Who do I trust, Fauci or Trump? Should I wear a mask. Will I be OK? Critical & due analysis.

Every three to four days another million people are infected with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. 4.346% Will die. That’s more than a thousand additional people every day, dead.

This article seeks to make sense of the recent terrifying pandemic news; the malignant behaviour of some male politicians; and the recent attacks on people who should be trustworthy. Can we find a paradigm in which our families will survive and be whole?

Politicrats like Tedros, Fauci, Van Kerkhove, Tam, et. al. need to find humility and begin to fix their massive mistakes. These bureau-Docs seemed very arrogant warning the public not to wear a protective mask for their respiratory system against the deadly novel coronavirus, a lethal respiratory pathogen that was trying to enter the public’s respiration.

Look at the charts. That’s what these medical wonders accomplished for their patients with that horrendous gaff.

Doctors make mistakes and when they do they work hard for a fix. But these characters so bound by monetary considerations and bullying stakeholders including the medical equipment and pharmaceutical manufacturers, forgot their patients and still think too much of their own skins. These are mistakes of the weak. They should have stuck to their oaths as MDs or worked in the salt mines.

Analysis by Micheal John with forward by Sharon Santiago

This is insane. Look what lies did! Every 3-4 days this goes up a million. The global COVID-19 cases graph. Each one is a real person with a family. Many will be dead, soon.

World COVID-19 Cases driven by United States failure of leadership World COVID-19 Cases driven by leadership fails. Click to enlarge and read.  Source FPM.news and Fred Harris, Computer Scientist coordinating daily Civil Society COVID-19 Reports

The graph and its story.

Donald Trump and his political hack minions are attacking Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Mary’s Uncle Donald Trump, like Peter Navarro, tend to project their quirky malignancies on other people. Another way of saying this is that, “liars think everyone else is telling lies as well”.

This is the story of the day because on this, Dr. Tedros of WHO could not be more on target when he says, “it’s all about trust”.

It’s a story all about ‘Trust’

Tedros is a politician. Mixing politics with a medical PhD is not outlandish but it can carry a negative trust liability. The head of WHO has always been a medical doctor until Tedros. He has made mistakes which he has corrected. Notwithstanding, Tedros has earned considerable respect. He seems to be a good leader of WHO. 

Sadly the trust in him has been clobbered. He is thus a trust expert and says himself that trust is critical.

Justice and fairness to Tedros doesn’t weigh a feather against saving thousands of lives. He must get back what Trump took from him or he must resign in a manner that reinstalls global trust in WHO. Yes that is not fair to Dr. Tedros.

Choose between millions dead or one offended.

Trust can only be earned. Tedros would be there by now if it were not for the son of a sociopath (says Mary), Donald Trump, who dumped the World Health Organization and ended America’s membership because Tedros is Black thus vulnerable to Trump’s White Supremacist movement run from the White House. Then Trump had his demon spawn spread the word that Black Tedros is not a clinician, using nastier words.

Dr. Tedros should be the next UN Secretary General. He is the right guy in the wrong place, at the wrong time, maybe.

So yes, trust is what lies behind this story. Do you trust Dr. Tony Fauci? Do you trust WHO Director Tedros? Do you trust Donald Trump? Do you trust Mary Trump? Do you trust Peter Navarro?

I trust Anderson Cooper’s baby son. He and his generation will learn how to suppress coronavirus and will be the sole survivors the way things are going thus far in mid 2020.

Nothing compares to this. Thank you Anderson Cooper for sharing your extraordinary good news. I trust Anderson Cooper’s baby son. He and his generation will learn how to suppress coronavirus and will be the sole survivors, the way things are going. Photo Credit: Anderson Cooper Friends and Family.  Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Let’s paraphrase what some people need to immediately do to fix their reputations.

“I am sorry that I made the mistake of telling you not to wear masks. I was wrong. Those who listened to civil society and wore masks have done well. Those who listened to me are sick and some are dead. I am so sorry. Please wear a mask.”


