Happy 4th of July, America, former leader of the free world. A Feminine-Perspective Commentary.

By its own choice the United States of America, in November 2016, vacated the dubious distinction of being “Leader of the Free World“.

Thank you Mr. Trump. This Free World cannot be thanked for starving the children of North Korea, Iraq, Chagos, Iran, Syria, Crimea, Venezuela and more. In practice, the Free World has been a monster.

The folding of the Free World? Or ending America's leadership term Both could lead to a better world. For that the world has Donald Trump to thank. The folding of the Free World?
Or ending America’s leadership term?
Both could lead to a better world. But it is “The World, (not so free)”. For that the world has Donald Trump to thank. This alleged trust thief and proven liar (Washington Post‘s Ten Thousand Lies) has coalesced the elements of an heretofore unexposed reality. The problem is not DOnald Trump, it is the majority of Americans who follow him and his racist doctrine. See it now? Photo Credit: File Photo in Public Domain. Photo Art: Rosa Yamamoto FPMag  


Listening to “Leader-of-The-Free-World” claims by American pundits in the deprecated role of boastful jingoistic ‘talking heads‘ on CNN and FOX News is ‘vomit-worthy’ causing diplomats around the world to “lose their lunch”, said one attaché at a recent event in a scrum of eight; a comment that that got seven nods.

Human behaviour in all its folly does have a tribal and territorial component that can be self-destructive.

Any pronounced manifestation of this tribalism and territorialism is often fairly seen as a personality disorder but defending one’s own home and food are accepted as animal traits for survival.

by Melissa Hemingway and Micheal John

The human race might better educate itself to lessen its blindness to the reasons for the misbehaviour of those that it victimizes.

For humans, these self-defence reactions are the highest order of violent behaviour triggers. Violently victimize a country, and it will retaliate.

But overreaction comes back to personality disorder which in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th Edition is described as anomalous traits that can comprise a serious and impossible-to-cure, barely treatable malignancy.

The world is not waiting for the USA to find a better president. The malignancy is inherent in the racist American population. American behaviour is inherently violent and in an extreme, so destructive as to become self-destructive which is now manifest.

Self destruction is an inevitable subset component of combined greed, hegemony, violence being a danger to the survival of Earth for the past fifty years.

The USA has become a dangerous menace to Earth and to the human race.

In rudimentary fails America does indeed lead the world.

If Americans awaken to this, it could take as long as fifty years, the time of its downfall, to educate its children in the shine of the golden rule and the ways of the better philosophers and scientists. In other words, there will be another day, some day, for America.

But until then, the world needs to heal from America’s sins and repair the horrible damage.

My life is not normal because of te everyday stress. You go through your life never realizing you might be removed from your homeland.

Photo credit: source supplied. Photo Art: Rosa Yamamoto FPMag  “My life is not normal because of the everyday stress…”

You go through your life never realizing you might be removed from your homeland… if you are Black like me. From “… Crime against Chagossians

The Pariah Nation is one of Conservative White Privilege that kills Blacks like George Floyd and can’t understand why the world has lost its patience with the sick King of the “Free World”, an idea that failed miserably.

When the United States began in 2017 to attack world leaders and their nations with rhetoric; began ripping brown-skinned babies from mothers’ arms; began scoffing at environmentalists and human rights defenders in Africa; began marginalizing minority groups like Muslims, Asians, and even Women, the latter group being the human gender that edged into a numeric minority in the past four years;  began vacating alliances; refused to remove its troops from Iraq when asked; refused to remove its nuclear base in  the Chagos Islands when asked by the world; violated the human rights of non-white children and their families at the Mexican border and across the USA; and vacated all international human rights protection instruments and institutions on Earth, it quit it’s global leadership role and vacated all status in the global community, to become a pariah nation.

FPM.news has seized every opportunity to survey diplomats and emissaries of governments within the United Nations. What is said in this article is with considerable consensus.

Steps must be taken to contain the American disaster but for that purpose, the United Nations is unavailable.

The United Nations is unfortunately disabled in many ways, having a large percentage of its leadership infiltrated by American interlopers who take their instructions from the deceitful US Secretary of State.

