War with China. A tale of two North American narcissists. [Series Introduction]

Why is Justin Trudeau acting like Donald Trump in the war with undeserving China?

Under Trump over the next 5 years, the USA will be a terrible trading partner for Canada. China would have been a better friend.

[Series Introduction] by Micheal John (Editor)

Amidst incoherent rhetoric and outstanding lies spewing from the haphazard controverted leadership of the Canada/USA tag team of Trudeau and Trump, the two alleged pariahs Russia and China have yesterday created a mutual cooperation pact that is forced by their foolish enemies and supported by billions of fed-up people.

Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin - Sharing a vision for a better future enabled by mutual cooperation. Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin – Sharing a vision for a better future for their 1.6 billion constituents enabled by mutual cooperation, participation and leadership. Photo Credit: Kremlin.ru
Cropping and Photo Art: Rosa Yamamoto FPM.news

Above: Seasoned statesmen discuss comprehensive plans to improve the lives of 1.6 billion constituents. The aggressive and belligerent enemies of these two statesmen above, appear to be a pair of narcissistic amateur politicians, below, who on luck and a lie got elected for the first and hopefully last time. Compared to real statesmen they look comparatively like buffoons acting for their own quirky interests. Is that really Trudeau or is there a nasty secret blackmail? In any case, both these two below must go.

Below: Their time in North American politics has brought a world full of themselves, acrimony & wars. FPM.news will show why Trump and Trudeau must go.

Incomprehensible excuses for war with China have led the world to the brink of a dismal future of antagonisms. Incomprehensible excuses for war with China have led the world to the brink of a dismal future of antagonisms.
Photo Art: Rosa Yamamoto FPM.news

Incomprehensible selfishness and stupidity has led to a war with China. Both Trudeau and Trump are guilty from my perspective looking from Toronto and this week, back in Asia.

Leaders of neither Canada nor the United States deserve re-election, in fact it is dangerous to the world’s stability to even contemplate such foolhardiness if the current conduct continues.

Canada must find a peace with China. Maybe if so much of Canada wasn’t owned by China, Canada could last a minute, but it hasn’t and picking a fight with China is the country’s worst mistake in all its history.

That the people of these two countries have such dangerous incompetence in their leadership is something for future historians or maybe psychiatrists to figure out. What is needed now is to get rid of these two by any legitimate means under the rule of law and an unfettered electoral process. The sad part is that in neither case has an obvious alternative presented. Maybe it’s time to stop looking for the obvious.

In a three part series, FPM.news will look at the current War with China. A tale of two narcissists?

The United States has Contempt for Cheap Chinese Products. That contempt is harming its own 43 million poor.

FPM.news ‘s Melissa Hemingway visited Lagawe, Ifugao to do a report in the Philippines and came away with an interesting observation.

It applies to millions of families, the working poor in the USA, living under bridges.

The poor people in that class 4 city Melissa visited would not have baby strollers, baby clothes, shoes and baby dishes were it not for the country’s President Rodrigo Duterte and his welcome attitude toward China’s trade philosophies that provide monumental quantities of staple goods for needy families with poverty incomes.

For a woman living in poverty with two babies, putting shoes on her kids’ feet and diapers on their bottoms is not about finding designer-named products it’s about figuring out how to make $1 a day income pay for food and clothing.

China has a niche industrial sector producing cheap items like baby strollers that will last through the years of need of two kids, maybe with some help from binder twine at times. The inexpensive shoes smart Chinese manufacturers export in enormous quantities for poor kids look OK and with a spot of home-made glue at times last longer than it takes for the children one after the other to outgrow them. Be sure to read Melissa’s heart-warming story: Duterte and China help Babies and Moms.

5 June, 2019 ~ Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin in Vladivostok~ Two seasoned statesmen share concepts: Ideals for a better future for their 1.6 billion people.