Duterte Secret Deal: Philippines de facto Prov. of China

So much double talk comes from Manila, listening to it is like listening to the White House. Rodrigo Duterte has a new dribbling, stuffed-suit clown just as bad as the last one as an official spokesperson. His job is obfuscation of Duterte’s every utterance.

On that score  Salvador Panelo does a fair job. He is completely unintelligible.

In any case, it is clear Rodrigo Duterte made a secret deal with Xi Jinping in 2016. Panelo says that is unimpeachable and he is right. Salute.

Is the Philippines becoming a province of China? If that is what the people of the Philippines want, that’s fine. And it makes perfect sense, if that is what the people want. Nothing better has ever happened to the Philippines in its history.

Political Commentary Duterte-Xi Secret Deal Illustrations on this page contain Photo Art: Rosa Yamamoto FPM.news and Creative Commons original photography plus the work of Xinhua Photographers.

by Melissa Hemingway in Toronto

  1. The Philippines is likely the most corrupt country on the planet. It’s government is so far removed from the population it sees its population like a miner looks at a strip mine. Mine what you can get and leave it in ruins.
  2. Meanwhile China’s President Xi Jinping has a record of being the world’s top-most “Mr. Clean” or “Janitor-in-a-Drum” for cleaning out corruption. (It won’t be pretty.) He has cleaned out over one million (scumbags? or opposition?) corrupt politicians and bureaucrats from his own country.
  3. Filipinos have never been able to run their own country well and hence have been invaded and occupied at least four times in their history.
  4. Anyone with half a brain leaves (flees) the Philippines.
  5. Today the Philippines is run by the USA and the Philippines military for only USA purposes and to no benefit of the Philippines.
  6. China is gradually usurping the US with proposals for very significant and desperately needed infrastructure development that should have been undertaken by the Philippines government five decades ago.
  7. The Philippines has no infrastructure; no bathrooms; no railroads; no refrigerated depots or trucks to get its farmer’s produce to market; and it has the worst highways, electricity transmission and communications networks in the world. Even the moon has more infrastructure.
  8. The current President is helping China while playing both the USA and China against each other.

    Duterte says Philippines Province of China Photo credit: YouTube – Photo Art: Rosa Yamamoto FPM.news

  9. Recent quibbles between the Chinese sea-surface militia in the South China Sea and Filipino fishermen set alight the Philippines national awareness that Duterte had in 2016 given away the sovereignty of its West Philippines Sea rights to China. The Chinese fishermen have the right to fish in Philippines territorial waters.
  10. Impeachment of Duterte has been proposed by high court experts and by scholars but his supporters defiantly claim that Duterte has a stranglehold on the throats of the legislative members who would not dare vote in favour of impeachment and the 4-only real opposition members would be strung up if they tried. (Dela Rosa says ‘firing squad‘.)
  11. Arguably the Philippines is in the most strategically desirable geographical position on Earth since the United States and Britain lost (but hasn’t left) Diego Garcia to its people, the rightful owners.
  12. The Philippines has a great wealth of Rare Earth minerals, something in which China has strong interests, America too.
  13. The United States has five super-active-against-China military bases in the Philippines. China has great bulldozers for their removal.
    US and Philippines Military Mission May 2018 Philippines-US-Defence-Exercise – AFP Photo
  14. The UN Arbitration on the Law of the Sea has ruled in favour of the Philippines to the disputed territory hence the Philippines can give that right to anyone it chooses notwithstanding that the Philippines Constitution forbids such a thing. But Duterte has in many cases deemed the Philippines Constitution of no concern and in this case, given that the Philippines is already a de facto province of China by secret deal, “What Constitution”?
  15. The Philippines has the most legitimate claim of any ASEAN nation to parts of the South China Sea which China has been trying to dominate. If China annexes the Philippines, that row is over.
  16. While China has significant human rights problems, the Philippines has much worse issues. China’s annexation would lead to an increase in Filipino human rights, especially freedom from being gunned down at random by the over-rambunctious Duterte Death Squads (see video).
  17. Philippines minority groups are not really in the minority and are classified as terrorists or drug addicts (meaning “poor people“) and their retraining would top China’s list of remedial actions. But that would mean getting rid of the clopped-out over-flogged brainwashing institutes the country calls public schools. That might not be fun for everyone. Brainwashing is a huge violation of human rights, despite its popularity in the West. China getting rid of the “patriotism-building” public schools is a good thing, getting back to the 3-Rs would serve the population’s children much better.
  18. Each person in that large group of poor, about 62 million, is much more honest and smarter than any member of the Philippines government.
  19. That includes being way ahead of that wannabe Shimmer-and-Shine Ronald Dela Rosa who seeks the firing squad capital punishment retroactively so that he does not need to face a global tribunal for his crimes as co-conspirator killing thousands as the head of the Duterte’s Death Squads in Manila (see video), Davao City and across the country.

