Confirming the need for nuclear disarmament.

The psychiatric community and the clergy have been speaking out lately about the style of leaders populations have been choosing or afflicted with. Some leaders who control nuclear weapons, surely not Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping, but others, are unstable, personality-disordered nationalist zealots with very little acumen. It only takes one to end the world.

by Micheal John

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The Korean Peninsula

DPRK Chairman Kim Jong-un has seized an opportune time to give the nod to his engineers and scientists who wanted to conduct some more missile tests. This week they launched a pair of missiles which may have traveled 250 nautical miles. They seem to have a flexible range of trajectory profiles which is helpful to avoid acquisition and tracking by an enemy. Mr. Kim played it out as a lever against the USA but he focused on South Korea for its plans for conducting a joint military exercise with the USA and for purchasing Lockheed Martin F-35 aircraft.

Kim Jong-un is not the crazy guy he has been portrayed to be in the western media. But he is desperate. He has millions of his nation’s children suffering extreme malnutrition and lack of medicine.

UNICEF says, “Acutely malnourished under-five children in the DPRK are 10–12 times more at risk of dying because of common childhood infections like diarrhea and respiratory infections if not timely treated.”

There are horrid hardships inflicted on the population of the DPRK by the global community and the United States. Pharmacological chemicals and medical equipment for making pharmaceuticals in North Korea have been banned under strict sanctions in the past four years. Food and clean water are also banned. The DPRK has been under sanctions since the 1950s. The population is a mess of morbid hardships.

It is a reprehensible malice of the international community that created this situation. Most people would not be able to last ten minutes in Kim Jong-un’s shoes without launching missiles at someone.

Chairman Kim has shown restraint because he grew up in this situation. But now he sees more and more how his ordinary people are hurting. His rage is growing. It is occasionally clear that Kim Jong-un suffers from impatience and from seeing the horrible suffering of his people. Sadly he subscribes to a philosophy of rulership that is preordained to fail because it quashes encouragement and stimuli for the nation’s people to compete in the world with their ideas and succeed. Mr. Kim does not know  this.

It is a good thing that North Korea is nuclear armed. This fact has prevented war.

Now that 18 nations have nuclear weapons on their soil, the idea of nuclear non-proliferation (NPT) is a mute point.

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When an unpredictable and personality-disordered conman uses his guile to gain the White House,  thus holding the world’s largest supply of nuclear weapons delivery systems, you need to get your own to avoid being attacked or bullied. This balance of power concept is not limitless. It’s dangerous. The only way ahead, as has been recited by countless experts, thinkers, philosophers and soldiers, is nuclear disarmament.

Meanwhile Japan and South Korea are bickering over a piece of rock between the Korean peninsula and Japan. Maybe they could share?

Russia and China, while becoming better friends are integrating some of their military operations seeking interoperability and commonality so that they can work together in military endeavours.

The news media has been filled with the insane story of South Korea firing at Russian and Chinese bombers flying dead center between the Korean Peninsula and Japan.

It’s entertaining but the world has never seen anything this stupid since Rommel marched the wrong direction in Africa during WWII.

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Giving advanced weapons to children or neophytes is irresponsible.

South Korea got airplanes, guns, bombs and bullets from American arms salespersons using the ROK‘s gobs of money earned from an economy that has been blossoming, especially in the high-tech sectors.

Notwithstanding, because they have these weapons does not mean they know what to do with them. Somebody needs to teach ROK‘s officials that this type of circumstance is why there are radios.

Firing hundreds of warning shots from F15s at sitting duck Chinese and Russian large aircraft in an area disputed between Japan and South Korea is the art of 80IQ knuckleheads.

South Korea just proved it is not advanced sufficiently in acumen to own and operate such weapon systems. They do not have their own nuclear weapons but they allow Americans in their territory to operate with nuclear weapons. South Korea had a very substantial program but the USA pushed that back in 1975 worrying that with its own nukes, the ROK  would not need America.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in promised better than this shameful abuse of the rare privilege of a bunch of bumpkins owning F-15s to fly. Their swollen heads are all about America picking them. America did not. It picked their pockets.

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In any case, having Russian, Chinese, Japanese and South Korean military aircraft over a rock called Takeshima with shots fired is way outside of sanity. These men are playing games with the lives of hundreds of millions of people.

It most certainly is time to dismantle their nuclear weapons.

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The United States is now fighting with or engaged in combat operations in 80 locations:

(According to the Smithsonian Institute)

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The United States is Fighting with China

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The United States is Fighting with Iran


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This Cold War with Iran is a fight against Iran to prevent it from developing nuclear weapons.

The JCPOA already did provide for adherence to NPT in Iran but the United States broke its part of the agreement even though JCPOA was working.

The USA violated the JCPOA treaty.

But it is likely Iran has the know-how to make nuclear devices within months or in the alternative it can get nuclear devices from friends. Iran has loyal allies with nuclear weapons. What is the fuss about? The United States and 17 other countries have nuclear weapons. One more will not make a difference.

Total Global Nuclear Disarmament Will Make Difference

Disarmament is the only action that will make a good result, a dream come true: peace on Earth. That’s all the patriarch is fighting about. Who can have nuclear bombs?

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The United States has been booted out of Diego Garcia. Dismantle the nukes.

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What will America do with the nuclear weapons from Diego Garcia? This would be a good time to dismantle all devices.

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