USA, Canada Assail One-China policy. Headed for War.

Sailing war ships a few meters from China’s territorial waters between Taiwan and coastal China, while 11,000 km from their own homes, is enough Canadian and American arrogance to draw Beijing’s rage.

Such outright beckoning for war in distant waters certainly puts the meddlers outside of the United States and Canada’s righteousness  to be in a China civil conflict zone with war ships. This is a recipe for disaster. The biggest fool in the world is Canada’s Trudeau.

by Melissa Hemingway

The United States always seems to appear when there is any form of conflict, trying to sell one side or both their massive array of weapons. This is a big problem for human development. This is a big problem for all the people of the world. America is only about violence in the year 2019. Now it seeks war with China.

Canada is dragged along because its leader is sweating bricks waiting for the ratification of the North American Trade Deal. Read more -> Trudeau with Trump Goading China to World War.

Taiwan relishes the American theory of U.S. neocons predicting that China’s Communist government will self-destruct. No doubt, if you tell someone what they want to hear enough times, they will buy in. Taiwan has bought into the American nightmare of a collapsing country of 1,4 billion people. Nice. They say China is on its way to distinction.

The United States is the primary arms seller to Taiwan and just closed a deal for $2.5 billion or thereabouts for 108 main battle tanks, and Stinger low level air defence missiles. Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen said in March that the US was likely to sell the island a new batch of very advanced weaponry, including F-16 fighters. Arming Taiwan is all about promoting Taiwan’s war for independence from China. It will kill countless numbers of Asians on both sides and could expand to a much wider conflict. Beijing is apoplectic. The US neocons say it is a war that is good for their arms business and wipes out more non-whites. Read if you wish ->  USA-2018-National-Defense-Strategy-Summary

Warmongering Neocons Ruin Trump Presidency and send the world spinning out of control toward war. Warmongering Neocons Ruin Trump Presidency and send the world spinning out of control toward war Trump will not be able to talk his way out from. Photo Credit: AP / Alex Brandon  (June 13, 2019) Photo Art: Rosa Yamamoto

Beijing has repeatedly warned the world that it will consider any kind of interference in its arguments with its provinces an act of war and will respond strongly.

Last week through diplomatic channels, China asked the United States not to sell more war materials to Taiwan. This was shortly after Canada and the United States sailed warships between Taiwan and China. How much intimidation will China take?

How much arms proliferation are the people of the world willing to take? Twelve women at lunch today were asking how they would go about sinking the ships delivering tanks not just to Taiwan but to anyone. It’s a growing sentiment. No more wars.

That’s the tip of the iceberg.

Canada kidnapped a Chinese princess. You can read about that here ->  Meng Wanzhou Kidnap is Political. Trump in Control. Canada in danger.

The United States has declared Taiwan an independent country and protectorate of the United States.

According to Taiwan News, a well-established (1949) media outlet on the Chinese island, the American Indo-Pacific Strategy Report published by the Department of Defense (DoD) on June 1, along with a few other notable events, and the recently reported US$2.6 billion dollar weapons deal to provide Taiwan with new tanks and missiles, suggests that the Trump administration is assuming an obligation to ensure Taiwan’s defensive capabilities.

“The US-Department-Of-Defense-Indo-Pacific-Strategy-Report-2019 may indicate a change in how Washington sees Taiwan’s political status,” notes the Taiwan News in mid-June.

The DoD states the following:

“As democracies in the Indo-Pacific, Singapore, Taiwan, New Zealand, and Mongolia are reliable, capable, and natural partners of the United States. All four countries contribute to U.S. missions around the world and are actively taking steps to uphold a free and open international order.”

Thus, the United States claims Taiwan and not China as a military partner, (read: Pentagon disinvites China from major naval exercise over South China Sea buildup) presumably against China, which the USA is actively goading into a war in the South China Sea.

This is happening while its other two allies in the region, Japan and South Korea are at each others throats over long-ago unfinished business about the mistreatment of Koreans by the Japanese at the end of WWII.

Meanwhile America’s erstwhile Philippines ally, Rodrigo Duterte has handed the Spratly Islands to China. Duterte concomitantly faces (outrageously impossible in a dictatorship) impeachment proceedings from the fishermen.

Duterte, the infamous self-confessed mass murderer, on the weekend begged publicly for the United States to send in the 7th Fleet to make war against China and presumably obfuscate Duterte’s sellout against Vietnam which actually owns most of the Spratly’s.

Not even Tom Clancy could have dreamed up three very different loonies connected through the cosmos and aimed at war with China in this manner.

Duterte between rape jokes says “Let’s Bomb Everything”. Newsweek has the storyheadlined:  Philippines President Duterte Urges U.S. To Declare War On China


Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Duterte leaps to absurdity to obfuscate his pact with China. Duterte’s gut instincts have been good, however. China is a better friend to the Philippines. America has only used the Filipinos. (File Photo Art Rosa Yamamoto )

Feminine-Perspective Magazine

So what do we have?

