Editorial: Why Meng Wanzhou will not get a fair hearing. Nor will Canada.

  • The Trump administration vigorously manipulates the justice system to obtain outcomes it wants.
  • The US government in the matters of Meng Wanzhou extorted HSBC into providing testimony and committing to be a witness to inculpate and convict Meng Wanzhou. The British HSBC was quick to play ball. It gained $90 billion in the process.
  • The whole matter relates to starvation sanctions against the nation state of Iran and after the mass murder of a dozen officials in Baghdad on 3 January 2020 it is clear the Trump administration is willing to commit any level of crime to have its will be done to further the bullying of Iran.

10 December morning in Vancouver at bail hearing for kidnapped Huawei Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou Photo by @jwints (Star:Vancouver) Source Twitter 10 December morning 2019 in Vancouver at bail hearing for kidnapped Huawei Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou. Photo by @jwints (Star:Vancouver) Source Twitter

  • The bullying of Iran by Trump is killing ordinary Iranians who are innocent of any wrongdoing or any ill will toward anyone. If anything, Canada has a bigger bone to pick with the American surrogate Saudi Arabia, the opponent in the Iran matters, which imprisons and beheads human rights defenders, including Canadian students, like it was proper conduct.
  • America’s bullying and withdrawal from the JCPOA in 2018 plus subsequent unlawful acts of war against Iran’s people are scurrilous, unwarranted and comprise not only breaches of international agreement but crimes against humanity.
  • That China is accused of defrauding it’s friend-nation Iran or HSBC is outrageous particularly in the context of the American disingenuous allegation that Huawei is state-sponsored and has all the cash resources of the Chinese government. Why then would Huawei want to guarantee the loans of a partner company if they can print their own money? It’s all nonsense. And if it isn’t it doesn’t matter anyway. The act of creating an embargo that denies medicine to Iranian babies doesn’t have any color of right in the first place. The act of helping a company sell refurbished old American computers into Iran is hardly going to make a difference to Iranian ballistic missile wish list, in the event if the event is in fact true. It’s all bunk.
  • Trump’s attacks against the technology giant Huawei are based solely on America’s failure to maintain a competitive edge. The fat King’s obesity got the best of him and he moved too slowly, hence a competitor took the leading edge.
  • Meanwhile the obese King is being waylaid by COVID-19 which exploits obesity. Nobody expected the arrogant fat King to take his mask off. America is down and will not bail out Trudeau no matter how hard China clobbers Canada.
  • Lean and bright Huawei people have a 1.4 billion person market in which to to test and develop telecom products. It is that fact which has prepared it for launching successful infrastructure the world needs for 5G technology.
  • America’s envy is not just cause for the racism that oozes from the White House and from Ottawa.

Editorial by Micheal John

Canada’s Racism against China is fed by the USA.

Trudeau may prove that Whites are better than Chinese in his own mind and in the White Supremacist administration of the United States, but Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor are dog meat after a firing squad does its job. That is unacceptable and Trudeau doesn’t get it.

Did anyone really think that kidnapping a Chinese Princess would have only a good outcome? China has zero patience and megatons of malevolence to unleash on Canada. It will be more than the bloody nose Canada already got. Early last week the looney was starting to look like Canadian Tire money. Deputy U.S. Trade Representative Jeffery Gerrish told the Canadian Ambassador to the U.S., that Canada had until 1 July to agree to export control measures or face new tariffs.

China’s government is one that now compels Uighur women to accept either tubal ligation or a intrauterine devices to prevent pregnancy and the perpetuation of the Uighur race. Does anyone believe the two Michaels have a snowball’s’ chance in hell?

One cannot say that China would make a prisoner swap but they are done all the time. If it is true that the two Michael’s are spies, than Canada has an unconditional obligation to bring them home. There isn’t a higher order of service to one’s country. There is something very wrong in Ottawa, in any case.

Anger and disdain for the Chinese people, like Meng Wanzhou, is misplaced.

In Germany, Taiwan, South Korea, Iceland, and in New Zealand the populations can proudly identify with their governments. Those populations have much better government than Canada, America and China.

In Canada, the Canadian people are not the government and would not likely want to be defined as being like their government.

In China, that is clearly true as well. The Communist Party of China is one of the most corrupt and inbred dysfunctional man-made monsters on the planet. It’s almost as bad as America.