    Ronald Marapon dela Rosa, also known as Bato dela Rosa or simply Bato, is a former Duterte Gang Member from Davao City and now retired Filipino police officer who served as Philippine National Police Chief from the day Duterte took office on 1 July 2016 to 19 April  2018 and Director General of the Bureau of Corrections from 30 April to 12 October 2018 when he quit and ran for the Senate on a Duterte slate of 13.

    Dela Rosa is also among the top 12 alleged criminals charged in the International Criminal Court at the end of April 2017 as follows. Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte

    Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre
    Philippine Police Director General Ronald Dela Rosa
    House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez
    Former Interior Secretary Ismael Sueno
    Police Superintendent Edilberto Leonardo
    Senior Police Officer 4 Sanson “Sonny” Buenaventura
    Police Superintendent Royina Garma
    National Bureau of Investigation Director Dante Gierran
    Solicitor General Jose Calida
    Sen. Richard Gordon
    Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano
  20. An abundance of gold, copper, iron, chromium and nickel are strong selling points of the Philippines for China.  An estimated 21.5 billion metric tons of metal deposits in the Philippines plus 19.3 billion metric tons of nonmetal minerals in the ground make it a good catch.
  21. The Philippines needs infrastructure and China is the best at building Asian infrastructure. Clearly Duterte is a dictator who knows what is best for his country.

Political Commentary Duterte-Xi Secret Deal- Illustrations on this page contain Photo Art: Rosa Yamamoto FPM.news and Creative Commons original photography plus the work of Xinhua Photographers.

Rodrigo Duterte is a lot like Omar al-Bashir of South Sudan. He is a killer, rapist and a candidate for indictment by the International Criminal Court. He brags about his murders.

Donald Trump barely matches up. Trump has offed a few babies but Duterte has slain thousands of dangerous drug-sniffing, real brats and their little brothers and sisters.

Dut30 projects himself as a motor-cycle-riding gangster president.

He is a coward, actually, a coward with great contempt for the poor and helpless among his countrymen and brags about gunning them down in Davao City. He has ordered many gunned down while he sits in his palace waiting for more kudos from his buddies Donald Trump and Xi Jinping.

A psychiatric review imposed on Duterte by a Philippines Court during a divorce proceeding decades ago labeled him as a psychopath. That was before ordinary people with bad manners were called psychos. The criteria and testing regimen was legitimate. The evidence of Duterte’s behaviors speak well enough to his disordered personality. The reason for the assessment was that the brutality described by the other side in the courtroom battle was so incredulous the Judge had to order the evaluation to test the evidence, so colorful and extreme was its characterizations of violence.

Duterte has been accused of being silent-partnered in a Philippines business to work with China Telecom and replace the existing mobile carriers in the Philippines. Mr. Duterte awarded himself this contract say some pundits.

Who would oppose such a thing if it becomes a competitive challenge to the slowest and most expensive internet data connections on planet Earth? Sometimes it matters less how a deed gets done, only that it gets done, right? The people support Duterte the crook. He is a Robin Hood type crook. What’s the hard part? Trump likes him.

The Duterte/China Telecom challenge to the horrid bozos that run the current duopoly will be welcomed by Filipinos who are being completely fleeced by the existing two crime syndicates that call themselves mobile carriers.

Duterte and some family members have been accused of leading a Philippines/Chinese crime (drugs) syndicate and using the Philippines National Police to kill off their competition.

That allegation has some very high profile accusers like Philippines Opposition Senator Leila M. de Lima .

Duterte has been secretly photographed with significant Chinese Drug Lords.

Watch: Fishy business? A deal is a deal says Duterte.




What? You thought this was “satire”? Think again. ~ Melissa