Front between the USA and China. A hot war would destroy the Philippines and slaughter the hapless Filipinos who would not see it coming.

“The Philippines is the 113 least corrupt nation out of 180 countries, according to the 2019 Corruption Perceptions Index reported by Transparency International.  That’s 14 notches below the 2018 ranking and 18 down from 2015 before Duterte becomes President!

“Meanwhile, the Philippines slid down one notch in the Economist Intelligence Unit’s (EIU) Democracy Index for 2019, to 54th place.

“That’s on top of two notches it slid in 2018.

“Rising corruption means that President Duterte’s anti-corruption rhetoric that helped him grow in power was just that — rhetoric. Meanwhile, his death squads and attacks on media have undermined the country’s democratic institutions, without helping the Philippines in the corruption front.” Forbes  Panos Mourdoukoutas

Clearly the Philippines should have chose neutrality.

Bullying from America is awful for China.

Governments come and governments go. Feminine-Perspective Magazine and its partners  prefers to see the people.

See the people

The computer and telecom geeks at Huawei are like all the telecom and computer geeks around the world. They are amazing. Their brains are sexy because intelligence is so intriguing. They are awesome people. And they are not spies and assassins. That doesn’t compute.

China’s population of science workers may have an outrageously paranoid and schizophrenic government, but they seem to get around that by keeping their heads in their work. The same is true in all the countries of Europe and in the Americas and all over Asia.


The coronavirus pandemic makes it seem that for the most part, patriarchal leadership has failed. Women leaders of the world have excelled. 

And that’s what China needs. China’s patriarchal communist party is so far over the top and so far removed from the people of China in most things, it must undergo change as the rest of human kind also morphs into something better.