3 Different leaders who are together a  Recipe for Global Disaster

-> Trump

Donald Trump for whom several thousands of psychiatric professionals went out on a limb under the “Duty To Warn” clause of their self-made constitution to diagnose Trump as a psychopath (etc.). They did not need to do that because deeds speak. Trump is best described by the quintessential street vernacular for psychopath.

Nevertheless, he is not a true Republican and he is most certainly not a neocon. Trump is somewhat boxed in with a great many ultra-conservatives all around him. They exist in many aspects of US government and many are not so apparent. They are in the law enforcement  portfolios for sure but also the Food and Drug administration.

Brace yourself. Thank God for Trump on many recent decisions that were seemingly random and opposed to the right-wingers. Somebody with a brain has Trump’s ear.

One of the handicaps of a psychopath is that they lack the ability to sense the feelings of other people. It’s like a third dimension, an invisible string that connects balanced individuals and shares either the actual feeling or the expectation of feeling called empathy. Regrettably, this issue handicaps Trump and he makes horrid mistakes attributable to lack of empathy. It’s a huge disconnect and when Trump plays his “TV – inspired ‘Let’s Make a Deal’ games, he only annoys people.

The British Ambassador shared simple conclusions that didn’t have much depth. Trump is much more complicated, and far more dangerous.

Somebody with a great brain is talking to Xi Jinping. He plays his cards with Trump a lot better than anyone, but there is no dealing with a psychopath. This is headed for nastiness. Nobody wins and life is a mess while a psychopath has his hands on the controls.

Sideline Trump, America, or face World War III and America will lose for sure.

-> Trudeau

Justin Trudeau shows signs of a narcissism that parallel Trump’s case but Trudeau comes by his quirks (like his insurmountable proclivity to seem insincere even if he is just telling you the time) far more naturally. A genetic predisposition or parental proclivity toward borderline personality disorder and bipolar manic depression is obvious. He will outgrow most of that.

Oddly, males cannot cope with those disorders like women can. Trudeau’s mom is a great example of an intelligent and lovable person who did cope well. She knows real world roller coaster rides. Justin Trudeau needs the guidance and the benefit of experience from  that remarkable woman, Maggie Trudeau, more than ever. If he asks her, she will know what this all means. He should ask her before time runs out.

Trudeau’s missteps with China could be best articulated by former Prime Minister Jean Chretien because that’s the issue: experience.

Lack of experience and lack of good advise may have destroyed Trudeau’s career in politics. But it’s worse than that for Canada. Trudeau, in Canada, has no worthy opponent. Canada has no apparent leaders.

Coalition governance? Yikes. Hence, Canada needs to reelect and train Trudeau. Beg Chretien to ram his message and experience home instead of whispering. Pierre Elliot Trudeau would have told Trump to “fuddle duddle” long ago. Otherwise, Canada takes its chances with a less-experienced Harper wannabe. That will not deliver a good result for Canada.

-> Duterte

Rodrigo Duterte who according to surveys of death records across the Philippines under the ruse of scaling the metrics of communicable diseases, has slaughtered nearly 28,000 (possibly more because the data goes back to the fall of 2018) in police and Duterte Death Squad murders. Note that people call these drug war killings but they are not. The cadavers are people that in the local fiefdoms opposed the President in one way or another or who walked with a limp or were just disliked at the local Barangay level.

Duterte has been diagnosed by a credible professional as a vile psychopath. He makes Omar al-Bashir look like a pussycat.

Duterte could have been just what the Philippines needed if he had kept his promise and attacked the corrupt dynasties. But he chose to be a terrorist to exert his power and control. Trump loves the guy and takes inspiration from Duterte as he grabs more babies from mothers’ arms. Likely Trump and Duterte have the same bad habit of pulling the wings off flies and hurting animals. For sure they both love to violate women and children.

Once China has full control of its southern province, Xi Jinping is the world’s expert at cleaning out corruption and he will go to town on Manila. (You can just hear the buzz in Quezon right now.) Mr. Jinping has purged over a million skunks in China. The Philippines will be a snap.

Trump Neocon Swamp Risking Global War

The United States has been describing China’s policies as aggressive and imperialistic. This allegation comes from the country that makes its money selling arms into conflicts (often both sides) and by basing troops and military facilities in over fifty countries where an aggregate of half a million or more American military personnel are armed to the teeth on foreign soil.

China is not the problem. China is responding to the problem holding to heart the best interests of the rest of the world, more so than racist America which has been waging war on non-whites for a couple of decades at least.

As the developing nations reach a level of sophistication that parallels the Caucasian bullies, the balance of power around the world will flip flop. Peace could break out everywhere, or the reverse might happen because right now the world is like a tinderbox, wet with gasoline.