Trudeau with Trump Goading China to World War [Analysis]

If a Chinese warship, without notice, sailed the Haida Gwaii Strait; or the Haro Strait; or the Saint Lawrence River to Quebec City, would Canada be OK with that?

  • China is furious at Canada and the United States.
  • It’s ballistic anti shipping missile tests from the Spratlys this week are proof.
  • China thus abandoned its past policy and will now seek to seize military dominance away from the USA in its own territorial waters of the South China Sea & more.
  • China has more fervently stated that nearly the entire South China Sea, including the Spratlys from where its latest missile was launched, are within its sphere.
  • Canada is fortunate its warship was not seized or sunk, 18 June. (source)

Chinese missile destroyer Xi'an arrived in France on Canada Day for five-day visit. Soldiers of Chinese missile destroyer Xi’an stand on the deck at Toulon port, in southern France, 1 July 2019. The 32nd Chinese naval escort fleet missile destroyer Xi’an arrived on Canada Day for a five-day visit. Photo Credit Xinhua Photo by Yang Yimiao
Photo Art/Crop/Resize/Enhance: Rosa Yamamoto

Why did Canada really send its geriatric City-class *Destroyer up the Taiwan Strait? Trudeau did this rare move at a time when the Trump White House and the Pentagon are encouraging Taiwan to separate from China while Canada is under trade sanctions from China.  China has set against Canada since 1 December 2018 following Canada’s  kidnapping of Meng Wanzhou for Trump, the CFO of Huawei Technologies which has been leading the world in the coveted 5G technologies. This will not help America advance in the desired technology but it has launched an incipient world war.

[Analysis and Opinion] by Micheal John with files and research of  Sharon Santiago

The USA in week one of June officially published military doctrine claiming Taiwan as an independent country and a protectorate of the United States.

If Canada’s government has done this too, it certainly did not tell the Canadian people.

“On 13 October 1970, Canada recognized the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and suspended diplomatic relations with the former Republic of China (ROC). … The Government of Canada has also established  a Canadian Trade Office in Taipei.”

“Under Canada’s One China policy, Canada does not recognize Taiwan as a sovereign state and does not maintain official, government-to-government relations with Taipei.” Read if you wish, Canada’s official policy as of publication date: Taiwan-FS-en

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HMCS Regina Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons. Photo Art/Crop/Resize/Enhance: Rosa Yamamoto

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Click to enlarge. Source: MarineTraffic Web Site

*Displacing more than 4000 tons which partly is how a destroyer is defined, Canada fibs about its City-class vessels to the public and calls them a more benign name, “Frigate” (speedy little boats). But they are potent “Destroyer” warships with combat aircraft aboard; powerful radar; mission capable of anti-shipping torpedo strikes; theatre wide air and missile defence; and shore battery from deck guns.

The HMCS Regina was in the Taiwan Strait on 18 June local time (GMT +8) while military brass in the South China Sea discussed putting an anti-shipping ballistic missile amidship. Instead it sent Su-30 attack aircraft to do an overflight and make their presence known.

HMCS Regina will head back to CFB Esquimalt in November. In the meantime we wish her and crew safe sailing.

China held off until this past weekend to test its newest anti-aircraft missile systems and new ballistic anti-shipping missiles.

“Of course the Pentagon was aware of the Chinese missile launch from the man-made structures in the South China Sea near the Spratly Islands,” Pentagon spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Dave Eastburn told Reuters for VOA News.

Beijing had said that the military was carrying out drills between the Spratly and Paracel Islands starting last weekend and ending yesterday, warning other shipping not to enter the designated area.

China. Operational test of troop multitasking in live fire intermediate range target acquisition and tracking; guidance and fire control air-defence missile tests. China. Operational test of troop multitasking in live fire intermediate range target acquisition and tracking; guidance and fire control air-defence missile tests.
Photo Credit: ( by Li Xiaopeng ~ Photo Art/Crop/Resize/Enhance: Rosa Yamamoto

The Canadian story, like a child doing a midnight raid on the cookie jar while claiming to be on her way to the bathroom, was that Canada suddenly became inspired to visit new ports. Canada wanted to make an unprecedented visit to Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam. 101 Colonel By then claimed that the shortest route to sail was via the Taiwan Strait which is actually not true at all considering HMCS Regina‘s next port of call.