China’s Communist Party had moments of redirection from the early days of Xi Jinping but that cleanup task was bigger than one man.

The Chinese people feel pretty much the same way and do not deserve the racist abuse of Canada and the United States that they are receiving.

The Chinese are beautiful people. Their government is not pretty at all. Canada’s hatred for the Chinese is misplaced. China’s misconducts may well be reactions to the racism. One will never know until the racist attitudes end.

This racism in Canada that ignores justice and pursues a vein of hatred is reprehensible. It is a manifestation of a paradigm within which Prime Minister Trudeau failed to achieve a majority government despite not having a competitor. If his gaffs continue he will even lose his own seat in the House of  Commons. Canadians are seeking Members with spine, not strategic facial hair mind games.

The Organ Man and his Monkey The Organ Man and his monkey. Photo Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

The two Michaels. Did Trudeau actually let this thing get this far? Yes. Naivety is not a virtue but a horrid failing.

Referring to the two Michaels including Michael Kovrig and Michael Peter Todd Spavor, they both earned their troubles on their own. Had they done in the USA what they did in China they would be sentenced already to life in prison if somebody had an urge to make that happen. Otherwise it’s an everyday occurrence. But the tensions between China and the West are monstrous and the bullying of the Chinese has been never ending. Just because somebody looks Asian does not mean they are only able to pound railroad spikes.  Spin this anyway you want but the full truth set out here would be a row of coffin nails. These two guys are doomed in the current Five Eyes  brinkmanship paradigm.

The Michaels’ matters are more than delicate. They have been accused of spying. That is a firing squad offence and the magazines are loaded, the shooters are picked.

There is more than enough information to convict these two. They will be convicted and will be executed. There are more than enough other candidates for prisoner exchanges.

Xi Jinping has far too much on his plate to be enduring and patient in his deliberation of this Canada/China Trump-surrogacy matter.

This is not something for Canada to mess around with. It’s not a prisoner exchange. And China is not the one doing the bullying.

Xi Jinping has not been a pushover for anyone lately and this matter of the Chinese Princess, Sabrina Meng, is a serious affront to the Chinese people both prima facia and deep down.

Apart from the fact that the United States has no credibility in Meng Wanzhou matter, it is a mess. Trudeau is a kid who can use that as an excuse once or twice but it is wearing thin. Being a bum-boy for Donald Trump is the greatest insult to all Canadians and nobody is feeling good about this embarrassment. Frankly, some whom FPM.news has spoken with are nearly apoplectic.

Two former Liberal Party Prime Ministers would have sent the Americans to go pound salt over the Meng Wanzhou matter.

Justin Trudeau has been misled by the deeply corrupted security infrastructure of Canada which members are in the pockets of the Americans.

The disingenuous Five Eyes gang of racists that Trudeau relies on are indeed White Supremacists and in that vein they will not exist tomorrow unless they convince political masters that another Cold War is under way.  These self-annointed boy-wonders envision themselves as the revealers of  the yellow-storm-rising hence they are also needed to fight these Asians. So far the majority are being whipped by a .3 micron sack of RNA.

Pierre Trudeau and Jean Chretien are two long serving Prime Ministers who had their wits about them with the tricky, lips-barely-moving briefers from the security intelligence community who gave their scary tense briefings to leaders as if those leaders were dumbasses who deserved to be lied to. They weren’t. And they were never tricked by the Yanks like Trump has bamboozled Trudeau in the Meng Wanzhou fiasco.

There are no excuses and there should be no further delays. Canada needs to negotiate the release of Meng Wanzhou for the release of the two Michaels with Beijing. That’s assuming China would even make the deal. The two Michaels are in big trouble.

The next time Trump says he’d make a deal and calls the COVID-19 “Kung-Flu”, Canada will likely get a kick in its surrogate-face in retaliation.

Trudeau’s recent response to the letter-writers on behalf of Canadians worried about the outcome of this misadventure, was pure arrogance. China is sharpening more swords. Count on Trump not taking a bullet for Trudeau. Canada could sink or swim on this. China is in no mood and the world doesn’t give a damn about Canada which is almost too close to being America, which is not disliked, it’s hated.

Canada will not come out of this mess with good well-being unless the Meng kidnapping is finally fixed, quickly.

Canada will not like China’s next move.