These interlopers exist to quash any form of alert or reaction to America doing things like cyber attacks, mass murders, and bombing attacks against Iran; to limit the blowback on America from the world’s anger at America’s and Britain’s mistreatment of the Chagossians, a race of Blacks who once owned the islands that US Nuclear Missile Base Diego Garcia now occupies after the Chagossians were violently removed from their homes.

The folding of the Free World? Or ending America's leadership term Both could lead to a better world. The folding of the Free World?
Or ending America’s leadership term
Both could lead to a better world. Baquba, in Diyala province, some 65 km northeast of Baghdad, November 4, 2008 Photo Credit: Goran Tomasevic/Reuters]
Photo Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Leader of the Free World is Post-WWII Concoction of Cold War Propaganda

The de facto leader of the free world is said to be Germany and Angela Merkel but that is not true.

The Extraordinary Chancellor Merkel is part of a team, perhaps its leader,  comprised of perhaps Tsai Ing-wen of Taiwan, Moon Jae-In of South Korea, Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand,  Emmanuel Macron of France, Justin Trudeau of Canada, Xi Jinping of China, and Vladimir Putin of Russia. That group plus others comprise the leadership of “The World, (not so free)”.


This article will discuss the more controversial members of this team.

Only one doesn’t belong. Justin Trudeau

According to extremely reliable sources within the USA State Department, “Justin Trudeau is bought and paid for by the US Presidential administration and will always vote to favour America.”

Hence Trudeau, largely because of Canada’s vulnerability to American economic blackmail and Canada’s failure to maintain its largest growth market in China, has no choice and thus is part of the problem and not part of the solution. If the White House is home of the Organ Grinder, Trudeau is its monkey for all time.

That’s a sad reality because Trudeau is a better man than this but is in an untenable geopolitical mess because of Canada’s failure to expand secondary manufacturing and ditch its reliance on selling raw materials to the United States. Believe it or not, Canada is selling billions of dollars worth of military equipment to Saudi Arabia used to slaughter Iranian-backed Yemenis for Washington and Riyadh.

Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin - Sharing a vision for a better future enabled by mutual cooperation. Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin – Two of the world’s greatest leaders sharing a vision for a better future enabled by mutual cooperation. Photo Credit: Kremlin.ru
Cropping and Photo Art: Rosa Yamamoto FPM.news

Xi Jinping, a much loved President of China.

The world should have noticed that almost overnight, China emerged from being a backwards rice-growing nation of 55 minority groups with widely varying cultural background, to being a significant global economic force.

Somewhere back in the early 1950s, some Chinese noticed the proliferation of 6L6GT beam tetrode vacuum tube devices, first introduced in 1936, being used in computers around the world.

A few companies in China began making these beam tetrodes and selling them to the makers of computing technology and other applications which technology by one way or another, it shared. In those days it was called “open source scientific development”. Nobody ‘stole’ a thing and credit was given to open source inventors.

For example, almost every piece of technology used by Google and Apple today was at its root developed for free by scientists on their own time as open source technology.

In some cases Google has paid “bounties” to developers who modified their technology to fit Google needs. (Like, “We will buy you that Yellow Jeep you always wanted as a bounty if you can modify your mail administration technology to suit our mail system.” This creates an accepted environment for compensating not the original open-source design but the application-specific outgrowth.)

Guess what? Chinese companies do the same things.

Google has a good reputation for treating developers well. Apple does as well to a lesser extent.

Just like China, Google and Apple are often accused of getting rich on stolen technologies. That is unequivocally a false accusation.

But that is only coming from exploitive stupid people who take no time to read, learn and understand anything. They claw their way up the ladders of life using knives in the backs of others as rungs in a ladder. China, Google and Apple ar victims of this malignant talk.

Science belongs to nobody. So you cannot steal science.

For everyone else besides Google, Apple and China, it became a question of who could best exploit the hard work of the Linus Torvalds (inventor of Linux/Android) or the hundreds of developers of the FreeBSD operating system (open source derivation of  Berkeley Research Unix) developers. Honestly, these geeks are generally unable to convert science  into finance and frankly, they seem to have no interest in doing that.

