Editorial: Hong Kong great again once Britain, USA bring interlopers home.

The mess in Hong Kong defied two main goals of China:

  • globally superior prosperity for China’s 55 minorities collective, and
  • centralized China leadership.

The West’s planting of interlopers among students in Hong Kong for the purpose of stimulating revolt was preposterous besides being a flop.

It would be almost laughable were it not for the firebombings and destruction of businesses, and erosion of family safety in Hong Kong, considering that mainland China was also infiltrating the protest and student groups with pacifists to monitor events.

The American and British agents provocateur were fooled in their reports by the Chinese pacifist agents pretending to be local students. That’s because they were authentic students who became unhappy with the foreign interference.

by Micheal John

Collective leadership replaced with central authority. Representing 55 minority groups in one country called China. Collective leadership replaced with central authority. Photo Credit: Xinhua.
Photo Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

The American and British interlopers should leave Hong Kong and go home. Booking an airline seat might be tricky but they can row their boat out to a submarine in the South China sea or just hop from deck to deck until they reach their ride.  They need to do that because there is some talk in Beijing about naming them and that would be dangerous. There is plenty of anger.

When the HK city became unsafe for families, all deals were off.

An agreement of the 1990s guaranteed Hong Kong civil liberties as well as having its own Courts and some form of law-making autonomy until year 2047, all bundled into a formula known as “One Country, Two Systems“.

Since then, Xi Jinping has been elected for life as President and absurd or not, the presidential accountability has slimmed as the autocratic Communist Party of China is able to be as autocratic as it wants to be.

At some point China’s population pressure will force an adjustment. In other words, there are processes for adjustment. And that is for the people of China to do, not interlopers.

The Chinese people have a prosperity goal that is identical to the China government’s goal. There is immense synergy in China between government and the populations, with obvious exceptions. Most communities are prosperous so they are generally happy. Why outsiders seek to destroy that is a good rhetorical question.

Why should the people of China accept British and American goals for China? These two malign actors seek China’s destruction, or if not then its subservience as it is remembered from ‘olden days‘. Outrageous racist bastards? Yeah.

Take a look at the Chagos Islanders and their homes where Britain and America stole their islands and scorched the Man Friday Wogs as Britain has referred to the Chagossians in past documents revealed in recent years.

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Three hundred and sixty five days of vandalism and tear gas.

Stimulated by outsiders, Hong Kong became a violent problem. Businesses and public infrastructure including air travel and train stations (subway) were interrupted or destroyed and something had to be done.

As China passes laws to forbid the insanity the world has watched unfold, America and Britain have ordered their populations to stay inside their homes and wear a mask and socially distance themselves if they need to go buy groceries—autocratic bastards?

China dealt with its emergencies with a law and order edict. Clearly it is not finesse but lawfare against a perceived enemy: violent crime.

Hopefully this tactic returns a peace. Meanwhile, dialogue and compromise must find a way through the noise to solve genuine problems.

The draconian (and stupid) extradition order that set things off has vanished. Other issues need discussion. Then the niceties of autonomy can be revisited. But while children and their families live in danger going to school or even hiding in their bedrooms, nothing else matters and a peace must be found.

British foreign secretary Dominic Raab has said China breached its agreement on the Hong Kong handover. So also did Britain. One begot the other.

Law and over takes precedence over British poppycock.

Beijing has taken steps to stop the destruction of Hong Kong. It’s about time.

Who actually thinks that the population likes mathem in the streets every damned night?

Bottles of burning gasoline have been flying in all directions.

Feminine-Perspective MagazineMolotov cocktails thrown at barriers. Photo submitted to FPMag by neighbour October 2019. Photo Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto FPMag From the article “Hong Kong capable of peaceful protest in the millions. This is not Hong Kong”.

September 31, 2019: Warning. Stay home, Hong Kong Families. Violent actors hijacked peaceful assemblies.

"Protesting against the unfairness of eroding freedoms is everyone's duty, but violence is not. If your children are killed, there is no amount of freedom that will make you feel better. You will in fact never be free. Stay home." “Protesting against the unfairness of eroding freedoms is everyone’s duty, but violence is not. (Read original article.) If your children are killed, there is no amount of freedom that will make you feel better. You will in fact never be free. Stay home, say RINJ Women in a published statement on their web site”  Photo Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Over ten thousand chemical weapons detonated across the city, 27 to 30 every single day mixed with the same number of firebombs across the city, 365 days per year accumulating as over 10,000 chemical attacks per year.

China runs China, not you.

Beijing is the seat of government for the nation of China and Hong Kong is part of that nation. Its leaders decide national policy, not America. Not Britain. Not Europe.

Hong Kong was destroyed in 2019 and its economy tanked. Who will feed the 7.451 million people there if the damage cannot be repaired?

Molotov cocktails are not the way ahead for Hong Kong. The problem escalated and who doesn’t know somebody that is an instigator from another country here in Hong Kong?

China has passed laws that reflect every other civilized nation.

  • And making laws for China is China’s right.
  • America and Britain failed to completely destroy Hong Kong as a means to disrupting China.
  • That the United States carried out actions that resulted in violence is no surprise but is no less reprehensible.
  • Instigators of violence during protests have terrorized children and their families in Hong Kong, forcing many to abandon their homes.
  • Everyday, USA policies around the world make people sick or dead. Go home.