“The most practical route between Cam Ranh Bay and Northeast Asia involves sailing through the Taiwan Strait,” Jessica Lamirande, spokesperson for Canada’s Department of National Defence (DND), said in a press release statement.

That story failing, the other excuse Canada offered was that it wanted to participate in the enforcement of a blockade against the DPRK hence it would sail its destroyer with its Navy supply ship up the Taiwan Strait against China’s wishes.

Nevertheless, that is not Canada’s traditional policy which heretofore has been to broker an end to the Korean War and generally encourage peace. Contrary to tradition, Canada in recent years has participated with the Americans in a starvation blockade which has put eight million DPRK children into a status of dangerous undernourishment. Canada killing Asian babies is not something Canadians know about.

Feminine Perspective:

Canada is not holding back from participating in reprehensible human rights violations for the United States’ Trump administration, for example, by supplying military equipment to Saudi Arabia for its human rights crimes in Yemen.

In supporting these crimes of war Canada abandoned under Trudeau its traditional role as a proponent of peace and human rights.

The same applies to the failed starvation tactics against Venezuela and the DPRK. Nicholas Maduro and Kim Jong-un are still drinking fine wine and eating the best Canton Bern Emmental cheese while their constituent children suffer developmental handicaps from undernourishment and starvation.

In Libya today are some consequences of Canada’s eager-beaver tag-along-roles with US aggression coalitions. Hundreds of people are suffering in hospitals for those past miscalculations of frivolous armed aggression by the USA with Canada as its lap dog in action that led to a failed state.

The world should know that these wrongful war-like activities of the Trudeau government against China are not happening with Canadians’ consent. They happen with government propaganda-shaped Canadian apathy. Canadians must wake up in 2019 and elect a government that is honest; a leadership that is loyal to the will of the Canadian people, not Donald Trump’s fascist child-abusing administration.

The Organ Man and his Monkey

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If China meddled in the Quebec Separation issue (Mouvement souverainiste du Québec), would Canada be OK with that?

Why is Canada interfering in China’s internal affairs? Taiwan has far more independence in its governance than Quebec does. Taiwan does not need to tolerate the same discrimination Quebecois fear. So why does Canada want to antagonize China?

China has repeatedly warned the world against interfering in the Taiwan situation. Taiwan is uniquely free and independent.

The world has no reason for concern over Taiwanese human rights as there are only rare human rights abuse suspicions, much far less than what abuses Indigenous Canadians and even Quebecois face.

ASEAN Survey

In an impromptu canvass of women in Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam and Thailand, the consensus view was a bit odd but in view of recent news understandable:

  1. America is unwanted and should remove its 100,000 troops from the region.
  2. The United States and its allies plan on fighting wars in Asia at the risk of killing millions of Asians as it did in the Middle East of Asia.
  3. America is dumping its trash in Asia and has a negative view of the value of Asian lives.
  4. Canada is no different than the United States.

China is Amiable Toward Canada, but no longer a Special Friend

The Canadian Government has had free access to China for the promotion of goods and services.

Canada is not doing well as a flunky for Donald Trump and needs a leader with enough spine to stand up to Washington.

Canada never said a word when Aerospace entrepreneur Gerry Bull was kidnapped by Americans and held in prison for talking to South Africa about his company’s long turret artillery guns made in Quebec.

Canada never said “boo” when Mr. Bull was assassinated, probably by the CIA although the CIA hints the HaMossad leModiʿin uleTafkidim Meyuḥadim (Mossad) did the crime.

Canada acquiesced when Conrad Black, a McLean’s journalist was jailed by the US for completely bogus allegations of financial wrongdoing.

China has prosecuted heavy-duty drug traffickers in the Asian spirit and arrested persons who claimed to be gathering strategic intelligence against China. Thus far, nothing rebukes China’s quasi statements of fact, only its draconian measures which all accused persons face, not just Canadians. China has a long way to go but will not get there by Canada’s example.

In China, and around the world, Canadians under Trudeau have lost their special status and are seen as Trump stooges.

Is that the case for now or indefinitely?

If Canadians want to become part of America, then Canada should do that. If not, then Canada needs to maintain its unique identity apart from its bully neighbour.

Micheal John O’Brien   ~   with files and research from Sharon Santiago