That China has used the ideas of the best and the brightest in the world to seed their young science beginners with ideas to pave the way to future discoveries capable of near-miracles, is the greatest form of flattery and joy to each developer.

Science belongs to nobody. Ideas that benefit the human race credit the souls of creators.

Like frontline health care workers we have open source computer scientists to thank for nuclear medicine and better ventilators etc.

The Rice Growers became Scientists

The political masters of industrialists made the racist error of seeing so-called “rice growers” of China as harmless wet farmers. China went from buying and reselling computers to building its own and using it’s own 6L6GT devices. That went to diode matrices based on the 1N34A diode to a million such devices on a single chip. At one point, China had more Chip Foundries doing VLSI and VHSIC than the United States had corner bars. That led to China’s full development of Artificial Intelligence and its inevitable leadership in the field. Today, China is foremost in the development of 5G technology.

Stop hating Asians. Stop hating altogether.

Human Rights violations in China is not as much a problem as the human rights violations of America and even Canada.

Which is worse?

  • Chinese troops killing 10,000 Chinese in a quasi civil-war, 4 June 1989, at and near Tiananmen square? or,
  • American troops murdering 1 million Muslims, Christians, and Yezidi in Iraq from 2003-2011?

America should STFU until it cleanse its own house on racism and  human rights issues.

Notwithstanding China’s past transgressions, Xi Jinping has earned a seat at the world leadership table.

Vladimir Putin

Russia has an extraordinary cultural heritage of brilliance. It’s philosophers have been a beacon to the world for those who seek understanding through existentialism.

Clearly, Vladimir Putin will be seen by future historians as an interim, brilliant messenger of the Russian history of excellence that skipped through the Soviet era. Putin is brilliant. He is also a skilled, maybe the world’s most skilled, statesman.

Putin may also be ruthless, but close study of the Russian trials and tribulations since 25 million were massacred by the Nazis of Adolf Hitler in WWII, suggests that he had to be exactly that, and Russia needed exactly that to survive the Free World’s racist views inherited from the Nazis, ruthlessness.

The world looked at Russia in 1944, on its knees, millions of children and their families slaughtered by the Nazis, and enjoined the Nazis’ creation of a global impression that Russians were inferior to humans.

America, the most racist nation on Earth, in search of glory through violence, had seized the opportunity to create a mythical pariah out of this WWII victim. Hence the morality of this so-called Free World is a whitewashed demon. Racist, bullying violence and other conduct produced the Soviet Union.

Putin has given Russia dignity, status, and pride again. We have seen his effect as we needed to work with his soldiers and emissaries in Syria and Venezuela. We have seen right mindedness, fairness, compromise and balance. Putin is indeed ruthless, but he solves problems that otherwise would have reigned forever. Nevertheless, he is an easy man to dislike. He is enormously successful.

Recent setbacks for Putin include the disastrous consequences of COVID-19 which ruined the full potential of this year’s celebration of the 75th anniversary of freedom from the Nazis. For those who know and understand the history, it is a heartbreaker.

Russia’s taking Crimea into its fold was a noble thing. It is what the people of Crimea wanted and it was accepted by the people of Russia who had to foot the bill.

That the so-called Free World ignored the will of the people and only saw a propaganda narrative invented by America, is no surprize and a continuation of blind racism.

Destroying with sanctions the livelihood, health and safety of the Crimean and Russian peoples was contraindicated but the fools have done that anyway, just as they starve the children of North Korea, Iran, Syria and Venezuela.

Notwithstanding Russia’s past alleged transgressions, Vladimir Putin has earned a seat at the world leadership table.

Tsai Ing-wen of Taiwan, Moon Jae-In of South Korea, Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand,  Lee Hsien Loong of Singapore, Emmanuel Macron of France, Xi Jinping of China, and Vladimir Putin of Russia may be joined by others, however it is no less true that they have directed the world to an alliance that serves the betterment of mankind, far more than the outrageously misnamed ‘Free World” ever did.