Say it, doctors. You know who I am talking to. You broke trust. You may have made other mistakes but telling people they should not protect their respiratory system with  a properly fitted 0.3 micron filter mask so that hospital workers would have a mask to wear when your victim arrives, is not just moronic, it is criminal negligence and certainly malpractice.

At the end of this article there is some expert video tutelage on how to wear and fit-test an N95 Mask.

The global cases graph showing the American Portion in Orange

World Wide COVID-19 Cases The orange is the United States ~ Click to enlarge and read.  Source: European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control.

Three Probable Sins of the Politicratic Doctors

I saw Dr. Tedros in Africa once. He has true grit. It was the site of an Ebola outbreak. He was with Dr. Mike Ryan whom I have spotted all over, always busy, always loved by health care workers.

I have not seen Dr. Tedros, Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove, Dr. Theresa Tam, Dr. Anthony Fauci, or the political hack attacking Tony Fauci, Peter Navarro, in hospitals or clinics in the warzones of Idlib, ar-Raqqah, Mosul, Nineveh, or in the trenches fighting GBV-related HIV and HBV in places where there isn’t even clean water. These are places their countries have shat on.

1. These doctors’ names are mentioned because they betrayed patients. It was about warning the public off wearing masks so that they and their colleagues would not run out of masks.

Severe acute respiratory syndrome is a respiratory system disease known since 2003. If the public is prevented from infection, healthcare workers need very little PPE.

These politically motivated ‘officials have inadvertently killed thousands of people as a matter of trying to be on the team, instead of using independent thinking for the benefit of public health and the people they are sworn to protect. They were supposed to be protecting the public first. Had they succeeded in doing that, the graphs on these pages would be deviant art.

They said the world must preserve masks for health care workers instead of preventing healthcare workers from needing masks.

2. They should have taught the world to avoid intaking a respiratory pathogen. Instead they are consumed in power politics.

They might be proof that one bad apple spoils the entire bushel. (You know who. Mary’s uncle.) It’s not likely that a gaff of these proportions has ever been inflicted on the public health across the entire world. Only a psychopath in the White House could do such a thing. Fuddle Duddle America.

3. It was about avoiding a dearth of personal protection equipment because nobody, despite many warnings, had planned and stockpiled for a highly contagious respiratory disease pandemic.

This story is about trust.

NCoV-19 the novel coronavirus disease now called COVID-19, a disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, is a respiratory illness.

That describes how the SARS2 virus enters the body. Once inside it turns elements of victims’ organs into a facsimile of organic pumice if given the chance.

The way to avoid this disease is to block it from entering a human respiratory system. That requires stopping any pathogenic particles as small as 0.3 microns from entering a person’s upper or lower respiratory systems.

A fit-tested NIOSH standard N95 mask used by construction workers; home handy persons; waste managers; taxi drivers in Beijing and Taipei, Hong Kong and the Philippines; doctors and nurses, will do the trick.

Instead, the referenced parties boldly and scurrilously told the public that  COVID-19 is a respiratory illness but that the public should not wear masks. “Wearing a mask takes one away from medical workers.”


The medi-bureaucrats must now work hard at teaching the public how to wear, re-use and fit-test a mask capable of blocking 0.3 micron pathogens. Thus medical workers would seldom see a SARS-CoV-2 infected patient.

Previously they panicked in a motherlode of bureaucratic paranoia saying that they wanted to avert public panic and buying frenzies at the hardware store where most N95s have been sold to the general public. Their panic killed far too many members of the public.

Yes. Wear a mask. Wear a NIOSH N95 

  1. Always wear an N95 mask in the cities. You protect yourself from a lot of particulate matter plus the SARS-CoV-2 loaded moisture droplets from the sneezing man who just bumped you.
  2. Stay home. 25 March, 2020 Wear an N-95 mask to get groceries. SARS-CoV-2 is in the air.
  3. 11 June, 2020 America & others failed against CoV. Wearing a mask thwarts SARS-CoV2
  4. 6 February, 2020 Yes. Wear a mask. Wear a NIOSH N95 & be climate conscious.

Here is the American COVID-19 cases graph on its own. It is a microbial Tsunami that is bent on killing America. Wear a mask.

