Turkey with Russia’s S-400 protects 85 Million Citizens

Showing the world how to be a humanitarian nation, Turkey continues to be home to the world’s largest refugee population (UNHCR-Turkey-Fact-Sheet). The number is suspected to be over 4 million Syrians, Iraqis and Kurds (Kurdish regions of Syria and Iraq).

But Turkey is in the sights of antagonists in the United States despite Turkey’s extraordinary hospitality to Americans since the 1950s. America operates two significant strategic Air Bases in Turkey including Incirlik and Izmir.

[News and Analyses] by Micheal John and Melissa Hemingway in Syria

Note on sources: Data quoted is from two documentary videos below.

Washington has been telling Turkey it may only buy defence systems recommended and approved by the United States or face grave consequences.

The only plausible explanation is monetary greed because its defensive systems are built by a country that doesn’t need them. (The US excuses sound like its Huawei Technologies feeble rationale without evidence or fact.)

You might tell them our secrets.

Turkey needs an aerospace defence system and it does not need “friends” like the current incarnation of the United States.

Russia which also has a dire need for defence against aerospace missile attack and air-breathing threats, builds the world’s best air defence systems. Dozens of nations concur.

When Turkey asked to buy the US Patriot Missile System in 2013, the USA said “No”.

Without an air defence system relevant to the Turkish threat scenario, Turkey was a sitting duck. After Turkey signed on to the S-400 programme with an option to join the S-500 project, America turned around last year and said, “OK you can buy ‘Patriot Missiles if you don’t do business with Russia”. But the deal on the S-400 was done.

Russia has become a nearly unconditional ally and a friend to the Turkish people. The two countries’ diplomacy has taken them through some extraordinary rough spots in Syria and heretofore saved a lot of lives, although the situation in Idlib, Syria, today, puts both on shaky ground because of enormous and unacceptable attacks on hospitals and medical units there.  (see: Idlib, Syria Explodes Again. Hospitals are Targets.)

Turkey, with its own 81 million people, plus 4 million refugees, must protect the country from its violent and and well-armed neighbours, Syria, Iran and Iraq plus all their included militias, surrogate secondary wars, warriors and outright fundamentalist lunatic terrorists.

Turkey has not shared its detailed threat evaluations with FPM.news but it has said that it has an urgent need to fulfill. It began taking delivery of the S-400 aerospace missile systems earlier Friday.

India also has bought the S-400 Aerospace Defence System

Interestingly, India has looked at the potential threat from Pakistan and China and after one and a half years of research and negotiations has also selected and committed to buying the S-400 systems, expressing some urgency for a fielded and operational set of air defence regiments instead of waiting for the S-500 operational units which may stretch out having operational units past year 2021. (See documentary video below.)

RINJ-Press-FPMag-Incirlik-USA-Air-Base-in-Incirlik-Turkey If the USA is breaking off relations with Turkey over the S-400 system purchase, when will the USA Incirlik Air Base in Incirlik, Turkey (1951-> ?) be closed? 
 Photo Credit: Google Maps
Photo Art: Rosa Yamamoto FPM.news

Turkey’s Punishment for not buying American

Because Turkey has acquired the S-400 Aerospace Missile System built largely in St. Petersburg, America has threatened Turkey with enemy-level sanctions; America says it will evict Turkey from the NATO F-35s project; and exclude Turkey from all other NATO collaborative defence projects. American bullying is seen across NATO as reprehensible but no contact wishes to speak out officially or otherwise.

Choosing the S-400 system was a gamble for the Turks, not because of the American threats but because Russia will soon put the more advanced (and more expensive) S-500 Aerospace Missile System into service. Turkey could not wait after being exposed to a risk that has indeed been realized, for five years. It has left the door open for the S-500.

Russia is not the Enemy – Arcane American Doctrine is the Enemy.

Doctrine invented by business planners inside a defence industrial base of Europe, Britain and America pegs Russia as a Machevalian enemy.

Russia, despite its truly passive nature since the break-up of the Soviet Union in 1989, is faced with a bizarre doctrine that labels Russia ‘ENEMY OF THE FREE WORLD’, like something from late night B movies.  It is pure fiction.

That would be quite humorous if not for being outrageous. Russia is a country that was nearly wiped out by the Nazis in WWII. Some 20 to 25 million Russians, mostly women and children, were slaughtered by Adolf Hitler’s Nazis in ways that were no different than the Nazis’ slaughter of 6 million Jews. No different.

It is about money and about the rich getting richer and more powerful. Russia is not an enemy of anyone except those that make its people an enemy and threatens them harm.

America is a country that bullies everyone; espouses racist philosophies; snatches babies from the arms of migrant mothers; throws anyone who disagrees in prison; kills journalists; encourages school shootings; cheers for cops who gun down non-whites; and has lost its competitive edge to even developing nations.

These top sellers of weapons need an enemy to drive up sales.

Concomitantly, the nations America might attack need good protective, military defensive systems. Many countries are at risk from American hatred.

If for example, America truly believed that Russia was a dangerous enemy, why did it allow its military technology to fall to such an inferior state that America needs to bully its allies into buying its equipment?

S-400 & S-500 Aerospace Missile Defence Systems are most advanced in the world.

Directed at military targets, the two aerospace systems are exclusively defensive systems. They have a target acquisition, tracking, and targeting systems that allow defence against air-breathing and non-air-breathing attackers. That means they can kill attackers from space such as long range ballistic weapons or missiles fired from space-based platforms. America has already begun militarization of space. Likely other nations have reciprocated.


It is instructive to note which country is making the best purely defensive aerospace missile protection systems. It is the country that suffered losses of 20 million mothers, children and their grandparents in the farms, villages, towns and cities of their homeland during  the last world war. That’s worth thinking about.

USA May ban Turkey from F-35 Lightning Project. Turkey would have aquired 100 a/c USA May ban Turkey from F-35 Lightning Project. Turkey would have acquired 100 a/c
Photo Credit: USAF Tech. Sgt. Andrew Lee/Air Force
Photo Art: Rosa Yamamoto FPM.news

Takeaway from recent American bullying of Turkey & India.

  1. Turkey is the foremost humanitarian nation in the world hosting over 4 million refugees with a national smile.
  2. Both Turkey and India are great countries with a potential for global leadership in many areas of human development. They have the right to defend their peoples from potential aggressors and the right to choose how they will do that.
  3. Turkey has recently helped the global community having exposed the heinous crimes committed by America and Saudi Arabia against journalist Jamal Khashoggi.
  4. Russia designs good defensive systems because of its geo-political realities plus it has a legacy of justified fearfulness owing to the fact it once lost 20 million mothers, children and their grandparents in the farms, villages, towns and cities of their homeland during  the last world war. (‘Never again,’ way of thinking?)