10 December morning in Vancouver at bail hearing for kidnapped Huawei Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou Photo by @jwints (Star:Vancouver) Source Twitter Latest United States COVID-19 Cases

The steady rise in American Deaths Due to COVID-19

USA Deaths from COVID-19 Produced by FPM.news

USA Deaths from COVID-19 The steady unstoppable increase in American deaths due to COVID-19 Source FPM.news and Fred Harris, Computer Scientist coordinating daily Civil Society COVID-19 Reports

Opening Schools?

America, Brazil, India, Russia and many regions of many countries need to wait for a vaccine. Their populations’ inability to avoid massive community spread says exactly that.

In the field we are seeing so many quirky things that may be related to COVID-19’s impact on children that there is risk that outweighs another few months away from school.

If a vaccine is in fact possible, and all indicators are that it is a good possibility, maybe with boosters down the road, then a vaccine will happen. It’s a do or die situation.

The evolving SARS-CoV-2 will continue, each person being repeatedly infected until they die, or until SARS2 either wipes out the human race, or the human, like the bats, learns how to suppress coronaviruses.

  1. Wear an N95 mask.
  2. Get vaccinated when the vaccine is available.
  3. Wash your hands.

Nurses say "You are not hurting us by wearing your masks. Government should have prepared for SARS2. They didn't even make a Vaccine for SARS. Wear N95 mask only. SARS2 is also a respiratory disease." Photo by AFP Courtesy via, TheNursesWithoutBorders.org (Manila) Art by Rosa Yamamoto Nurses say “You are not hurting us by wearing your masks.
Government should have prepared for SARS2. They didn’t even make a Vaccine for SARS. Wear N95 mask only. SARS2 is also a respiratory disease.” Photo by Armed Forces of the Philippines
Courtesy via, TheNursesWithoutBorders.org (Manila)
Art by Rosa Yamamoto

Wearing a medical mask does not take one away from a frontliner it keeps you off their dying patient list. One of many types of medical masks. COVID-19 is a respiratory illness hence you must protect your respiratory system. Wear a NIOSH N95 mask outside your home & near anyone in your home who has symptoms or who is quarantined. This is true for all humans without exception. Learn to fit check & wear these masks. It’s your future. Wearing a medical mask does not take one away from a frontliner it keeps you off their dying patient list. Photo Credit: Melissa Hemingway.


The appeal across the world to join one another in solidarity against COVID-19 seems to work for those who join. Do you want to live? You may survive COVID-19 the first time maybe with some organ impairments ten months later but will you survive the next infection?

Aim for global solidarity instead. Beat the virus by denying it another host. Then we will all be OK.

Pseudo-Correction of a Past Error

1. Wash your hands.

2. Wear an N-95 mask carefully when you go for groceries, pharmacy, doctor’s appointments, and children’s vaccinations. (Urgent. Keep those vaccinations up to date to avoid tragic co-morbid complications.)

3. Do not touch your face with uncleaned hands.

4. Stay Safe at Home as much as possible. Avoid all physical engagement with persons outside your household.

The Full Mask Story

The life-saving N95 mask fits tightly around the face and filters 95% of airborne particles, like viruses, which other protective equipment such as surgical masks/spit barriers can’t do.

 This mask will protect wearers who have done a proper fit-test. Here is how to don and doff your N95 respirator mask, especially when you have been in high risk areas. 

The USA OSHA directive indicates that a respirator can be reused as long as it “maintains its structural and functional integrity and the filter material is not physically damaged or soiled.”

“But never touch the outside of a used mask say all health care professionals,” warns Dr. Anderson of The RINJ Foundation

Correctly wearing fit-tested N95 respirator masks has value as a protective device against inhalation of the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. Learn how to use this correctly or Do Not Enter a Potentially Contaminated Area. Stay Home.

Indicated for most people who are in need of both self protection and protecting others, here is the 1860-N95 which works for street-wear 1860S N95 Particulate Respirator Spec Sheet


Courtesy The World Health Organization Courtesy The World Health Organization

Courtesy The World Health Organization Courtesy The World Health Organization